Saturday, August 18, 2007

i want,

BORED, it's amazing how i'm coping.

Seriouslyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, i am so uber bosan
I'm nt gng anywhere today.
The TV'S broke so sekaligus i cant watch Astro OR DVD.
Dahla, i'm not going anywhere kaaaaaan.

And my friends are pissing me off.
Seriously, can't you just reply sil vous plait ?
I mean, you DO have my number, all you hv to do is find N in yr phonebook and hit the green call button.
And you're done.
Wait fr me to answer, and if i don't -which i doubt it cause it's nt like i'm some popstar who has abt kajillion more stuffs to do-, text me.
But i'd doubt tht i won't answer my phone.
Right now, it's my friggin lifesaver.

OMG, i'm bored.
Dum de dum de dum de dum de dum.

I need to go out.
And have fun.
Cause tht's wht you do on holidays right ?
When schl's out, you GO out.
You HAVE fun.
You HAVE a good time.

And right now, i'm nt having any of those things.
And tht makes me pissed.

I don't care if i don't shop with friends.
I just need a day out.
To OneUtama, or wherever, I really don't care.
I wanna go catch a movie
I wanna go bowling.
I wanna sit down at Starbucks, order myself a (9 dollar) orange juice and gossip with my girls.
I wanna go out shopping or even window shop, i seriously don't mind.
I wanna go sleepover at someone's house.
I wanna go party at someone's crib.
I wanna watch godamn television.
I wanna watch reruns, despite the fact tht i hate reruns.
I wanna go to Ikea , buy myself a whole lot of things fr my room.
I wanna go to Forever21, and get me tht bloody shades.
I wanna go ZARA, and buy myself a bag.
I wanna go KLCC, and get a book at Kinokuniya cause tht's prolly the best ever bookshop in this world.
I wanna go out of this country.
I wanna go out with Fatimah, Amal, and Illi and celebrate Illi's bday bfr she goes to Australia.
I wanna go out with Aina, Kyrina and Shira now tht Aina's bck frm asrama.
I wanna go out with Sarah Iman cause well, i just want to.

and, well,

I wanna go back to school.
It was only ystrday, but i missssss schl.
I miss my friends.

I hate the holidays.
Capisce ?

(Not so) Loves,

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