Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Hi ,

Today is the last of our 2 day test, thank God to tht.

Sooo, first we had KH.
Ofcourse, everyone gelabah a bit, but it turned out pretty OK, actually.
Nt tht hard, unless ofcourse you haven't read anything. Then yeah, pity you ):

So then, it was English.
Easy Peasy.
But the one where you had to fill out the names of the characters frm The Phanton Of The Opera, I was kinda stuck.
HAHAHA, I actually wrote Frank Buquet.
OMG, SO stupiiiiid.
Then, Natrah was like, 'Er, it's Joseph la'
And baru la i know.


THEN we had Sejarah.
Some tough bits but was doable.
Is there such word ? doable ?
whoa, i gt it bad -.-'

We had, mathematics.
The bloodiest, hardiest, sickenning-est, worst every paper i've done in like, ever.
No joke.
Beats out PMR.
Seriously weiii.
It strtd at 12.10 and ended 1.10.
By 12.45 (with *counts* 25 minutes to go) i was only at Goddamn Question 12.
And then by 1.10, i was hurryingly to do EVERYTHING i can.
Mas'aud, then came and said it's time.
I was like, shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.
I knew i couldn't do anything more and I left like, a lot of questions out.
And because I couldn't do it, i cried.
I jst couldn't tahan tau.
It just kinda came out.
Wanted to stop cause didn't want to make it obvious tht i didn't finish, i tried.
But i couldn't.

UGH, i feel crappy.
I knw it's jst a test, but it's like, i'm always bad in Math and jst fr once, for ONCE, after Math test, i wanna say it was easy.

nt trying to be a negative person or wht, but i SO knw, i'm gonna fail.
No douuuubt.

I hate math, i hate math, i hate math, i hate math, i hate math, i hate math, i hate math.

Did I mention i hate math ?

Thank God fr friends, eh. They make you hell better in like a nanosecond.
Thanks, y'all.


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