Saturday, August 11, 2007


HI HI (:
So yeah, world.

I jst came back frm OneUtama with Sarah, my girl (:

First, i went to Carls Jr with family cause Sarah tak arrive lg.
I met Nikki, Kaveetha and Marc (:
Always bump to Nikki wei.
Tht other day pun but with Karen.
So then went to Times to wait fr Sarah.
She came at abt, 10 minutes after.

and talk.
a lot ;D

HAHA, so like, went to to eat at Burger King .

Wanted to go watch Rush Hour 3 but we missed the seats by like, 5 seconds.
It was available by the time we gt to the counter but some other counter booked it first fr some other people.
Met Fatin Fariha , BTW.

We met Grace, Brenda and Belinda , on the way.
They were in a hurry but Sarah managed to high 5 all of em.

Then, we met Audrey at Topshop, hugged her and chat fr like, 10 seconds.

After tht, we went to Forever21 , me and Sarah tried out a lot of shades.
Chose one and it was really nice.
It was an aviator with big frames.
WE both wanted the same kind of shades but in the end, didn't buy. PFFT.
Shall buy it the next trip to OU.

SO then went to ZARA , .
Tried out this really really cute black top cum dress.
SOOOOO cute.
HAHA, so ofcourse we bought it.

WE have a lot in common smpai baju and shades pun nak beli the same.
That's why she's my best friend , yo.


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