Wednesday, August 22, 2007


HAHA, friggin funny weiii.
Shira & I kept laughing esp when ChrisTucker asked tht old guys name.

So yeah, went there at abt 2.30.
Met up with Shira at MPH and went to GSC to just borak.
Since had nowhere to go.
Yeah right, nak usha guys tp PFFT, takde.
Only one.
Tu pun, his girlfriend seemed 'hot'.
As in pretty, not panas.

So got a text frm Aina and she had to bail us.
We already gt her a ticket.
She said she'll pay us bck.
Whtvr. -.-'
So Shira and I bought popcorns and Coke and off we went.
BUT before tht, we saw Emina . (again)
Shira hasn't seen her in YEARS so it was a bit of a 'penyejuk hati' as she would call it.
Some friend came screaming her name and yeah, we just walked bck to buying the popcorns.

W were one of the earliest to arrive cause i'm a bit kepoci when it comes to punctuality and Shira isn't.

Lights weren't even dimmed but wht the hey.

We laughed a lottttttttttt. A lot.
Chris Tucker is a fun-ny MAN.
HAHA, you guys should watch it wei.

SO after movie finished, we went jalan-jalan.
Shira met some old friends.
Met Emina and NOW, proper HI.

In the end we went to MPH, wanted to buy book tp PFFT, none.
And call me stingy, but didn't want to use my money.
HAHAHA, so kedekut ok.
Whateverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr * Oh yeah, go to and type 'Baby Ally Whatever', it's hilarious. The girl is so cute*

Went bck at abt 6.
Sent Tania off to Myra's crib.
WHOA, 'crib'?
Black talk,yo homie.



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