Friday, August 17, 2007

august holidays,


So ok, the holidays have officially start.
And i welcomed the holidays with a 3 hour sleep.

At schl, we had Arts first up, and we did nothing.
Just talked with Puan Nurazlin (:
She's like, so nice to me wei.
Tht's why she'y my favourite teacherrrrrr.

Then then, we had KH with MrSze.
Later, BM .
Finally Zubaidah is here.
She was away fr some course.
Nt tht we missed her la kan.
(: HAHA.

After recess was Sivik.
I dnt like the teacher ok.
She think Sivik is like SO important when it's nt.
Pfft, she makes a huge deal.
OMG, cmon, it's friggin siviiiiik JE.

So after Sivik , we had *wait, lemme recall, i frgt* SCIENCE !
With Mas'aud.
Discussed test paper, and i swear i did SO bad.
I need t buck up, like seriously.
PMR is just next yr.
No pressuree.

Then we went hoooooooooooooome.
Officially, holiday strtd.
Ofcourse, there's the outing with friends, but.
I wanna go bck to schl.

Whoa, never had I thought i'd say tht.

Have a Happy Holidays ! See you at One Utama, cause no duh you'll end up there sooner or later (:


p/s: sarah, kalau boring sgt, jom keluar. HAHA. :D

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