Sunday, August 26, 2007

schls tmrw,

and am nt looing frward to it.
WAS looking frwrd to it but nt anymore.

You don't need to knw why.

After reading Nikki's Myspace where like, everyone says their goodbye's, it kinda gets to me tht maybe, just maybe i won't see her again, y'knw.
I miss herrrrrrr. )':
It's also kinda sad to only get to knw her THIS year.
What a waste, huh ?
She's like, only the best ever, no joke.

So yeah.
Tmrw's schoooooool.
Was looking frwrd, like i said, but nt anymore cause am nt up fr it at alllllll.
I'm tired and am feeling abit unwell.
Prolly gt it frm my dad.
Shit .

Letme summarize my cuti fr you so tht you can see how YOUR holiday went better than mine.


SO ok, mama made plans fr us to go Bandung this cuti
but was cncld cause Papa was sick, as in really sick, tht he had to swallow god knows how many pills and tablets.
and he was very moody tht you had to be like those kids on Sound OF Music, what's it again ?
Van somethingsomething.
So yeah, ofcourse the first 2 days of the holidays, i didn't go anywhere at all.
My brother did, and so did my sister.
Both are younger than i am which pissed me even more.
So called my friends to plan an outing.
BUT ofcourse, my friends are well, they're them.
VERY *wait, i'm having a minor headache right nw* tak bertanggunjawab cause they had to rely on ME je whenever we want to go out.
I had to be the first one to ajak evryone.
I have to be the one to make sure everyone's confirmed gng only to receive a, 'Ala, nad. I tak tanya my mum lagi laaa' which is hell sickenning cause tht means i have to call you a million more times to remind you to ask yr friggin mother's permission to come and hv lunch or shop with ME.
Wht is so hard abt THAT ?

Moving on,

My first outing was to Debra's house fr Nikki's Farewell Party.
It was, ofcourse, a blast.
Met sme new friends and took a LOT of pictures.
HAHAHA, fun fun.
Then the next day i went out with Emina and was ecstatic abt it cause i haven't seen her since like, std4.
She moved in Std5 so since then, tak jumpa langsung.
And tht day, i met Joey too which was great.
But fr a while la. (:

THEN, the NEXT day, went to Aina's hse
Went and ordered McD, but the, wht shall i say, the ORDERER guy, was so uber blur it was so lame.
But kesian la cause maybe it was his first day or something.
But hung up anyway cause he was taking a lot of time to take down the address alone.
PFFT -.-'
It was funny though.
Then we gabbed and chatted away.

THE NEXT DAY, went to watch RushHour 3 with Shira and Aina, but Aina couldn't make it cause her little brother was sick and she had to jaga him.
Oh well :/
RUSHOUR3 was funnyyyyyyyyyyyyy sgt sgt.
Laughed cam apa je.

So yeah, tht's pretty much it.

I'm bored.
ME !


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