Wednesday, August 29, 2007


YOU, you and YOU.

you guys can't seem to understand the time to shut the hell up, do you ?
you may be so much more intelligent than i am but atleast i knw the term 'respect' when it comes to teachers and ANYONE who's elder.

I, too don't agree with wht some of wht the elder people hv gt to say but atleast i knw when to shut up and LISTEN.

I mean, COME ON, fr God's sake, they're wht ? 10 times older ?
They are times where you jst gt to surrender and give up.
ESPECIALLY in this case which i shall nt state fr specific reasons.

SUUUUUUUUURE, you hv YOUR way, but c'mon, you're nt the only person to live in this world. There's 10 (or more) billion people with their OWN ways and their OWN opinions but tht's why this world or this country fr the least, is nt at freakin' war. Otherwise, we would be long gone lost in this world.

OR let's try this.
You have your own way and the other party has THEIR own way which he/she would want YOU to follow and respect, and if you're ultimately confident in wht YOU have gt to say, SHUT THE HELL UP.


Now GO.
SCAT to yr nearest bakery and get yrself some freakin' humble pie.


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