Tuesday, August 7, 2007



I hate this.
I have this (very) annoying habit of studying at the last minute which i might add, is NOT good.
So today, we had BM, Science, Agama aaaaaand Geography .
OMG, Science was the hardest weiii.
I didn't get all tht experiment talk.
At allllll.
I hentam most of em and there's a 99% possibilty i'd fail.
Make tht 100% -.-'

So yeah, BM, GEOG was easy.
Agama too.
A bit of confusion here and there, but wth.

So yeah, tmrw.
OMG, there's gonna be Sejarah, English, Mathematics and KH.

Sejarah is gonna be a hell of a ride.
But like, thank God, there's English to ease all the pain.

Oh shit, i gotta study.


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