Monday, August 27, 2007

schs tdy,

but i'm nt there.

but i gt a reason, so put tht finger dowwwn.

I had to go to the Skin Specialist in Taman Tun.
Wht's the doctors name, dnt ask cause i dnt remember.
Heh, turns out i hv a burn on my nose.
From a pimple, to a burn.
Wht the hell ?
I have to put a plaster then, cause it's hideous and i'm nt gng to schl like thiiis.
So yeah, put a plaster to secure the medication or somthng like tht la.

Damn, because of this burn, my self esteem and my confidence level dropped wei.
Like, ploop
I don't go out as often.
I don't like meeting people.
It's getting on my nerve.


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