Friday, August 31, 2007


Karen's 100 self facts is hot right nw, some people (quite a few) have already done it so i thought it would be fun to do it. That is if i actually can THINK til 100.

1. My name has the word Zainudin twice. You see, my dad didn't like the fact tht there's a Bin and Binti in almost every name so wht he did was went to the nurse and filled out the form and wrote Nadia Zainudin, the nurse replied tht there MUST be a Bin or Binti and tht he (my dad) had to take another form and fill it out again but ofcourse my dad's a lazy bum so he didn't take another form and stayed it like tht. Hence, Nadia Zainudin Binti Zainudin.

2. I still am a fan of Barbie
3. I LOVE Disney Classics and would do (almost) anything to see one again.
4. I have a mole on my left elbow so tht's why i don't wear short sleeves out. Which is kinda depressing.
5. I have bad back acne, so tht eliminates anything bares my bck.
6. I have this thing fr punctuality and i hate being someplace late and especially in cinemas. Once the theater goes dark, i get scared.
7. I've never cursed. Suuuuure, shit and asshole comes but nvr the F Word.
8. I have different groups of friends frm different walks of life.
9. I hate Malaysia made anything. From movies to designer clothes.
10. I used to dream of becoming a singer. That didn't turn out so well when I heard myself on the recorder.
11. I want a horse so bad.
12. I used to, and still am, LOVE mermaids. Seriously, i gt it bad.
13. I'm bossy.
14. I've never gotten lower than 75 fr English.
15. My IQ is acceptionally good according to all the IQ tests i've done.
16. I hate spending money.
17. I'm nt a fan of shoes regardless of wht i say on myspace.
18. I have synus almost every night i'll go sniffling. I once thought i was allergic to nights and still think i do.
19. I have a disturbing love fr my watch. I can't bear to leave home without it and i lose it almost all the time and i go hysterical finding it. I'll even cry after 10 minutes finding it.
20. I don't have a favourite Hollywood actor/actress.
21. I despise Rempits. They're the epitome of human litter.
22. I vow to finish my homework but nvr seem to keep up.
23. When shopping, i walk fast. Like super fast like i'm rushing to somewhere when i'm not.
24. I love to eat but lucky fr me, i nvr seem to put on weight more than 45. Currently i'm at 41kg.
25. From the age of 9-11, my weight was 25-30. Not more, not less.
26. I prefer mushrooms to fishballs.
27. I freakin' hate sushi.
28. I like writing down lists. Any lists, i dnt care, i love em.
29. I used to really really love buying notebooks and pen and used to buy loads of it. But, to date, I have only managed to finish writing ONE book of all the 100s tht i own.
30. I hate animal, with the exception of horses and dolphins.
31. I fantasize BIG.
32. I am a huge fan of the Olsen twins, fashion-wise nt so much.
33. I wnt to go Europe so much.
34. I have a burning desire to learn French and Italian and I have a cpl of books on language learning.
35. I dnt brush/comb my hair.
36. I dnt hv a favourite colour.
37. I always study lst minute.
38. I always fantasize tht i am being interviewed by Oprah WInfrey.
39. It's amazing how anyone can cope with me, because I complain and whine a lot.
40. I dnt consider myself spoilt.
41. I can't draw.
42. I can't help but smiling when cute guys are around.
43. I love watching the Oscars.
44. I don't see the point in buying a thousand bucks worth of couture clothes when you can only wear once or twice.
45. I don't wear blck eyeliner, i use brown. Much more sexyy. HAHA.
46. I forge my mother's signature when it comes to schl forms.
47. I want to wear braces, yeah sure, call me crazy.
48. I hate the sentence, 'Follow Your Dreams' and 'Believe In Yourself'. It's too overused, and it's getting to the point where it's no more longer believable.
49. I can stand on my toes (literally) without help frm ballet classes.
50. The song Dance With My Father by Luther Vandross has never failed to make me cry.
51. I have always wntd to join Pilates ever since Hil Duff's weight plopped.
52. Everynight, bfr sleeping, I look into the mirror atleast 10 times.
53. I love reading books/novels. YOu just don't see me doing it cause i like to read in peace.
54. I hv always wntd to lose my voice so tht i can adopt tht husky meak voice.
55. Chanel quiltted clutch is on my WishList.
56. I love french names and plan to name one of my daughters Chanel.
57. I love junkfood. McD especially/
58. I'm posh as in, i LOVE hotels and posh dining.
59. I can't stand the sight of rubbish. And throwing litter out of the vehicle's window disgusts me.
60. I feel very guilty if i do the slightest bad thing such as writing my name on the schl's desk.
61. I have never had a crush (besides celeb's ofcourse) until NOW, when i'm 14.
62. I'm nt a fan of internet lingo.
63. I'm attracted to anything pink.
64. I spell COLOUR instead of COLOR simply because colour is wht the British use and THEY always hv it right.
65. I used to remember every line to Spice Girls' songs and i used to hv a lunchbox, tee, cd's of them.
66. I CAN be bothered with wht other people have got to say but i try (very hard) to block them out.
67. I critic a lot.
68. I may not be book smart but i'm street smart, hellyeah bby.
69. I think Veronica and Betty are pathetic fr wnting Archie Andrews.
70. I wish to have a huge Sweet16 and secretly plan it in my mind eventhough it's like, 2 yrs more.
71. Myspace is the first web i go to.
72. I pity old people so much. Like the tht WhenYou'reGone music vid by Avril. Tht old man made me cry.
73. I used to hate corn until lst yr. Now, i love it hell much.
74. I like shopping but tht doesn't mean i get everything i wnt.
75. The sound of the saxaphone is sexy to me. HAHAHA :D
76. I like wearing blck but tht doens't mean i'm goth/emo or wtvr crap.
77. I call my youngest sister 'sayang' cause she's my love.
78. I hate Meredith on Grey's cause she's too desperate.
79. Women rights are powerful.
80. I vow to have a Charitable Fashion Show when i grow up.
81. IN kitches, I tiptoe cause i hate the feeling of stepping in anything frm one grain of rice to a drop of water. I just hate it.
82. I can't cook. At all. Period.
83. I wnt to be a fashion photographer like Patrick Demarchelier who's fantastic.
84. I can't tolerate people who don't know their please's and thank you's.
85. I used to drink milk with honey in it.
86. I have a photograph of me when i was small with a wedding veil.
87. I was incredibly photogenic when i was small. Unfortunately, nt anymore.
88. I like washing my hands and tht jst so happens to be one of the symptons fr Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
89. I don't drink a lot of water which makes myself a very dehydrated girl. Damn.
90. I like buying things fr people. Just nt with my own money.
91. I love gravy.
92. I grab a TeenVogue without second thoughts everytime a new issue comes out.
93. With help from friends, i'm very very friendly. And i'm more sociable.
94. I like to swim but i always come out with purple lips.
95. I don't like the outdoors here in Malaysia thanks to the presence of mosquitoes.
96. I don't like clubs, nt like i've been to one but i dont' like the whole idea of dancing so sempit and having to shout because the musics too loud.
97. I find elevators scary eversince i was a kid because i had a scary experience when i was small when the doors closed bfr i actually gt in.
98. I love hotel rooms.
99. I read my magazines frm the bck.
100. Yes, I'm helluva friend.


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