Friday, May 28, 2010


Hi. I've been studying history. And it's a familiar territory because I recognize some of them from the form 3 syllabus. Why am I telling you this again ?

What I've been doing lately ? Besides history ? Nothing. THOUGH, I did have the best day at school with my fellow classmates when we decided to take pictures all day. That was probably the first Thursday where a good majority of my class attended school. We have a reputation for skipping Thursday. Hahaha.

2 weeks holiday starts next week. I'm praying to God that I get some studying done. Dude, seriously. SPM is starting to scare me a bit.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010



I suck at studying. I suck more now that my mother got new dvd's and I can't stop watching them. Procrastination gets the best of me. It sucks. SPM SUCKS.

It's 179 more days to the exam. I'm already nervous but what do I do ? Watch Private Practice. And soon, Brothers And Sisters, Bones, and GREY'S ANATOMY (!!!!!!!!!!!!!).
I'm a TV junkie, sue me.

My mid year test is next week though that's just it. It's a test. Not an exam like what other schools are having now. Oh well. Whatever. The 2 weeks holiday is coming. I'm stoked. Which I shouldn't be because it'll be spent studying anyway. It SHOULD be spent studying and it WILL be spent studying.
Ok, sure, with a few exceptions of a couple of outings here and there. I doubt jadi pun.

A prom meeting was held on Tuesday. A productive one at that.
  • I just finished watching Gossip Girl. BAPAK SEDIH !!!!!
  • I love organizers. Seriously, I have like 5 of them in my room.
  • Dude, I am craving for fro-yo.
  • WHY THE HELL is it so hard to find pretty decent shoes at a reasonable price ? Why are there weird looking ones and no simple black suede pumps ala Louboutins ?! So weird.
  • Watched Glee's Gaga episode. Rachel's rendition of Poker Face is so (Y).
  • Idol's finale downstairs now. I stopped being a fan a long time ago. To be precise, after Garcia got eliminated.
  • Dad got his iPad delivered from the states and it got here today. Does this mean I get to buy pretty shoes ?! :')
  • I want to watch Toy Story 3 so bad, it's not funny. Like Andy, Woody and Buzz were part of my childhood. I love that movie like nothing else.
  • Aren't feathers like that prettyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ?
I'm boring now, if you haven't noticed. SPM's at fault. Or maybe I've been boring all my life.. ? HMMMMMMMMM

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Miu Miu Embellished Shoes

(Miu Miu)

No amount of exclamation marks can tell you how much I want this :(
Anyone reading this, if you ever come across such shoe at a HUMAN price, tell me k. I'll give you my love if you do.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


I've been spending my last 3 days watching Adamaya on TV3. Hahahahahaha. Such a big thing so I figured what harm can it do if I watch it ?

Ok, I'm at episode 21 which is almost the end anyway.
Can I start ranting now ?

First and foremost, benci gila Dani tu macam sial gila omgggg tak tahan tengok muka dia k please !!!!!! He is so bloody annoying with his excessive use of 'B' 's. Like seriously, it's sweet and okay if you say it sparingly. BUT NI TAK WEI, sumpah in a 10 word sentence, the guy would say 'B' 10x10. Macam, COME ON, GIVE IT A BREAK, THE GIRL HAS A FREAKING NAME.
And can Maya be any more blind ? Adam depan mata macam every girl's dream in a husband and she actually wants that sad excuse of a guy (Dani). Dahlah creepy gila. Ada ke nak spy on his girl like 24/7. If I were Maya, I'd call the police saying I have a stalker. An ugly one, at that.

NASIB AMANI TU COMEL GILA K. :'))))))) And Adam is such a good dad. Dude, seriously, if I had a man who would love his kids like that, I'd be on top of the world lah. Bukan macam Maya bodoh gila ee annoying.
Pastu ada ke, Maya nak blame him on everything ?!?!?!?! Sumpah Dani can go die !!!!!!!!

And it's a bit illogic that even after 5 years, they still seem to be following each other around and coincidentally have the same hang out spots since university life ? And have the same phone 5 years later ?! And have the same hairstyle since 5 years ago (I'm talking about that Lisa and her straightened bangs). K no, seriously, I'm watching episode 21 as I'm typing this and every time Dani comes on, I hate him even more. DAHLAH DIA BAPAK KURANG AJAR DENGAN PEREMPUAN. GELI SIAL.

Hahahahahaha tak habis rant ni but I want to continue watching this without pausing.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


K I want those tights.

Hi. I feel like eating now (12:25am). I'm contemplating whether I should attend school tomorrow. Sleeping in sounds fantastic and bloody tempting but I feel guilty. SLEEP TRUMPS GUILT.

Wha- ?

I've been boring since 1993, I'm aware. But as of late, I've been extra boring. Like, stare-into-space-and-realize-a-year-passed boring. Exaggeration but oh well.

Ayesha has lured me (slowly but surely) into online shopping. I just purchased 2 cardigans which arrived today. I love the feeling when something in the mail comes in for you (most of the time it's something stupid like a worthless notice from a tuition centre that held a seminar which I attended to WAY BACK IN 2008 *coughPERFECTIONcough*) especially in a parcel. It's euphoric.

Ok, pushing it.

My mid year exam (which is laughable compared to the ones other schools are having now) is coming. It's a one hour thing and a few chapters are coming out so I'm crossing my fingers (and toes) that I'll at least nab an A or two. I AM A+, A-, A DEPRIVED, FOR GOD'S SAKE. I want an A for Chemistry or somewhere close lah at least. And my maths. An A for anything besides English and BM will instill the extra boost of confidence I desperately need in me.

Zara and Topshop have become boring. I hate shopping now. There's nothing to shop for. Though I just bought a new bag last week. Sweet talked mum into buying it by saying we'll share the bag. Which we will. If she remembers o_______o She has my bag now anyway, so we trade. We be cool.

Is it wrong for me to already mentally list every possible thing I could do (like climb Mt Everest.. LOL jk I can't even rock climb) (that was a lame 'LOL jk' joke) after SPM is done with ? My priorities are so messed up, it's beating Lindsay Lohan to the finishing line.

If you didn't understand that, it's alright, it's ok, I didn't too.

Ok I'm making no sense whatsoever so I'll hit the hay.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Li May Turns Seventeen

Li May turned seventeen yesterday ! :') HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SEOW !

Had the birthday celebration at The Pink Sage at Solaris, Dutamas. Pretty pretty place though the whole place was still new. My mother was very confident she knew her way there (dude, we even skipped the toll !) and yes, we did made it to Hartamas. I don't know what went wrong though, one wrong turn and we ended somewhere ridiculous like Ampang ? I'm not sure but yeah, it was FAR from where I was supposed to be. So reached at about 9 and most of them were already there. After a few hugs and kisses and introduction, the picture taking started. As usual. Ordered my food which was the mozzarella mushroom burger. It was a bit too beefy and well, jelak a bit. But all in all, it was a good night. The birthday cake was of a hunky guy (I'm guessing this is all thanks to Kaveetha).

Went back with Johann. And his driving gave me a headache. No offense. Hahahaha.

I love parties.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Want. Need.

Last week I went to the Gardens for dinner. Had the usual salt beef sandwich.

I didn't realize that there was an arts and craft store upstairs so it was just me and Iman wondering around and we went inside.

FREAKING AWESOME POSSUM K. Had a million and one things for art from paints (which varied into acrylic, fabric, body, mural, and all that jazz) to reflective thread (?!), a type of thread that had shiny shiny things added in it to make it all pretty and shiny even if it's just a thread. Went all rambang mata there and in the end, we bought things for a Mothers Day card. So we spent 80 bucks on felt (which is my new favourite thing), notepads, a small tupperware to put I don't know what in (it came in a pretty pink shade so I got it ha ha), pens, glitter, paint brush ONLY THAT inside the brush was already the paint so all you have to do to start painting is press the brush and out comes the paint COOL TAK?
I've been a huge stationary freak ever since I was a kid. The amount of pens and crayons and colour pencils and sharpeners (remember those things? Sigh) and erasers and notebooks I had was crazy. I mean, you seriously cannot resist the temptation to buy myself a small notebook (even as bad as the 555 book) whenever I'm at a stationary store.
Safe to say, I'm still hooked on stationary.

Then, we went to Borders. I hardly buy any more books now. Because I know I'll never read them because of the guilt of not studying instead. And the fact that I'm super duper slow to finish a book. I used to be 'a book every 3 days' or something super worth being bangga about. Now.. dude, I haven't even finished my damn Eclipse book. Boring shiznit.
Then, I bought this book. The reason I bought it was because it had the prettiest cover and it took myself to being a 7 year old again. The content was basically i) colouring ii) drawing iii) kid stuffs like 'Draw a necklace for you and your friends!' stuff. But I love it so no regrets.. I think.

There have been talks about a school prom and I've already spotted a possible prom dress.

We went to another store and I laid eyes on the Mr Pink Diana F+ camera. Retailed at 409MYR but I don't care because I want it !! :( So I told my mum about it and she nodded which means I CAN get it.. ? I don't know. But I want it.
Ah well. We'll see.

For the time being, I'm craving for Tutti Frutti. Yumzers


[Courtesy of Aimi's camera]

[HEHE sorry Ila, stole some more of your photos!]

Yesterday was picture dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :')

Our last so I was a bit nervous, reasons unknown. For the first candid picture, Dina planned for everyone to wear glasses. HEHE. So we did with a few exceptions here and there. But a majority of us wore it which made our photo awesome possum !! The aftermath of that though was that I had a slight headache. Ah, oh well. All in the name of good fun :')

Again.. I should've brought my camera. But I'm too takut to ask my dad's permission for the DSLR because i) KALAU HILANG MACAM MANA?! ii) It's big, malas to bring it here and there iii) KALAU HILANG MACAM MANA?!
I miss high school already although I'm not out of it just yet. I can already tell I'm going to miss school and my friends and everything associated to high school let it be the canteen nuggets and claypot to the constant gossiping amongst all of us. I mean, who are we kidding ourself. After we leave school, there's no saying we'll be this close again kan ? Hohum. THANK GOD FOR FACEBOOK

Our mid year is coming. True, it's just a test with a few chapters coming out. So I'm more than determined to get better grades. MOTIVASI PLEASE

So yeah. Hm. Maybe I should bring the video camera. That'll be fun.

This post is stupid.