Tuesday, May 11, 2010


[Courtesy of Aimi's camera]

[HEHE sorry Ila, stole some more of your photos!]

Yesterday was picture dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :')

Our last so I was a bit nervous, reasons unknown. For the first candid picture, Dina planned for everyone to wear glasses. HEHE. So we did with a few exceptions here and there. But a majority of us wore it which made our photo awesome possum !! The aftermath of that though was that I had a slight headache. Ah, oh well. All in the name of good fun :')

Again.. I should've brought my camera. But I'm too takut to ask my dad's permission for the DSLR because i) KALAU HILANG MACAM MANA?! ii) It's big, malas to bring it here and there iii) KALAU HILANG MACAM MANA?!
I miss high school already although I'm not out of it just yet. I can already tell I'm going to miss school and my friends and everything associated to high school let it be the canteen nuggets and claypot to the constant gossiping amongst all of us. I mean, who are we kidding ourself. After we leave school, there's no saying we'll be this close again kan ? Hohum. THANK GOD FOR FACEBOOK

Our mid year is coming. True, it's just a test with a few chapters coming out. So I'm more than determined to get better grades. MOTIVASI PLEASE

So yeah. Hm. Maybe I should bring the video camera. That'll be fun.

This post is stupid.

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