Wednesday, May 19, 2010


K I want those tights.

Hi. I feel like eating now (12:25am). I'm contemplating whether I should attend school tomorrow. Sleeping in sounds fantastic and bloody tempting but I feel guilty. SLEEP TRUMPS GUILT.

Wha- ?

I've been boring since 1993, I'm aware. But as of late, I've been extra boring. Like, stare-into-space-and-realize-a-year-passed boring. Exaggeration but oh well.

Ayesha has lured me (slowly but surely) into online shopping. I just purchased 2 cardigans which arrived today. I love the feeling when something in the mail comes in for you (most of the time it's something stupid like a worthless notice from a tuition centre that held a seminar which I attended to WAY BACK IN 2008 *coughPERFECTIONcough*) especially in a parcel. It's euphoric.

Ok, pushing it.

My mid year exam (which is laughable compared to the ones other schools are having now) is coming. It's a one hour thing and a few chapters are coming out so I'm crossing my fingers (and toes) that I'll at least nab an A or two. I AM A+, A-, A DEPRIVED, FOR GOD'S SAKE. I want an A for Chemistry or somewhere close lah at least. And my maths. An A for anything besides English and BM will instill the extra boost of confidence I desperately need in me.

Zara and Topshop have become boring. I hate shopping now. There's nothing to shop for. Though I just bought a new bag last week. Sweet talked mum into buying it by saying we'll share the bag. Which we will. If she remembers o_______o She has my bag now anyway, so we trade. We be cool.

Is it wrong for me to already mentally list every possible thing I could do (like climb Mt Everest.. LOL jk I can't even rock climb) (that was a lame 'LOL jk' joke) after SPM is done with ? My priorities are so messed up, it's beating Lindsay Lohan to the finishing line.

If you didn't understand that, it's alright, it's ok, I didn't too.

Ok I'm making no sense whatsoever so I'll hit the hay.

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