Saturday, May 15, 2010

Li May Turns Seventeen

Li May turned seventeen yesterday ! :') HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SEOW !

Had the birthday celebration at The Pink Sage at Solaris, Dutamas. Pretty pretty place though the whole place was still new. My mother was very confident she knew her way there (dude, we even skipped the toll !) and yes, we did made it to Hartamas. I don't know what went wrong though, one wrong turn and we ended somewhere ridiculous like Ampang ? I'm not sure but yeah, it was FAR from where I was supposed to be. So reached at about 9 and most of them were already there. After a few hugs and kisses and introduction, the picture taking started. As usual. Ordered my food which was the mozzarella mushroom burger. It was a bit too beefy and well, jelak a bit. But all in all, it was a good night. The birthday cake was of a hunky guy (I'm guessing this is all thanks to Kaveetha).

Went back with Johann. And his driving gave me a headache. No offense. Hahahaha.

I love parties.

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