Wednesday, May 26, 2010



I suck at studying. I suck more now that my mother got new dvd's and I can't stop watching them. Procrastination gets the best of me. It sucks. SPM SUCKS.

It's 179 more days to the exam. I'm already nervous but what do I do ? Watch Private Practice. And soon, Brothers And Sisters, Bones, and GREY'S ANATOMY (!!!!!!!!!!!!!).
I'm a TV junkie, sue me.

My mid year test is next week though that's just it. It's a test. Not an exam like what other schools are having now. Oh well. Whatever. The 2 weeks holiday is coming. I'm stoked. Which I shouldn't be because it'll be spent studying anyway. It SHOULD be spent studying and it WILL be spent studying.
Ok, sure, with a few exceptions of a couple of outings here and there. I doubt jadi pun.

A prom meeting was held on Tuesday. A productive one at that.
  • I just finished watching Gossip Girl. BAPAK SEDIH !!!!!
  • I love organizers. Seriously, I have like 5 of them in my room.
  • Dude, I am craving for fro-yo.
  • WHY THE HELL is it so hard to find pretty decent shoes at a reasonable price ? Why are there weird looking ones and no simple black suede pumps ala Louboutins ?! So weird.
  • Watched Glee's Gaga episode. Rachel's rendition of Poker Face is so (Y).
  • Idol's finale downstairs now. I stopped being a fan a long time ago. To be precise, after Garcia got eliminated.
  • Dad got his iPad delivered from the states and it got here today. Does this mean I get to buy pretty shoes ?! :')
  • I want to watch Toy Story 3 so bad, it's not funny. Like Andy, Woody and Buzz were part of my childhood. I love that movie like nothing else.
  • Aren't feathers like that prettyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ?
I'm boring now, if you haven't noticed. SPM's at fault. Or maybe I've been boring all my life.. ? HMMMMMMMMM

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