Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Battle Field

  1. There's this Form 1 kid who trashed our dinner baik punya. I thought it was hilarious considering she's like a 2 year old in high school. Baru lepas UPSR like 10 months back dah nak talk crap about the senior girls (and yeah, dah boleh cakap senior sebab dah form 4 so don't go around calling me a middle aged ass hole). Agak bodoh nak pergi bash budak sama batch. So much love going on. 
  2. Mubyn writes poems to impress girls, as he says. Safe to say, I'm impressed o.o
  3. Hari ni kat class was hilarious. Lim Kok Wing lagi tu. Gelak sampai sakit perut, sakit pipi. I love laughing like that.
  4. Despite that though, school is still boring seeing how we are not productive. At all.
  5. I am dying to get statement necklaces the kind you wear with a potato sack and still manage to pull it off.
  6. Park And Cube best nak mampus, Izzati !
  7. I'm 16 and i'll be 17 next year. Time goes by so fast when you're having fun. 
  8. I don't know why I want it but I do though. But I promised myself not to and I'm battling with my self about it. 
Night, lover.

Happy 16th Birthday, Najihah !
Tak boleh nak wish betul betul, same goes to Suraya, because of the whole asrama barrier. Presents KIV dulu tau :D
Thanks for everything, sweetie pie. :') Ingat lagi borak kat luar bilik guru about _____. Good times. Cheers to more embarrassing confessions and to our friendship !
Despite all the times gaduh baik punya, you're still my bestfriend and I know you know it.


Monday, June 29, 2009

I am so pissed right now, I don't think I can bitch enough about it.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lost Love

I have taken up an interest in eye make up. First things first, I have to get all them fancy brushes. And then I can collect the eye shadows and what nots later kan. 

Today was quality time with myself. I enjoy being alone especially when going out. Gives me a taste of being independent and so that I can get used to it come future. So, as my mum, dad and Iman (and an uncle with 3 other cousins) enjoyed 2 hours (+++) of full on robot war, I flew solo and headed to well.. everywhere. I managed to get 2 magazines for approx. 10 bucks each. Which is a bargain. Both Elle, one being the Elle Collection with full coverage of the Autumn/Winter 2008 (haha, explains la why 10 bucks, out dated gila) collection. Went to Starbucks and sat down with magazines in hand and spent I dunno, 45 minutes ? Reading and gulping down orange juice and the chic o' cheese that seems to be my favourite so far. Walked various place, even Ikea. To get a frame but failed to do so, so I managed to get out of that damn ant hole and settled down at Borders. I didn't buy anything but there were like a handful of books I'd get if my mum was around. KINOKUNIYA!
Met up with them at Penang Cafe and from the bazaar, I got this wall sticker. Which is cool. Reminded me of +wondermilk (rindu kau) and their birdcages and reindeer motifs. I hope Papa considers renovating this part of the house, because I have alot in mind :D 
And I think Mama gets how hard add maths is for me so she told me I can drop it next year and take up literature instead. Which I don't mind at all, because I don't have a mathematically inclined brain. It's not like whatever I'm going to do has to do with add maths anyway. Right ? 

ANDDDDD I lost my pencil box :'( Setia sejak Form 2 lagi tu. It was time for a change but I wished I took out my pens and pencils (and oh shit, my name label!). Now kena beli all over again. Macam la susah, hoho.
Oh and I have so many presents to get, Dina, Marc, Sanju, Suraya, Najihah and Amy. 
Tomorrow is back to schoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool :'( Malas gila oh my god.

Editted : Haha, my pencil box is found ! And it was in my brothers room. 

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Shop Chop

Yesterday, after Physics tuition, we made an impromptu trip to Telawi to get Myra her birthday present. This is at about nak dekat pukul 7 okay. Dah lama tak pergi Telawi and like I always said, nothing much for me. We went to Mooie first because Tania was convinced there was this bag that she'd think Myra would like. Tapi takde pun. 
Went to Moca after. There was this Chanel look a like 2.55 (C'mon, face it, we all can't afford the real MYR 6000+++ beauty) and it was 189 bucks tapi in hand ada 100 je. Damn, I liked the bag. Lawa sangat :') Ofcourse it was in black. There was one in light pink but it looked too much white instead. Eventually, moved on with life and headed to Gossips. I don't know why I am still so determined to make a pit stop to said boutique when I always leave the shop empty handed. Wanted to go to Baci but it was getting dark and I haven't had any meals throughout the day so after climbing a bunch of stairs, a girl gets tired -.-

Next weekend, according to my mum, my dad has this architecture convention at KLCC in which he faithfully attends everytime. Which means a huge yeay for us cause we get to go there the whole day. For the whole weekend o.o I seriously want to check out the new Accessorize shop that just opened. And of course the Topshop and Kinokuniya.

I miss +wondermilk and their Mango soda.

BTW, Emma Watson is so purrrrrdy now :') All grown up. I FREAKIN CAN'T WAIT FOR FREAKIN HARRY POTTER

Friday, June 26, 2009

King Of Pop

I woke up to the sound of my ringtone. I picked up and it sounded like a big big commotion and this girl asked me who I was in which I replied and she said 'Nadia apa?' 
-____- what is this ? Random Introduction day ? Because I was so goddamned sleepy, I replied 'Zainudin' and in which the caller hung up. Paling bodoh.
I also got a text from my mum saying that Michael Jackson died. First thing I did was open my laptop and went to E! where already the articles of his untimely passing came flowing in. As I said on Twitter, it's quite surreal that the King Of Pop died, short of 2 months to his 51st birthday this August. My dad got to see him live in concert, way back when. He even got like 3 rows from the stage. Bapak epic. 
Hitz.fm have been playing his songs over and over again and its quite sad because he is about to have his London concert that's said to be the comeback of the freakin century. Alhamdulillah, he converted into a Muslim and so may Allah bless his soul. 

Thursday, June 25, 2009

As If In Disguise

And now, I have been doing nothing but beg my mum for the t shirt. I be cool.

Also, I am very tempted to go to our Golden Night just cause Yuna will be performing. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

C'est La Vie

Right now, I am crazily envious regarding a lot of things.

First, my cousins who were in London just recently and looked like they had mad fun. 
Second, my grandmother is going to London this Sunday as an early birthday present from her sister (Tok Aa) who just bought a flat there and has frequently travelled to said city just to furnish her new place. -_______-
Third, Asyraf got tickets to watch Transformers on Saturday. I STILL haven't managed to get my hands on them. Bloody hell.
Fourth, Ila for getting new shoes.. all the time ! :'(
Fifth, Megan Fox for like, everything. And no, she ain't a dude. 
Sixth, for 'her' who managed to nab the guy.

And I always find myself wanting what I don't have. I don't know if this is part of life or just me. But hey, c'est la vie, kan?

Monday, June 22, 2009

Turning 16

I'm sorry you can't be here to celebrate your sixteenth but I swear to God, we'll take you out for lunch and treat you like the queen you are (and dream to be!) okay okay okay ? 
I know you'll be reading this post only when you get back from asrama but heck, atleast it's something. 
I've only known you last year, yang macam betul betul kenal la. And whoever has had the pleasure of meeting you remembers you particularly because of your charm and wit. You just have this knack for making the people around you feel so warm and welcomed. I know I say this regarding alot of people, but you are one of THE nicest friend I have and I thank you for being there, like seriously. There's so few of girls like you around anymore and you know it's true.
We'll TRY to send you something but takut tak pass. But oh wells, we'll try ! 

Love you til lama lama sampai akhirat 
Nadia xoxo

Sunday, June 21, 2009

That's How We Do It

Maybe I come off as being biased but last night's Girl Guides dinner was brilliant. Probably the fact that I was in the committee had anything to do with said statement but really, it was! Great, I mean.

I'll try to remember everything. Here goes ! :)

Semangat tau nak bangun pukul 8 nak continue on stringing the flowers but I was so tired from the night before so I snoozed.. and snoozed.. and so, pukul 11 baru bangun (Y) and I did the usual routine, bathe and stuff. Pukul 1 baru nak pack for the night but it was a good thing anyway since my mum came like, at 3. My bag was freakin heavy dengan ada bowls and crystal pebbles tu lagi. I wrote down a list on what to bring as to avoid last minute chaos. Went at 3 and met up with Sarah and her mum at the lobby. After like a 5 minute talk, said my goodbye to mum and we went up. When Sarah's dad was done praying, we lepak jap, our room was relatively big for 2 16 year old girls who was barely going to be in the whole day. Tapi apa nak buat, bilik kecik dah takde. :/ 
We went out to Curve to book an appointment at Peek A Boo and the girl thought we were the 2 people who had an appointment at 530 but it wasn't us and she told us that we had to make an appointment first and she said it was full, sooooooooooo we went next door. Yang tu lagi best, I didn't understand (but pretended I did by saying, 'Ohh, right' but whispered to Sarah 'Tak faham langsung' and Sarah replied 'I pun'). So we went to the next salon but upon reading the price for just a haircut, headed back to the hotel sebab Sarah left her picture of her desired hairstyle there. Before heading up, we waited for Jei See and Ayesha to come and we went up together. They stayed there and Sarah and I left for Ikano to go find shoes at Vincci. She bought a pair of gold ones and I left empty handed. On the way there, I called Peek A Boo to make an appointment and for a moment there, we got a place. But luck was playing with us and they called back saying they were full !)@)!&*% We actually planned to take a cab to Taman Tun to head to one of their salons but we got scared (haha) and tried our luck with the salon beside Peek A Boo and still did not manage to get a place so we went to the scary pricing one. And score! Dapat jugak. I opted for curls and Sarah left her picture at Vincci so she had to explain her hairstyle to the people there which took a long time for them to understand. Tapi last last pandai jugak buat :') Though, not Jessica Alba tapi bagus la jugak. It was so cool tau sebab kat Snips, we met Ila and at Peek A Boo ada Farisha and Amy hahaha. Macam rombongan buat rambut. Tu pun dah fun. Got back to the hotel and got ready, met up with Aimi and Yusrina and the whole lot of us got ready in my room and we had to go up and down numerous times to bring down decorations and set the place up. Penat siot. It was chaotic as hell but nevertheless just as much, if not even more fun. Arina, Syahirah and I were the only ones upstairs because my dress was very very see through ( I had not notice or maybe I did but forgot totally ) so I had to put on tights and camisole, both in black. And Syahirah played the role of life saver for me and sewed my camisole and my dress together as to not make it that obvious. Went down at 830 but got nervous for no apparent reason to go in and sat outside with Dydy while the sketch played out. 
First things first, I would like to just point out as to how impressed I am with everyone's outfits. Some went all out with wreaths and toga dresses. It was beyond amazing to see everyone getting in the spirit. Bagus nak mampus nak mati sial. Serious cakap, everyone looked so incredibly pretty. Ni bukan nak bodek ke apa for good reviews from them (HAHA) but serious, you can ask anyone in Form Four and they'll tell you how impressed we were with everyone's dressing. So semangat. :') SEMUA, I repeat, SEMUA orang lawa gila. Geram tengok hahahaha.
I managed to grab mushroom soup though it was quite tasteless :/ But the nasi goreng made up for it. And went around and about. Awards were given out and games were played. 
Part paling comel was when Sha and her sister battled it out on the dancefloor. That was so cute hahahaha, both sisters was so sporting, menari macam tak ingat dunia, was a whole lot of fun. Then Kaveetha called out sisters, Tania and I being among them. -.- My strapless ___ came coming down so I couldn't dance as much hahaha but it was a lot of fun really. Mama came which made dancing harder -.- ANYWAY
Some of us were outside counting for the 'Little Miss' titles and am very the terharu that some people voted for me :') HAHA, whoever you are, you are such a kind person. 
And then there was the open dance floor. OH MY, best gila. With the dimmed lights and the songs (Jai Ho was like the song of the night), we girls danced our ass off. Sampai pening kepala. We had the lights off for a bit and there were flashes from the cameras which was really cool. Ada one time tu, a whole lot of us got on the dancing floor and danced the Hoedown Throwdown from Hannah Montana. BEST GILA BABI AHAHA :')
Had the time of my life, dancing my head off.  Sampai sakit perut, sakit kepala lagi.
After the usual taking a million photos routine, everyone headed back. And that noted the end of our dinner :( 
We had to clean up the place and took what was ours and after that, we went up to the room. Cleaned our make up and tamed the wildly sprayed hair and watched that Steve Martin movie. Tried to sleep but only managed to doze off at 5 in the morning because my back ached like shit and my head was throbbing. It was horrible. I was so tempted to call the reception and asked for a huge favour and run to 7/11 and get me some Panadols. The only thing stopping me was my too dizzy state of being. I woke up for like a second at 8 and was so pleased that my back was better, really, I've never had back ache so last night was torture.
Woke up at 10 and by 1015, we went down to get some breakfast (what little there may be) and met with Athirah and Fatin. After breakfast, we headed up to bathe and by 12 plus, I had to go. :/

All in all, I had a brilliant weekend. Form Four's starting to look up (Y)
Million huge kudos to the dinner committee for being ultra creative and generally great. I am so going to miss this.

Friday, June 19, 2009


I'm currently stringing flowers, baaaaaapak susah, there's super glue involved okay. 

Siapa cakap kitorang tak buat kerja ? I don't see YOU doing anything.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Let The Games Begin

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Start By Starting

  1. I hate getting results, it just brings you down no matter how carefree you seem to be at the moment.
  2. Suraya's birthday is next Monday and we're planning to mail her her birthday present and a card. How cool dapat present kat asrama. (Y)
  3. Yesterday, Sarah and Ila came over so that we could go to SSF which is hardly a 5 minute drive. After eating lunch, we went and spent more than 2 hours there delegating on a centre piece for the Girl Guides dinner which is this Saturday. Got some stuffs and came home short after hailing a cab that was not rightfully ours. Twas fun ! Maybe cause I haven't had any friends from Taman Tun coming over to my house every once in a while.
  4. Heidi Montag should really get herself a life and ditch that a-hole of a guy she calls fiancee. And to not be eye blindingly blond. 
  5. Counting down the days for Transformers 2. Freakin' stoked. 
  6. Needs to read up her Chemistry more. And Biology, Physics..
  7. Still stands her ground and says MEGAN FOX IS A FREAKIN' WOMAN.
  8. I fear rejection. Explains why I don't make the first move.. in everything.
  9. I like twittering now despite not understanding the whole purpose of it at first. 
  10. Hoping, wishin' and praying to get a pair of new killer shoes. Like them strappy ones at Zara.
  11. I'm like totally into this guy but like, he's like, so into his ex.
I just had a dinner people can risk getting appendix for. Ikan bilis with chili padi UP TOPS !

Saturday, June 13, 2009


If any of you have twitter, add me up.


Who Stole My Mojo ?

Yeay, I got my dinner dress. It's one sleeved, and it's white.
I intended to get the puffy sleeves blouse (seeing how I'm short, I can double it as a dress) at Topshop but I went in FCUK and wanted to check this sleeveless pink dress for the fun of it and the white dress was beside it.

So, I hope no ones get the same dress (!) cause I really don't want to show up at the dinner being someone's replica. HAHA, not trying to be bratty and all of course, I'm just saying.

OH and I just realised, most sizes in Forever 21 are M. And I'm an S (try not to laugh) so it's like, all the garments I flick through are in M and the one in S are the ugly ones. Sakit hati gila sial. 
AND AND I have fallen in love with this black bandage dress at Zara. It's the one on the window display. Oh my, it's so mother freakin' gorgeous. To add insult to injury, there's also this blazer (!!!) and has studs along the long collar. Balmain-esque. ANDDDDDDDD there's this shoe, a look alike of Givenchy's woven sandals. Geramnya sebab lawa gila. 
I now know what I'll spend when 'em cash comes rolling in (if ever).

School is starting in a few days and I'm actually quite satisfied with how my holiday turned out despite not doing much for the first week. 

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I Got You

I just realised how long I haven't blogged.
I miss my bed :( HAHA 
This week was a good week.

On Monday, I went to Chida's (with or without the apostrophe?) with Ashley, Brenda and Belinda. Marc and Johann came after that. I ordered maggi goreng which was quite blah. And twins didn't like their flat tosai hahahaha. And they were the one who recommended the place. Talked for a bit then went off to Kaveetha's via Ashley's brother. Wanted to watch Saw but I went back early but in the meantime, we played 99 which was fun cause you get to meletup the person beside you hahaha. Marc tried teaching me poker but he lost me at the opening of the cards. I give up easily so I think 30 seconds in the explanation, my mind was elsewhere. 
Mama came to fetch me after that and we went to Megamall, just cause I wanted to check out jeans at their Topshop branch hoping there was a decent piece. But I came out empty handed. Was very tempted to buy a necklace though. BUT 20 % off skirts for F3 members. Woot. (Y)

On Tuesday, my family went to Penang leaving Zaim and myself here in KL so, we abandoned the house temporarily as I stayed at Najihah's and Zaim stayed at Shah Alam with a cousin of ours. So I haven't seen my family in a few days and I miss them ! Aimi came over and we went to OU to watch 17 Again. Boy oh boy, that Zac is a real cutie. HAHA, dari dulu dah suka but I got influenced with people saying how he looks gay and all tapi I stand by my grounds and say he is very good looking. Especially that part where he was in his white tee and black leather jacket. Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh.

On Wednesday, I had tuition at 9 but I went an hour late because despite setting my alarm clock at 8 (!), I woke up at 9. So I was at tuition by 10 and did the usual stuff with the usual homework load which I know very very very well will go undone. Went back at 2 and crashed Aina's house. Had so much fun, I taught her the hoedown throwdown and she got it in such a short time compared to me. Hahahaha best gila, menari tuuuuu je. A good work out too (Y), that's a big plus. And we shared secrets which was really good, a great bonding session between us both. I haven't seen that girl in the longest time. She told me all kinds of stories and she pressured me into having a boyfriend so many times, it has gone uncountable. The best part being around her, is that you don't have to hide anything around her and I was totally myself, burping at random times and all :') Went back at 8, just in time because her whole family were about to leave for dinner. And I gave a ride to Fatimah and she followed me back to Najihah's. RINDU GILA SIAL FATIMAH !! !!*@!#&*!@ We ate dinner at Friendster and caught up. But she had to go back early :( Tapi takpe, atleast jumpa !

Today was just as tiring. Went to OU at 1.30 and went to Fridays to celebrate Sanju's 16th (HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!) and twas fun when the staff came to sing Sanju his cheers. He actually had to close his eyes when they sang for him, only to scream in his ears at the very end, which left him partially deaf. HAHA, hilarious how his expression whilst eyes closed was like in Kaveetha's words, 'You want to pee in your pants ah ?!'. Had the usual bill fall out when everyone (ok, just Lian and Karen and I) had to count mentally on change and amount paid. Walked around figuring out what to do. We went to the U Bowl and some played foos, and some opted for snooker. Kaveetha went in the karaoke rooms. So did I. That was freakin' fun. Laughed my ass off when Kaveetha sang the first song which was Clothes Off from Gym Class Heroes and she rapped her way through the song which was hilarious beyond words. Mamma Mia was after that and Crazy by Britney Spears. I miss that song ( as well as Britney circa Hit Me Baby One More Time ). Last song was I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing by Aerosmith and Kaveetha and Nikki did his signature high pitch note. I came out of the room, dizzy. But fun nevertheless ! To burn time, they also played Pepsi Cola in the middle of the jalan at GSC. THAT goes to show how really random they can be. They started leaving by 6 and Sanju, Hafiz, Anis, Marc, Li May were still around and the first 3 mentioned wanted to go watch a movie so I tagged along. Li May and Marc left when the movie was about to start. So we watched. Since it's my second time watching, I felt sleepy towards the end. But it was good (Y) 
It ended and Sanju had to leave and so they were 3. Played foos and walked around aimlessly. Anis left and Hafiz followed me to MPH only to leave minutes later. 

Ok dah, that's my week. And I'm excited for school to start. Rindu Taman Tun

Sunday, June 7, 2009

I Wish

Despite not being able to friggin' eat, I went out today for tomyam. 
Not voluntarily because I'd rather stay home and bum around but that would be unhealthy cause I spent the whole day yesterday on my bed. The only time I got off it was when I had to bathe, to go to the toilet and to take snacks. Yes, people, snacks were devoured on le bed. 
How gross is that?
I also can't open my mouth as wide (making it harder for me to eat and talk) because the inner corner of my lips hurts and I'm convinced it's some what like a tear because I mean, what other explanation can there be, right? 
I just came back from eating Tom Yam (like, only my favourite food ever ever ever) at Sungai Buloh because my dad wanted to go to some nursery to get some plants for the garden. So, yeah. My first time ever to a nursery. PHEW, over and done.

First week of holiday has passed, sumpah gila cepat. :o I miss my friends yang tak jumpa langsung cuti like, like, Suraya and Fatimah and Illi ! :( 

THINGS TO BUY : Freakin' jeans 
THINGS TO DO : Sleepover at Illi's and movies with anyone anywhere and KL with them girls.
THINGS TO ACCOMPLISH : Read up Biology and understand freakin' Mitosis and Meiosis before school starts.
PLACES TO GO : Kinokuniya and Pavillion. Kinokuniya just because I miss it and Pavillion just because I need to go to their Topshop and Forever 21.

Can you like, totally tell that I'm like, totally bored ?

With Love,

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Hari semalam keluar dengan Sarah Najihah Ila Dina. Patut tengok wayang tapi tak jadi. Jumpa Nisha! Ambik gambar gambar dekat bridge and dekat New York Deli (?). Twas fun cause I miss my friends mucho mucho. Bought this Rock & Roll ring at Diva which was uber cool, closed one eye upon flipping the tag for the price. I had to have it. So I did. Makan kat delicious and had mushroom soup (which wasn't as tasty as I had imagined) and shared chocolate cake with Najihah. Oh ha! Jumpa Hazirah too. HEHE. Jalan jalan endlessly and window shopped. 
Went off early and got some things for Ashley's barbeque. Met Nikki, Kaveetha, Karen, Debra, Jia Wen, Li May, Kristin. I didn't cook one shit just because I don't like fiyahhh. But the food was beyond sedap. A BIG HUGE GIANT SHOUTOUT TO NIKKI'S CHACHOS THINGY MA JIG WITH CHEESE, OMG SEDAP GILA. And so was everything else actually, like the baked potatoes. And so was Rach's/Nikki's chicken wings. And oh Nikki, your Kraft barbeque sauce is da bomb and it is really truly fantastic because I so rarely say 'da bomb'. So big huge compliment there. OH HAAAAA, THE PRAWNS. (Y) (Y)

Hari ini keluar dengan Kyrina, Jan and Juju. Jumpa Tasha and Amira kat Delicious, also had the Classic Chocolate Cake. Wanna bet I'll gain 2 pounds ? Nasib Jan Juju Kyrina serbu. Ky's pavlova or however you spell that, SEDAP. Spent a long time there because Jan buat kerja Kumon dia -.- hahaha. Pastu jalan jalan jalan masuk keluar kedai. Then we went to Dreamworld, ambik gambar hahaha. That was fun. 

Esok keluar dengan ..

I am too darn lazy to elaborate. Dah dua hari turut nak tengok movie tapi tak tengok satu pun. Balik balik, tengok dvd. Dah siap dah dengan Brothers And Sisters :'( Next on the agenda is Criminal Minds.

Ok, bye. I hope you're having as good of a time as I certainly am. And I'm serious.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

You Were Saying?

  1. I talk funny. My right side of my mouth is numb, making it hard for me to have a proper speech. The injection was the only painful procedure, breath of relief there. I closed my eyes like the whole way because I was expecting the worse.
  2. I have a phone! Yeay to communication!
  3. Hills Finale. Awesome shiz. With Lauren out, Kristin's back in. The bitch IS back.
  4. PRISON BREAK IS DONE AND DONE. I am going to miss Michael Scofield and his plans. :')
  5. I'll update when there's something worth updating for. 

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Moon





This is ultra fangirl moment so let me be. I am in a very happy state as of now so let me be.