Sunday, June 7, 2009

I Wish

Despite not being able to friggin' eat, I went out today for tomyam. 
Not voluntarily because I'd rather stay home and bum around but that would be unhealthy cause I spent the whole day yesterday on my bed. The only time I got off it was when I had to bathe, to go to the toilet and to take snacks. Yes, people, snacks were devoured on le bed. 
How gross is that?
I also can't open my mouth as wide (making it harder for me to eat and talk) because the inner corner of my lips hurts and I'm convinced it's some what like a tear because I mean, what other explanation can there be, right? 
I just came back from eating Tom Yam (like, only my favourite food ever ever ever) at Sungai Buloh because my dad wanted to go to some nursery to get some plants for the garden. So, yeah. My first time ever to a nursery. PHEW, over and done.

First week of holiday has passed, sumpah gila cepat. :o I miss my friends yang tak jumpa langsung cuti like, like, Suraya and Fatimah and Illi ! :( 

THINGS TO BUY : Freakin' jeans 
THINGS TO DO : Sleepover at Illi's and movies with anyone anywhere and KL with them girls.
THINGS TO ACCOMPLISH : Read up Biology and understand freakin' Mitosis and Meiosis before school starts.
PLACES TO GO : Kinokuniya and Pavillion. Kinokuniya just because I miss it and Pavillion just because I need to go to their Topshop and Forever 21.

Can you like, totally tell that I'm like, totally bored ?

With Love,

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