Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Start By Starting

  1. I hate getting results, it just brings you down no matter how carefree you seem to be at the moment.
  2. Suraya's birthday is next Monday and we're planning to mail her her birthday present and a card. How cool dapat present kat asrama. (Y)
  3. Yesterday, Sarah and Ila came over so that we could go to SSF which is hardly a 5 minute drive. After eating lunch, we went and spent more than 2 hours there delegating on a centre piece for the Girl Guides dinner which is this Saturday. Got some stuffs and came home short after hailing a cab that was not rightfully ours. Twas fun ! Maybe cause I haven't had any friends from Taman Tun coming over to my house every once in a while.
  4. Heidi Montag should really get herself a life and ditch that a-hole of a guy she calls fiancee. And to not be eye blindingly blond. 
  5. Counting down the days for Transformers 2. Freakin' stoked. 
  6. Needs to read up her Chemistry more. And Biology, Physics..
  7. Still stands her ground and says MEGAN FOX IS A FREAKIN' WOMAN.
  8. I fear rejection. Explains why I don't make the first move.. in everything.
  9. I like twittering now despite not understanding the whole purpose of it at first. 
  10. Hoping, wishin' and praying to get a pair of new killer shoes. Like them strappy ones at Zara.
  11. I'm like totally into this guy but like, he's like, so into his ex.
I just had a dinner people can risk getting appendix for. Ikan bilis with chili padi UP TOPS !

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