Saturday, June 13, 2009

Who Stole My Mojo ?

Yeay, I got my dinner dress. It's one sleeved, and it's white.
I intended to get the puffy sleeves blouse (seeing how I'm short, I can double it as a dress) at Topshop but I went in FCUK and wanted to check this sleeveless pink dress for the fun of it and the white dress was beside it.

So, I hope no ones get the same dress (!) cause I really don't want to show up at the dinner being someone's replica. HAHA, not trying to be bratty and all of course, I'm just saying.

OH and I just realised, most sizes in Forever 21 are M. And I'm an S (try not to laugh) so it's like, all the garments I flick through are in M and the one in S are the ugly ones. Sakit hati gila sial. 
AND AND I have fallen in love with this black bandage dress at Zara. It's the one on the window display. Oh my, it's so mother freakin' gorgeous. To add insult to injury, there's also this blazer (!!!) and has studs along the long collar. Balmain-esque. ANDDDDDDDD there's this shoe, a look alike of Givenchy's woven sandals. Geramnya sebab lawa gila. 
I now know what I'll spend when 'em cash comes rolling in (if ever).

School is starting in a few days and I'm actually quite satisfied with how my holiday turned out despite not doing much for the first week. 

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