Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lost Love

I have taken up an interest in eye make up. First things first, I have to get all them fancy brushes. And then I can collect the eye shadows and what nots later kan. 

Today was quality time with myself. I enjoy being alone especially when going out. Gives me a taste of being independent and so that I can get used to it come future. So, as my mum, dad and Iman (and an uncle with 3 other cousins) enjoyed 2 hours (+++) of full on robot war, I flew solo and headed to well.. everywhere. I managed to get 2 magazines for approx. 10 bucks each. Which is a bargain. Both Elle, one being the Elle Collection with full coverage of the Autumn/Winter 2008 (haha, explains la why 10 bucks, out dated gila) collection. Went to Starbucks and sat down with magazines in hand and spent I dunno, 45 minutes ? Reading and gulping down orange juice and the chic o' cheese that seems to be my favourite so far. Walked various place, even Ikea. To get a frame but failed to do so, so I managed to get out of that damn ant hole and settled down at Borders. I didn't buy anything but there were like a handful of books I'd get if my mum was around. KINOKUNIYA!
Met up with them at Penang Cafe and from the bazaar, I got this wall sticker. Which is cool. Reminded me of +wondermilk (rindu kau) and their birdcages and reindeer motifs. I hope Papa considers renovating this part of the house, because I have alot in mind :D 
And I think Mama gets how hard add maths is for me so she told me I can drop it next year and take up literature instead. Which I don't mind at all, because I don't have a mathematically inclined brain. It's not like whatever I'm going to do has to do with add maths anyway. Right ? 

ANDDDDD I lost my pencil box :'( Setia sejak Form 2 lagi tu. It was time for a change but I wished I took out my pens and pencils (and oh shit, my name label!). Now kena beli all over again. Macam la susah, hoho.
Oh and I have so many presents to get, Dina, Marc, Sanju, Suraya, Najihah and Amy. 
Tomorrow is back to schoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool :'( Malas gila oh my god.

Editted : Haha, my pencil box is found ! And it was in my brothers room. 

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