Saturday, June 27, 2009

Shop Chop

Yesterday, after Physics tuition, we made an impromptu trip to Telawi to get Myra her birthday present. This is at about nak dekat pukul 7 okay. Dah lama tak pergi Telawi and like I always said, nothing much for me. We went to Mooie first because Tania was convinced there was this bag that she'd think Myra would like. Tapi takde pun. 
Went to Moca after. There was this Chanel look a like 2.55 (C'mon, face it, we all can't afford the real MYR 6000+++ beauty) and it was 189 bucks tapi in hand ada 100 je. Damn, I liked the bag. Lawa sangat :') Ofcourse it was in black. There was one in light pink but it looked too much white instead. Eventually, moved on with life and headed to Gossips. I don't know why I am still so determined to make a pit stop to said boutique when I always leave the shop empty handed. Wanted to go to Baci but it was getting dark and I haven't had any meals throughout the day so after climbing a bunch of stairs, a girl gets tired -.-

Next weekend, according to my mum, my dad has this architecture convention at KLCC in which he faithfully attends everytime. Which means a huge yeay for us cause we get to go there the whole day. For the whole weekend o.o I seriously want to check out the new Accessorize shop that just opened. And of course the Topshop and Kinokuniya.

I miss +wondermilk and their Mango soda.

BTW, Emma Watson is so purrrrrdy now :') All grown up. I FREAKIN CAN'T WAIT FOR FREAKIN HARRY POTTER

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