Thursday, June 11, 2009

I Got You

I just realised how long I haven't blogged.
I miss my bed :( HAHA 
This week was a good week.

On Monday, I went to Chida's (with or without the apostrophe?) with Ashley, Brenda and Belinda. Marc and Johann came after that. I ordered maggi goreng which was quite blah. And twins didn't like their flat tosai hahahaha. And they were the one who recommended the place. Talked for a bit then went off to Kaveetha's via Ashley's brother. Wanted to watch Saw but I went back early but in the meantime, we played 99 which was fun cause you get to meletup the person beside you hahaha. Marc tried teaching me poker but he lost me at the opening of the cards. I give up easily so I think 30 seconds in the explanation, my mind was elsewhere. 
Mama came to fetch me after that and we went to Megamall, just cause I wanted to check out jeans at their Topshop branch hoping there was a decent piece. But I came out empty handed. Was very tempted to buy a necklace though. BUT 20 % off skirts for F3 members. Woot. (Y)

On Tuesday, my family went to Penang leaving Zaim and myself here in KL so, we abandoned the house temporarily as I stayed at Najihah's and Zaim stayed at Shah Alam with a cousin of ours. So I haven't seen my family in a few days and I miss them ! Aimi came over and we went to OU to watch 17 Again. Boy oh boy, that Zac is a real cutie. HAHA, dari dulu dah suka but I got influenced with people saying how he looks gay and all tapi I stand by my grounds and say he is very good looking. Especially that part where he was in his white tee and black leather jacket. Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh.

On Wednesday, I had tuition at 9 but I went an hour late because despite setting my alarm clock at 8 (!), I woke up at 9. So I was at tuition by 10 and did the usual stuff with the usual homework load which I know very very very well will go undone. Went back at 2 and crashed Aina's house. Had so much fun, I taught her the hoedown throwdown and she got it in such a short time compared to me. Hahahaha best gila, menari tuuuuu je. A good work out too (Y), that's a big plus. And we shared secrets which was really good, a great bonding session between us both. I haven't seen that girl in the longest time. She told me all kinds of stories and she pressured me into having a boyfriend so many times, it has gone uncountable. The best part being around her, is that you don't have to hide anything around her and I was totally myself, burping at random times and all :') Went back at 8, just in time because her whole family were about to leave for dinner. And I gave a ride to Fatimah and she followed me back to Najihah's. RINDU GILA SIAL FATIMAH !! !!*@!#&*!@ We ate dinner at Friendster and caught up. But she had to go back early :( Tapi takpe, atleast jumpa !

Today was just as tiring. Went to OU at 1.30 and went to Fridays to celebrate Sanju's 16th (HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!) and twas fun when the staff came to sing Sanju his cheers. He actually had to close his eyes when they sang for him, only to scream in his ears at the very end, which left him partially deaf. HAHA, hilarious how his expression whilst eyes closed was like in Kaveetha's words, 'You want to pee in your pants ah ?!'. Had the usual bill fall out when everyone (ok, just Lian and Karen and I) had to count mentally on change and amount paid. Walked around figuring out what to do. We went to the U Bowl and some played foos, and some opted for snooker. Kaveetha went in the karaoke rooms. So did I. That was freakin' fun. Laughed my ass off when Kaveetha sang the first song which was Clothes Off from Gym Class Heroes and she rapped her way through the song which was hilarious beyond words. Mamma Mia was after that and Crazy by Britney Spears. I miss that song ( as well as Britney circa Hit Me Baby One More Time ). Last song was I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing by Aerosmith and Kaveetha and Nikki did his signature high pitch note. I came out of the room, dizzy. But fun nevertheless ! To burn time, they also played Pepsi Cola in the middle of the jalan at GSC. THAT goes to show how really random they can be. They started leaving by 6 and Sanju, Hafiz, Anis, Marc, Li May were still around and the first 3 mentioned wanted to go watch a movie so I tagged along. Li May and Marc left when the movie was about to start. So we watched. Since it's my second time watching, I felt sleepy towards the end. But it was good (Y) 
It ended and Sanju had to leave and so they were 3. Played foos and walked around aimlessly. Anis left and Hafiz followed me to MPH only to leave minutes later. 

Ok dah, that's my week. And I'm excited for school to start. Rindu Taman Tun

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