Sunday, June 21, 2009

That's How We Do It

Maybe I come off as being biased but last night's Girl Guides dinner was brilliant. Probably the fact that I was in the committee had anything to do with said statement but really, it was! Great, I mean.

I'll try to remember everything. Here goes ! :)

Semangat tau nak bangun pukul 8 nak continue on stringing the flowers but I was so tired from the night before so I snoozed.. and snoozed.. and so, pukul 11 baru bangun (Y) and I did the usual routine, bathe and stuff. Pukul 1 baru nak pack for the night but it was a good thing anyway since my mum came like, at 3. My bag was freakin heavy dengan ada bowls and crystal pebbles tu lagi. I wrote down a list on what to bring as to avoid last minute chaos. Went at 3 and met up with Sarah and her mum at the lobby. After like a 5 minute talk, said my goodbye to mum and we went up. When Sarah's dad was done praying, we lepak jap, our room was relatively big for 2 16 year old girls who was barely going to be in the whole day. Tapi apa nak buat, bilik kecik dah takde. :/ 
We went out to Curve to book an appointment at Peek A Boo and the girl thought we were the 2 people who had an appointment at 530 but it wasn't us and she told us that we had to make an appointment first and she said it was full, sooooooooooo we went next door. Yang tu lagi best, I didn't understand (but pretended I did by saying, 'Ohh, right' but whispered to Sarah 'Tak faham langsung' and Sarah replied 'I pun'). So we went to the next salon but upon reading the price for just a haircut, headed back to the hotel sebab Sarah left her picture of her desired hairstyle there. Before heading up, we waited for Jei See and Ayesha to come and we went up together. They stayed there and Sarah and I left for Ikano to go find shoes at Vincci. She bought a pair of gold ones and I left empty handed. On the way there, I called Peek A Boo to make an appointment and for a moment there, we got a place. But luck was playing with us and they called back saying they were full !)@)!&*% We actually planned to take a cab to Taman Tun to head to one of their salons but we got scared (haha) and tried our luck with the salon beside Peek A Boo and still did not manage to get a place so we went to the scary pricing one. And score! Dapat jugak. I opted for curls and Sarah left her picture at Vincci so she had to explain her hairstyle to the people there which took a long time for them to understand. Tapi last last pandai jugak buat :') Though, not Jessica Alba tapi bagus la jugak. It was so cool tau sebab kat Snips, we met Ila and at Peek A Boo ada Farisha and Amy hahaha. Macam rombongan buat rambut. Tu pun dah fun. Got back to the hotel and got ready, met up with Aimi and Yusrina and the whole lot of us got ready in my room and we had to go up and down numerous times to bring down decorations and set the place up. Penat siot. It was chaotic as hell but nevertheless just as much, if not even more fun. Arina, Syahirah and I were the only ones upstairs because my dress was very very see through ( I had not notice or maybe I did but forgot totally ) so I had to put on tights and camisole, both in black. And Syahirah played the role of life saver for me and sewed my camisole and my dress together as to not make it that obvious. Went down at 830 but got nervous for no apparent reason to go in and sat outside with Dydy while the sketch played out. 
First things first, I would like to just point out as to how impressed I am with everyone's outfits. Some went all out with wreaths and toga dresses. It was beyond amazing to see everyone getting in the spirit. Bagus nak mampus nak mati sial. Serious cakap, everyone looked so incredibly pretty. Ni bukan nak bodek ke apa for good reviews from them (HAHA) but serious, you can ask anyone in Form Four and they'll tell you how impressed we were with everyone's dressing. So semangat. :') SEMUA, I repeat, SEMUA orang lawa gila. Geram tengok hahahaha.
I managed to grab mushroom soup though it was quite tasteless :/ But the nasi goreng made up for it. And went around and about. Awards were given out and games were played. 
Part paling comel was when Sha and her sister battled it out on the dancefloor. That was so cute hahahaha, both sisters was so sporting, menari macam tak ingat dunia, was a whole lot of fun. Then Kaveetha called out sisters, Tania and I being among them. -.- My strapless ___ came coming down so I couldn't dance as much hahaha but it was a lot of fun really. Mama came which made dancing harder -.- ANYWAY
Some of us were outside counting for the 'Little Miss' titles and am very the terharu that some people voted for me :') HAHA, whoever you are, you are such a kind person. 
And then there was the open dance floor. OH MY, best gila. With the dimmed lights and the songs (Jai Ho was like the song of the night), we girls danced our ass off. Sampai pening kepala. We had the lights off for a bit and there were flashes from the cameras which was really cool. Ada one time tu, a whole lot of us got on the dancing floor and danced the Hoedown Throwdown from Hannah Montana. BEST GILA BABI AHAHA :')
Had the time of my life, dancing my head off.  Sampai sakit perut, sakit kepala lagi.
After the usual taking a million photos routine, everyone headed back. And that noted the end of our dinner :( 
We had to clean up the place and took what was ours and after that, we went up to the room. Cleaned our make up and tamed the wildly sprayed hair and watched that Steve Martin movie. Tried to sleep but only managed to doze off at 5 in the morning because my back ached like shit and my head was throbbing. It was horrible. I was so tempted to call the reception and asked for a huge favour and run to 7/11 and get me some Panadols. The only thing stopping me was my too dizzy state of being. I woke up for like a second at 8 and was so pleased that my back was better, really, I've never had back ache so last night was torture.
Woke up at 10 and by 1015, we went down to get some breakfast (what little there may be) and met with Athirah and Fatin. After breakfast, we headed up to bathe and by 12 plus, I had to go. :/

All in all, I had a brilliant weekend. Form Four's starting to look up (Y)
Million huge kudos to the dinner committee for being ultra creative and generally great. I am so going to miss this.

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