Thursday, December 31, 2009

You're It


  1. Nadia
  2. Nad
  3. John
  1. I love January 19th <3>
  2. I don't know.
  3. I don't know.
  1. Eat
  2. Sleep
  3. New things
  1. Empire State Of Mind
  2. Mama Do
  3. Don't Rain On My Parade (gay gila hahaha)
  1. Aina Faten
  2. Siti Shahirah
  3. Kyrina Sofia + Ani Emina and Namira Yazid.
  1. Miu Miu purse, thanks.
  2. Taylor Lautner
  3. Plane ticket to Europe.

  1. Twitter
  2. TV
  3. Eat (is this legit?)
  1. Europe
  2. New York
  3. Japan
  1. One Utama
  2. Curve
  3. The Gardens (Blame the dad)
  1. Coca Cola
  2. Sirap limau
  3. Mango soda
  1. Purse
  2. Eyeliner
  3. Mascara
  1. Fuschia
  2. Black
  3. Grey

  1. One Utama
  2. One Utama
  3. One Utama
  1. NASI with anything EG : Nasi campur, nasi lemak, nasi daun pisang, nasi goreng, nasi ayam, nasi beriyani, nasi paprik, nasi pattaya, nasi with tomyam etc.
  2. Spaghetti Scampi, basically spaghetti with olive oil and prawns and chilli flakes, GILA FAVOURITE
  3. Mushroom soup, memang cool pun

  1. Leighton Meester
  2. Dianna Agron
  3. Megan Fox (I'd go gay for any of them sebab lawa gila)
  1. Lazing around
  2. Eat
  3. Be amused with fireworks display
  1. But
  2. I'm
  3. Not ?
  1. Najihah
  2. Debra
  3. Aidit

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Flew solo to OU yesterday and met a whole bunch of people. Bought myself Readers Digest (there's more to me than just fashion magazines *Holy shitz, that sounds like lyrics!) and settled in New York Deli. Ordered myself mushroom soup but it was crap. Nasib ada Coke to soothe it down. I ♥ Coca Cola. Then, Najihah called to ask where I am and we met up. Paid and left. I don't really recall what we did other than berangan pergi ___ pastu berangan main ____. Didn't bother going into shops because lagi sakit hati. I'm financially depressed and my mum is going to laugh uproariously if she reads this. Did the usual stuff ; took pictures. Went back like an hour later -.- But not before the highlight of our day ! :') Went to Chillis because Najihah had to bungkus some food back and we met Zahid. I'm a huge colossal bigger than anything fan of AF2 back in the day (<- wtf i'm only 16!), I mean serious case punya peminat. I did the whole compiling their tugasan songs and print out songs and hafal and the whole jazz. AF1, 2 and 3 were my favourite. The hype didn't last long for the 4th and so forth were a blur to me and I didn't like it at all. So yes, forgive us for being (a bit too much) star struck. Hehehe. Danial helped us by asking his permission and we giggled all the way.
He was nice though despite some rumours going on before saying he had a bit of an ego but I mean, honestly, who doesn't ? He even asked 'Makan sini ke?' Najihah pun gelabah, main taram je cakap Ha Ah padahal tak pun, take away je, dahlah Najihah pegang bag Chillis besar gedabak ada makanan dalam, tak ke kantoi tipu sebab tak tahu nak cakap apa lagi ?


Sent Najihah home and went backkkkkkkkkk.

Today I went to the SACC Mall in Shah Alam for lunch at Tok Aa's 'Teapot Cafe'. Ok, I was gambling about the cafe's name, I'm not sure about it. Hell. Fetched the 2 rascals from Aunty Nina's place and home we were. Wanted to spend the day in til my mum asked us out to the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra for some jazz camp performance. Had something to eat at Aseana and walked around. Strolled in Miu Miu, and fell in love with a black patent wallet with bright fuschia interior, lawa sangat :'( The jazz thing was good, the sound of the sax is indeed the sex. <3>

This is one hell of a lazy post.

Monday, December 28, 2009

I've been in bed all day long. Maybe I ate something wrong because I was/am sick today. I don't usually vomit but I did today (useless public knowledge again) and that felt crappy. I hate getting sick because I rarely fall ill but when I do, it gets bad. Heh. Light headed the whole day. Didn't have much appetite and downed a couple of pills to get this bloody headache away. And for some reason, people tend to call me when I'm asleep.

Damn it, headache is back. Turning in early tonight.

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Today was so boring. I spend a majority of time at home, on my bed. It's Christmas too, so ho ho ho Merry Christmas.

Wanted to go watch Avatar with my friends at the Curve but my parents decided to go ahead to a kenduri so left me at home doing nothing. Sorry, loves ! Believe me, if I had a mode of transportation, I'd have been there, watching the movie with you lot. I ate lunch and slept short after. Then woke up to my grandfather's call and I slept back after that. So basically, I slept twice in a day. I don't know how that's even possible seeing how after a nap, you'll be 'energized'. I abandon all kinds of personal hygiene and only bathe at 7 (I'm well aware this has become public knowledge, but what the heck) and had McDonalds for dinner. I have turned into a pig these past few weeks.

And it's Sherlock Holmes tomorrow with mum. I'm stoked. Watching Alvin And The Chipmunks next week, yang tu LAGI excited.

Friday, December 25, 2009


Anyway, Hi. I'm on a downloading frenzy, downloading every Glee song there is. It's the shitz. Best ever. ♥ I highly recommend. But then again, I recommend every show I watch anyway. Heh.
Went out with Diyana, Rachael, Brenda and Belinda, Ashley, Hakim and Wenn Hong for a bubble blowing session at the park for no other apparent reason but to relive a piece of childhood before stepping into senior year. Gila fun lah k. Then we walked to Devi's for late breakfast/early lunch/BRUNCH. Went back after that and took a nap because was too sleepy for anything. And besides, my laptop broke down. Went to Ikano for repair but after walking all the way from Tesco, the shop was closed. And not due to Christmas leave or anything like that, but as in closed-we-kinda-moved-to-Bangsar closed. Stopped at Kayu's and ordered the big ass roti tisu. And .. my laptop got well on its own. Saved me a trip to Bangsar, k thanks Mac.

Merry Christmas, hohoho. Night, Santarinas xx

Monday, December 21, 2009

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Here We Are

For some God foresaken reason, slept at 4 last night. Got a wake up call courtesy of mum and told us that my dad needs to get some things from Megamall and there'll be thai for food. My stomach did cartwheels I didn't know it could. It's an uncommon trip to go to Mid Valley so I leaped at the chance because well namely, the Amarin thai food I'm mad for. I haven't had my tongue scream bloody murder in a while now so lunch was satisfying. I mean, seriously, there's no saying no to the Pandan Leaves Chicken and sizzling beef. Walked to the usual stores and got some stuff. The times when my mum would actually tag along are the times when the stores I walk in have nothing to offer, like ZILCH. The times when my mum DOESN'T however, are the times when I want things. Funny how life works.

That was pretty much it. Came home and slept til 840. My sleeping time is so off, I'm actually quite concerned that by time school swings by, I'd have trouble waking up early. I CAN'T WAIT FOR SCHOOL (temporary insanity, excuse.).

Avatar got surprisingly good reviews so HMMMMMM who wants to catch a movie with me ? School is drawing near and.. I really don't give a damn.


Friday, December 18, 2009


Got a text from Diyana inviting me for lunch so I happily obliged. Had the bigger than huge mushroom swiss burger and became so stuffed after that. I still am, in fact. Walked around like how we always do and settled on the ice castle thing downstairs. Channelled into our inner tourist and took pictures around there. There were small girls being their usual 5 year old self and being very enthusiastic about bubbles and were blowing them all around so Nikki bought a bottle. She blew bubbles all around OU which was fun because everyone be stoppin' and starin' at us, k ? Hahahaha. Went out to the bridge where we blew more bubbles and basically just walked everywhere, tourist self intact. Eventually, I was by myself and I met up with the boys at A&W. Pak Tok was at OU so met up with him and went around with Tania.

All in all, I had a good day :') THANKS sweets !


Hi, Lover

Love like that

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Les Femmes

A guy and a girl can be just friends but at one point or another, they will fall for each other, maybe temporarily, maybe at the wrong time, maybe too late, maybe forever.
Dave Matthews Band

Girls have an unfair advantage over men; if they can't get what they want by being smart, they can get it by being dumb.
Yul Brynner

To find out a girl's faults, praise her to her girl friends.
Benjamin Franklin

Monday, December 14, 2009

She Deserves A Crown

Bonjour, amoureux!

Went to eat Tokyo G with Tania yesterday after God knows how long I've been craving for the Crispy Ginger Chicken. Then, I met up with Jo, Marc, Aidit, Shahrain and Hafiz. This was all Asif's doing. He planned this outing but had to bail last minute (?!). Met Asyraf there, he called lagi cakap 'Cuba pandang belakang' haha. Lama gila tak jumpaaaaaaaaaa. I also met Debla. Bummed around and went into OSC instead, of course after waiting outside because I was reluctant to go in but went anyway. Got bored after they finished their foos so went out a bit to check the Urban Tee place. The place got too smoky for me so I went out solo to meet up Tania at Starbucks. My parents planned to have dinner at Curve which I wasn't up to so I walked to Rasta with the boys. Had my dinner there with Aidit and Marc. Jo, Shahrain, Hisham and Marwan joined us later. Went back at 10.

And I slept at 5 in the morning. Got hung up talking to a friend :) Woke up at 1 and did nothing all day. Went for an early dinner at Devi's with my mum and Tania. And here I am. BOSANNNNNNNNNNNNNN SIAL.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


I need to recruit people for a Chemistry tuition. Please do give me a holler. THANKS


Friday, December 11, 2009

We Eat Fun For Breakfast

On December 9th, the whole 14 of us went to OU for an outing because Ila was going to fly off to Vietnam the next day. So there was Sarah, Dina, Ila, Aimi, Yus, Suraya, Me, Hafiz (Ismail), Hafeez, Hafiz (Rahim), Hakim (Shah Redza), Hakim (Wahid), Haris, Hanif. LAWAK GILA k masa main bowling, the boys lane semua initials H je hahahaha. 

So first, I went there early (sort of) for a trim. Then, met up with Sarah, Yus and Dina at GSC. Dah lupa dah how we met everyone else. Sarah wanted a plaster so we walked all the way to Watsons where Hakim (Shah) and Hafiz (Ismail) came to us. Buat mesyuarat agung depan the watch shop and contemplated on places for lunch. Decided on Fridays. So we went there and ordered. Then, everyone came. BEST. Macam rombongan tour. Tinggal colour coordinated tshirts with the flag je takde.

When the bill came, macam WTF APA KITORANG MAKAN and we spent a good amount of time collecting money from everyone and calculating. The usual. 

Then, we went to walk to the new wing where the boys then eventually went their separate ways and went to OSC. Heh. Met Jan and Ky there too. Went in the usual shops and Aimi and Ila got hungry so they went to get sandwiches. Went in to a couple of stores and had trouble deciding on bowling or karaoke-ing. I voted for bowling so majority won and bowling it was. The lady at the counter was being so rude. And the guy who handled the bowling alleys had like, red contacts, BAPAK SCARY MACAM SETAN ! Gah. Kalau brown ke apa boleh tahan lah, ni merah ? Wha- ? Played bowling and I got a spare :') But that's nothing compared to the boys who had 500+ points and us girls, at 100+. But I love bowling, even if I suck at it. 

Hakim jalan terus dengan bowling shoes hahahahaha. Lawak ah Wahid. 

Everyone started heading home and Sarah and I went to TGV with the boys because they want to watch another movie. They easily took 4 years deciding on what movie they want to watch -.- Lambat sangat so we said our byes and walked to the other end with Hakim (Shah), Hafiz (Ismail) and Hakim joined us later. Separated ways because Mama wanted to have tea at Delicious. I mean, seriously, who can say no to chocolate cake. Went to Zara later and met Sarah there again. Hoho. Hugged her bye for the second time when she went up to Cotton On to meet up with her cousin. 

The end ! Successful outing. And surprisingly, no one bailed ! (Y) Kena buat lagi.

Then on Thursday, Iman wanted to watch The Princess And The Frog and so I kept her company because my mum has given up watching animations with her and I'm old enough to bring her so I said yes.. because I'm a kick ass sister. We went there by 11 because there was a movie at 1:10 but it was full and the next best thing was the 3:20 show so we took that. Had a LOT of time to kill so we went for lunch at Chillies and kan, you get the kids meal free if you order an adult one. Iman took the adult meal and I took the kids. Hahaha. (y) But I ended up eating half of her big ass burger. MPH later and we spent time on stationaries. Bought those small coloured cards to do flash cards for Chemistry/Bio/Phys. :') Semangat gila hahaha tapi I haven't done anything. I want to buy the whole Stabilo (is it?) set THEN I can begin. Iman asked endlessly to play foosball and games at the arcade. I'm at blame because I suggested foos to her. In the end, tak main pun sebab macam dah lambat. I felt bad but hey ho.


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

For A Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic

Why are people so hung up by the fact of 2012 ? It scares me to no end so I loathe the topic. And I hate people talking about it. Just because of some epic movie ? I always end my prayer with a doa that the end of the world is a kabillion years away. I want to live life til the very end where I die of old age. I want to go through everything, university, graduation, marriage, children, GRANDchildren, all that jazz. This whole crap about apocalypse in 3 years time is scaring the freaking daylight out of me. It's up to God and no one else, not even the freakin Tibetan monks !!! 


False Pretenses

Went to OU close to 1. And I got my watch back !!!!!! :') It's about time. Lama gila bapak nak pergi repair. Anyhoo

Met Hafiz Ismail ! Cheh, pakai leather jacket lagi tuuu. Hahahaha. Told me about his trip to London and Switzerland while waiting for the others. Met up with Marc and Shahrain at Carls Jr. And soon after, Johann, Ashley, Nikki and Brenda and Belinda came. Since they wanted Subway for lunch, we all tagged along. For some reason, we had to wait before we could order because they had to mop the place first so we went in the pet shop opposite. The Chow Chow (was it?) was so cute, Nikki was in love :') It's your dog kan, Debra ? Lucky girl !

Then, we got to Subway and Hisham and Aidit were there. Had difficulty ordering seeing how it's my first time (I'm a Subway virgin). So with the help of Jo, got a Roast Beef one. Was ok ok though, and I didn't even finish it (it was 6 inches, how anyone can down a foot long is wild) so Jo ate the rest. Nikki and Ashley went to play snooker/pool, I don't know the difference and the boys went to OSC. So waited for the twins to finish their sandwich and we went up to GSC. Bought tickets for New Moon and played snooker/pool. Huge surprise that I suck at it. So ! Ate ice cream and met up with Marwan and Hafiz's friend who I swore thought was the same batch as us but turned out to be 4 years younger. Ate at the Jetty to burn time. Went in the theater just in time for the movie to start, no torturous long commercials. OK, so the movie was ok ok. But I do stand by the fact that it was still slow paced at times. But asalkan dapat tengok Taylor Lautner. Macam tak suka pulak Edward. Haha. Team Jacob lah. 

Then everybody went back and it was Aidit, Shahrain, Hafiz, Asif and I. We talked about stuffs, and for some reason, standing outside of FCUK was the best thing to do so. Went outside after I got a call from my mum saying she's on the way and there was this M-150 thingy outside and the host, I guess you could call it came up to us because memang tempat tu 'happening' gila. And he asked us a question 'Who are the two personalities that are coming here?' and he gave us clues like 'She's from 8TV and she hosted One In A Million' and I answered Cheryl Samad because I thought she was from 8TV and hosted the show. I got it wrong and the host must have been that desperate to tell us 'Ok ok, her name starts with the letter M?' and we, being total airheads, were still figuring it out until the host then tirelessly helped '.. and ends with an N' and then, baru lah otak berfungsi sikit and I said 'MARION!'. Kah kah. Nasib tak banyak orang. Got 2 cans of.. ok, I don't know what exactly. Macam Power Root Ali tu ke apa benda lah. Hahaha. Then, I went back while the rest got dragged by the host to some Wheel Of Fortune thingamajig. 

And I had Otai burger for dinner. (Y) Tomorrow's another outing. I haven't exactly told my mum haha. See you girls & guys tomorrow, can't wait x

Monday, December 7, 2009

I want to have long hair like hers.

Pink Lips

Thank you Jan for waking me up at 830 hahahaha. 

Accomplishment sial seeing how I dozed off at 3 in the morning. But I took an hours nap by 12. Twas late for Kaveetha's potluck but oh well. Ate and caught up with everyone. I miss them ! Marc brought his baked fish. Damn, son. (Y)(Y) Buat malu je aku tak boleh masak haha.

Then, we decided to watch The Orphan. Cerita babi. Hahahaha. Damn shit lah k. Screamed a couple of times because horror movies and I, we don't exactly mix. But it was all good fun. We then watched some sick movie 'Fired Up'. It was funny, but also, sick. Like, Kaveetha's definition of sick. 

Then I went back and we went to Devi's. Naan <3

Eh best lah Omegle. Hahahahaha. Try it ! Chat with strangers and feel free to disconnect at any given time (which I do so often). 

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Next on the list : Denim shirt


ISH I can't get over how I'm so freakin in love with Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swiftttt. Macam sweet sangat tak tahu nak cakap camne. Dahla dua dua good looking gilaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa babs. Ala, cepat lah jadi boyfriend girlfriend. Menyampah lah I Like You And You Like Me But Takut Paparazzi Gila :( Kisah apa siotttt ! Brad ngan Angelina selamba je ? 

K, it's 0217 Sunday. I should be in bed. Well, technically I am but I need to be sleeping. K night I don't make sense in the morning.

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Ick I hate my palms. They're always so sweaty, making me uncomfortable bila nak salam ke apa.

So Tania woke me up at 10 because dia kan paranoid semacam, takut lambat pergi bazaar padahal pergi pukul 1. Anyway ! Mama dropped me off at Fatimah's and she was fresh out of the shower. Waited for her to be all made up and we walked to Shira's because her Dad was supposed to send us. But change of plans and Shira's parents were out and not coming til much later so we called the cab instead and excluding Shira, Fatimah and I went to the bazaar. I miss Shira to shitz ! I haven't seen her in ages, man. :') Was so good to see her and catch up on things. Cab came and we went. Sorry Dina ! Reached there and found my mum, Tania and Myra. Browsed around, for some reason I felt uncomfortable gila. Oh btw, first time k pergi Rasta *bangga jap. Hahahahahaha. Besar jugak, ingat kecik. Whatever. I think I went by everything once. Nothing caught my eye. Fatimah lapar sangat so she bought us cupcakes. And sebelah tu je ada Mimpi Murni and the lady was seriously baik, macam baik sangat yang tak sanggup kalau tak beli. So I did. Bah. Something I could have bought from Diva but like I said, dia baik gilaaaa ! Hahaha. So dragged my mum there and bought the butterfly necklace. Then, we went off 15 minutes later because it was either that or we would have to get a cab again. Which would set us back another couple of bucks. MAHAL sial. Wtf, Sri D is not that far from Rasta. 

Went to A&W because I was seriously craving for rootbeer. And had a waffle and a burger. Sedap gila wei wtf boleh termimpi haha. Then window shopped. Ouch, so painful. Bought a top from Forever 21. F21 dah lawa balik. Met Marissa there. :) Then we went to Topshop. Or was it the other way round ? K whatever. There's a prettier version of a top I own. Of course, much expensive but much prettier. But it had a tear, small one, but still. Thennnn we went to Cotton On, tried on a couple of things but didn't buy anything. Fatimah did, though. Went out to Zara while she tried on a couple of things. Damn lah, I hate the feeling when you find something you like and it's under your budget but you got a whole lot more to think about like cab fare and food. So, I came out empty handed. It's quite the norm for me now. Pokai gila.

OH ! Masa nak pergi bawah tu kan, I was from GSC, so kena turun escalator yang dekat MPH tu, terjumpa Asif kat the Back To School thing they always have outside of Parkson. HAHA. Bukan saja saja nak cari dia, aku takde masa -.- Then Fatimah and I walked endlessly. We were hungry so we settled on doughnuts at Big Apple. We ordered 5 different ones and experimented with each. Yang plain takde -.- I'm not big on doughnuts but figured we should do SOMETHING. Fatimah downed 2 of them and I none. Makan sikit sikit je. Fatimah was beating herself up because she said she ate a lot. Haha, dia cakap kat asrama makan je kerja. Balik balik pun makan sebab dekat asrama tak sedap. -.- Tak faham buat faham.

Then, Asif came to kill time with us. He ate one doughnut and I wanted root beer but the line at A&W ridiculous. Burger King ran out of Coke (what even?) and so we went to GSC. My God, GSC smelled like vomit times a million. Damnnnnnnnnnn son, it smelt so bad, it was freakin unbearable. Gah. The things I go through for a Coke. :')

Went back by cab. And we hugged bye bye. Tak sempat siot nak pergi tanya about rock climbing kahkah, harapan ! Next time lah.

I summarized so much because I'm shit tired and I'm juggling so many sites at a time. Can't wait for New Moon on Tuesday. :)))))))))))))))) Hi Taylor Lautner, can you give me a hug ? K thanks.


Nothing Compares

  • Hooked with Empire State Of Mind. I'm biased with Alicia Keys.
  • Stoked that I can finally get a manicure. YES!
  • Kicking myself for not turning in early. Esok kena bangun awal. I hope to find good buys at Threadzoo. And I also hope to see you there ! 
  • My eyes are itching like crazy. Maybe JOEY has something to do with it because he was talking about it during +Maths tuition. 
  • Still not done with Time Travelers. Bapak slow gila ah, kalah siput babi.
  • Heartbroken. 
  • Obsessing over Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift. I think they're the cutest. Also, I'm crazy jealous because I love Lautner to shitzzzz.
  • Sooooooooooooooooooooo mengantuk k night.

Friday, December 4, 2009

My friend, Joey, does not like to read my blog because the fonts are too tiny so he simply skips to the pictures.. if any. And I know there are many more (MANY?) who agrees with him. 

I don't like lah big fonts. 

This is as big as big can go, my apologies.

Hehe k bye !

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

You Treat Me Just Like A Stranger

I'm back. 

  • Went to Penang on Thursday because Raya Haji was on the next day. 
  • Ate a lot. Nasi lunch and dinner k, wtf calories. 
  • Went to Hard Rock Hotel on Sunday. BEST GILA BABIIIIII. We got the Lagoon room which was so cool because dia kat ground floor so if we go out on the balcony, terus pool. Cool gila lah k please. Pagi pagi tak yah mandi, terus lompat pool dari bilik. Didn't go to the beach as often sebab panas macam gila. But some of them did go for Parasailing, there were 8 of us (excluding Amelia and Mia) so we went on the banana boat. Best gila babi lah, I was at the back sekali, scary shit. Tapi best gila ! Screamed all the way, I laughed like crazy sebab Tania was being so paranoid and scared and at one point when the boat stopped for a bit, she said "Ok, life check. Everyone still alive?" Was holding on to Mikhail for dear life. Crazy hilarious.
  • The hotel had The Beatles everywhere. They had statues and everything. I was expecting more Elvis tapi takde. They even had Jimi Hendrix's autograph framed outside of my room. And they had all the old records and the usual costumes hung. 
  • Siap ada Teens Club so ada lah foosball, snooker, Wii, and the internet. Best sangat, nak pergi lagi, tak puas duduk sekejap.
  • In conclusion, that was the best hotel experience I've had :') 
  • Had a trip back to memory lane and flipped through the million plus one pictures of us when we were small. Myra and I had the most photographs, one of the perks of being the first child. I brought some back with me to be framed. Photographs that make you smile = favourite.
Ok, hi.

Mama freaked because she claimed to have gained weight so she is adamant to enroll in a gym. But then again, my mum is notoriously known for procrastinating. I shall insist on going because I got flabs hidden, man. Burn baby burn ! 

My so called studying plan failed miserably. Was supposed to study Biology but after a page and a half, I gave up. Kata nak straight A's ? Ntahpape.