Monday, December 7, 2009

Pink Lips

Thank you Jan for waking me up at 830 hahahaha. 

Accomplishment sial seeing how I dozed off at 3 in the morning. But I took an hours nap by 12. Twas late for Kaveetha's potluck but oh well. Ate and caught up with everyone. I miss them ! Marc brought his baked fish. Damn, son. (Y)(Y) Buat malu je aku tak boleh masak haha.

Then, we decided to watch The Orphan. Cerita babi. Hahahaha. Damn shit lah k. Screamed a couple of times because horror movies and I, we don't exactly mix. But it was all good fun. We then watched some sick movie 'Fired Up'. It was funny, but also, sick. Like, Kaveetha's definition of sick. 

Then I went back and we went to Devi's. Naan <3

Eh best lah Omegle. Hahahahaha. Try it ! Chat with strangers and feel free to disconnect at any given time (which I do so often). 

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