Saturday, December 5, 2009


Ick I hate my palms. They're always so sweaty, making me uncomfortable bila nak salam ke apa.

So Tania woke me up at 10 because dia kan paranoid semacam, takut lambat pergi bazaar padahal pergi pukul 1. Anyway ! Mama dropped me off at Fatimah's and she was fresh out of the shower. Waited for her to be all made up and we walked to Shira's because her Dad was supposed to send us. But change of plans and Shira's parents were out and not coming til much later so we called the cab instead and excluding Shira, Fatimah and I went to the bazaar. I miss Shira to shitz ! I haven't seen her in ages, man. :') Was so good to see her and catch up on things. Cab came and we went. Sorry Dina ! Reached there and found my mum, Tania and Myra. Browsed around, for some reason I felt uncomfortable gila. Oh btw, first time k pergi Rasta *bangga jap. Hahahahahaha. Besar jugak, ingat kecik. Whatever. I think I went by everything once. Nothing caught my eye. Fatimah lapar sangat so she bought us cupcakes. And sebelah tu je ada Mimpi Murni and the lady was seriously baik, macam baik sangat yang tak sanggup kalau tak beli. So I did. Bah. Something I could have bought from Diva but like I said, dia baik gilaaaa ! Hahaha. So dragged my mum there and bought the butterfly necklace. Then, we went off 15 minutes later because it was either that or we would have to get a cab again. Which would set us back another couple of bucks. MAHAL sial. Wtf, Sri D is not that far from Rasta. 

Went to A&W because I was seriously craving for rootbeer. And had a waffle and a burger. Sedap gila wei wtf boleh termimpi haha. Then window shopped. Ouch, so painful. Bought a top from Forever 21. F21 dah lawa balik. Met Marissa there. :) Then we went to Topshop. Or was it the other way round ? K whatever. There's a prettier version of a top I own. Of course, much expensive but much prettier. But it had a tear, small one, but still. Thennnn we went to Cotton On, tried on a couple of things but didn't buy anything. Fatimah did, though. Went out to Zara while she tried on a couple of things. Damn lah, I hate the feeling when you find something you like and it's under your budget but you got a whole lot more to think about like cab fare and food. So, I came out empty handed. It's quite the norm for me now. Pokai gila.

OH ! Masa nak pergi bawah tu kan, I was from GSC, so kena turun escalator yang dekat MPH tu, terjumpa Asif kat the Back To School thing they always have outside of Parkson. HAHA. Bukan saja saja nak cari dia, aku takde masa -.- Then Fatimah and I walked endlessly. We were hungry so we settled on doughnuts at Big Apple. We ordered 5 different ones and experimented with each. Yang plain takde -.- I'm not big on doughnuts but figured we should do SOMETHING. Fatimah downed 2 of them and I none. Makan sikit sikit je. Fatimah was beating herself up because she said she ate a lot. Haha, dia cakap kat asrama makan je kerja. Balik balik pun makan sebab dekat asrama tak sedap. -.- Tak faham buat faham.

Then, Asif came to kill time with us. He ate one doughnut and I wanted root beer but the line at A&W ridiculous. Burger King ran out of Coke (what even?) and so we went to GSC. My God, GSC smelled like vomit times a million. Damnnnnnnnnnn son, it smelt so bad, it was freakin unbearable. Gah. The things I go through for a Coke. :')

Went back by cab. And we hugged bye bye. Tak sempat siot nak pergi tanya about rock climbing kahkah, harapan ! Next time lah.

I summarized so much because I'm shit tired and I'm juggling so many sites at a time. Can't wait for New Moon on Tuesday. :)))))))))))))))) Hi Taylor Lautner, can you give me a hug ? K thanks.


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