Friday, December 18, 2009


Got a text from Diyana inviting me for lunch so I happily obliged. Had the bigger than huge mushroom swiss burger and became so stuffed after that. I still am, in fact. Walked around like how we always do and settled on the ice castle thing downstairs. Channelled into our inner tourist and took pictures around there. There were small girls being their usual 5 year old self and being very enthusiastic about bubbles and were blowing them all around so Nikki bought a bottle. She blew bubbles all around OU which was fun because everyone be stoppin' and starin' at us, k ? Hahahaha. Went out to the bridge where we blew more bubbles and basically just walked everywhere, tourist self intact. Eventually, I was by myself and I met up with the boys at A&W. Pak Tok was at OU so met up with him and went around with Tania.

All in all, I had a good day :') THANKS sweets !


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