Friday, December 11, 2009

We Eat Fun For Breakfast

On December 9th, the whole 14 of us went to OU for an outing because Ila was going to fly off to Vietnam the next day. So there was Sarah, Dina, Ila, Aimi, Yus, Suraya, Me, Hafiz (Ismail), Hafeez, Hafiz (Rahim), Hakim (Shah Redza), Hakim (Wahid), Haris, Hanif. LAWAK GILA k masa main bowling, the boys lane semua initials H je hahahaha. 

So first, I went there early (sort of) for a trim. Then, met up with Sarah, Yus and Dina at GSC. Dah lupa dah how we met everyone else. Sarah wanted a plaster so we walked all the way to Watsons where Hakim (Shah) and Hafiz (Ismail) came to us. Buat mesyuarat agung depan the watch shop and contemplated on places for lunch. Decided on Fridays. So we went there and ordered. Then, everyone came. BEST. Macam rombongan tour. Tinggal colour coordinated tshirts with the flag je takde.

When the bill came, macam WTF APA KITORANG MAKAN and we spent a good amount of time collecting money from everyone and calculating. The usual. 

Then, we went to walk to the new wing where the boys then eventually went their separate ways and went to OSC. Heh. Met Jan and Ky there too. Went in the usual shops and Aimi and Ila got hungry so they went to get sandwiches. Went in to a couple of stores and had trouble deciding on bowling or karaoke-ing. I voted for bowling so majority won and bowling it was. The lady at the counter was being so rude. And the guy who handled the bowling alleys had like, red contacts, BAPAK SCARY MACAM SETAN ! Gah. Kalau brown ke apa boleh tahan lah, ni merah ? Wha- ? Played bowling and I got a spare :') But that's nothing compared to the boys who had 500+ points and us girls, at 100+. But I love bowling, even if I suck at it. 

Hakim jalan terus dengan bowling shoes hahahahaha. Lawak ah Wahid. 

Everyone started heading home and Sarah and I went to TGV with the boys because they want to watch another movie. They easily took 4 years deciding on what movie they want to watch -.- Lambat sangat so we said our byes and walked to the other end with Hakim (Shah), Hafiz (Ismail) and Hakim joined us later. Separated ways because Mama wanted to have tea at Delicious. I mean, seriously, who can say no to chocolate cake. Went to Zara later and met Sarah there again. Hoho. Hugged her bye for the second time when she went up to Cotton On to meet up with her cousin. 

The end ! Successful outing. And surprisingly, no one bailed ! (Y) Kena buat lagi.

Then on Thursday, Iman wanted to watch The Princess And The Frog and so I kept her company because my mum has given up watching animations with her and I'm old enough to bring her so I said yes.. because I'm a kick ass sister. We went there by 11 because there was a movie at 1:10 but it was full and the next best thing was the 3:20 show so we took that. Had a LOT of time to kill so we went for lunch at Chillies and kan, you get the kids meal free if you order an adult one. Iman took the adult meal and I took the kids. Hahaha. (y) But I ended up eating half of her big ass burger. MPH later and we spent time on stationaries. Bought those small coloured cards to do flash cards for Chemistry/Bio/Phys. :') Semangat gila hahaha tapi I haven't done anything. I want to buy the whole Stabilo (is it?) set THEN I can begin. Iman asked endlessly to play foosball and games at the arcade. I'm at blame because I suggested foos to her. In the end, tak main pun sebab macam dah lambat. I felt bad but hey ho.


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