Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Flew solo to OU yesterday and met a whole bunch of people. Bought myself Readers Digest (there's more to me than just fashion magazines *Holy shitz, that sounds like lyrics!) and settled in New York Deli. Ordered myself mushroom soup but it was crap. Nasib ada Coke to soothe it down. I ♥ Coca Cola. Then, Najihah called to ask where I am and we met up. Paid and left. I don't really recall what we did other than berangan pergi ___ pastu berangan main ____. Didn't bother going into shops because lagi sakit hati. I'm financially depressed and my mum is going to laugh uproariously if she reads this. Did the usual stuff ; took pictures. Went back like an hour later -.- But not before the highlight of our day ! :') Went to Chillis because Najihah had to bungkus some food back and we met Zahid. I'm a huge colossal bigger than anything fan of AF2 back in the day (<- wtf i'm only 16!), I mean serious case punya peminat. I did the whole compiling their tugasan songs and print out songs and hafal and the whole jazz. AF1, 2 and 3 were my favourite. The hype didn't last long for the 4th and so forth were a blur to me and I didn't like it at all. So yes, forgive us for being (a bit too much) star struck. Hehehe. Danial helped us by asking his permission and we giggled all the way.
He was nice though despite some rumours going on before saying he had a bit of an ego but I mean, honestly, who doesn't ? He even asked 'Makan sini ke?' Najihah pun gelabah, main taram je cakap Ha Ah padahal tak pun, take away je, dahlah Najihah pegang bag Chillis besar gedabak ada makanan dalam, tak ke kantoi tipu sebab tak tahu nak cakap apa lagi ?


Sent Najihah home and went backkkkkkkkkk.

Today I went to the SACC Mall in Shah Alam for lunch at Tok Aa's 'Teapot Cafe'. Ok, I was gambling about the cafe's name, I'm not sure about it. Hell. Fetched the 2 rascals from Aunty Nina's place and home we were. Wanted to spend the day in til my mum asked us out to the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra for some jazz camp performance. Had something to eat at Aseana and walked around. Strolled in Miu Miu, and fell in love with a black patent wallet with bright fuschia interior, lawa sangat :'( The jazz thing was good, the sound of the sax is indeed the sex. <3>

This is one hell of a lazy post.

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