Saturday, December 19, 2009

Here We Are

For some God foresaken reason, slept at 4 last night. Got a wake up call courtesy of mum and told us that my dad needs to get some things from Megamall and there'll be thai for food. My stomach did cartwheels I didn't know it could. It's an uncommon trip to go to Mid Valley so I leaped at the chance because well namely, the Amarin thai food I'm mad for. I haven't had my tongue scream bloody murder in a while now so lunch was satisfying. I mean, seriously, there's no saying no to the Pandan Leaves Chicken and sizzling beef. Walked to the usual stores and got some stuff. The times when my mum would actually tag along are the times when the stores I walk in have nothing to offer, like ZILCH. The times when my mum DOESN'T however, are the times when I want things. Funny how life works.

That was pretty much it. Came home and slept til 840. My sleeping time is so off, I'm actually quite concerned that by time school swings by, I'd have trouble waking up early. I CAN'T WAIT FOR SCHOOL (temporary insanity, excuse.).

Avatar got surprisingly good reviews so HMMMMMM who wants to catch a movie with me ? School is drawing near and.. I really don't give a damn.


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