Sunday, May 28, 2017

Quick Snaps #1

A pictorial version of Quick Chats. In case you didn't already get that.

_ _ _ _

1    I D O L 
_ _ _ _

As I've mentioned before, I don't usually follow influencers because I like to have my Instagram as personal as possible - so as to only see photos of friends and family only.

But one local style influencer I absolutely love is Sri Azni. She's #stylegoals.

We had a styling event the other day at the Bangsar store and she came. I was manning the registration table and so when I saw her, I was so star-struck. She's beautiful, you guys!! Like really pretty and was just the absolute sweetest. I was sorta afraid of going to these events (not that I had a choice...) because fashion people, in a lot of ways, scare me. And it's basically like going to a party where you know absolute nobody else except for the host.

But anyway, I took a photo with her because I couldn't suppress the fangirl in me. And she is just the nicest being ever!!!! Like super smiley and super kind. I love her feed because she looks incredibly effortless in literally whatever she wears and she pulls it off!! All!! The!! Time!!

But I was more awed as to how nice she was, like so soft-spoken and sweet. One of the better parts of working in fashion is you get to meet social influencers you've always admired so here's my first and hopefully to many more! 

_ _ _ _

2    B T S
_ _ _ _

I love K-Pop but you know who I love most in K-Pop?


I can sit you down for an hour or two to tell you all about them and count all the ways why I love them. But for the sake of this post, I won't. Maybe next time. But basically they're one of the hottest and most popular boy group in the k-pop scene now. They were the case of zero to 100 real quick - came from a very small company and is now the biggest thing in k-pop. And I just really love them.

And recently they got invited to the Billboard Music Awards. If you don't know how big of a deal that is, let me scale it for ya. They're the first ever Asian group, first ever k-pop group to be invited, to be nominated and to win! First! Ever! News articles have called them the best thing ever since Psy. They won the Top Social Artist award and that was decided by fan votes. Other nominees include Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber and freakin' Rihanna. All previous years, Justin Bieber won, no question. So for a k-pop group to win from the Biebs himself?????? K-pop makes you feel funny things and when they won, I was just the happiest and cheeriest girl in the office. Smiling from ear to ear kinda happy.

AWWWWW!!! Don't this make you smile? No? Just me? When they won big at last year's Korean music award shows, I was crying from happiness ok!!! So over but these are MY BOYS!!! Breaking barriers right, left, centre, this BTS!!! To represent Asia at the Billboards is a pretty damn huge deal! 

_ _ _ _

3    M Y  # 1 
_ _ _ _

My grandfather still goes around calling me his number one cucu. Not in the order of sayang but in like, literal order. I'm his first grandchild! He still has the most precious photo of me and him in his office and one of me in his lap and that's my favourite photo ever. I love my grandfather, he's one of my favourite people ever in life.

And one of the things we share in common is this!

We have a straight line across our palms! It doesn't sound like an awfully big deal but it is to me. He's always shown it to me and have always admired in since I was a little girl. We were out for dinner together the other day and I reminded him of it and he was so excited about it again. Sigh, this old man is just the most precious. May Allah bless him! I have the best Pak Tok ever and that's Allah's blessing to me, alhamdulillah!

_ _ _ _

4    I M A N  G O E S  T O  C O L L E G E
_ _ _ _

Iman's home now for a whole week! And all in great timing because she's home to start off Ramadhan with us. I've missed her but she don't look like she missed me hahaha. I'm happy that she loves where she's at and that she's getting along with her roommates. Can't wait for her to start classes (previous week was a week-long orientation) and really begin her college life. I loved mine like crazy so I hope she does too.

"This is my number one essential"

This was when she was about to leave, packing her things into the car. She also dreaded the baju kurung, saying "This baju kurung is just too much effort, man". Effort kat mana entah lah.

_ _ _ _

5    K G B  W I T H  F R I E N D S
_ _ _ _

Dinner date with Amal, Nans, Anis and Q! We had good burgers at KGB. This was a week before Amal went back to Canada. It's always so, so fun meeting these girls and talking and laughing and catching up. And I was really pleased we all got to meet Amal again before she flies to Ottawa. Love the girl!!!!! Hi Amal, I know you're reading, bud. Can't wait for you to start the new chapter in your life. Excited for you and for this new adventure you're about to embark. And in a new place at that! Somewhere I can know lah at least what time is what time. Hahaha.


Ok I'm about to continue watching Suspicious Partner! SO GOOOOOD!! I've never watched Ji Chang Wook in anything but he's incredibly charming and incredibly swoon-y in this so I'm loving every episode.

Selamat berpuasa, berbuka and bersahur everyone! 


Friday, May 26, 2017

Quick Chats #2

Yay second round!

_ _ _ _

1    G L A S S E S
_ _ _ _

I really would love to buy a pair of glasses that are prescription-less. I just want them for the sake of style. And before you say anything else or roll your eyes, I've actually wanted to wear one from when I was young. So I'm not like, entirely swayed by current trends. When I was younger, I would voluntarily go for those free eye tests at shops while I wait for my mum to get her lenses prescribed and it would always be the same result -

"OK, good, no problem, 20/20"

Which obviously I'm very grateful for because who doesn't cheer for good health, right? So I never wore glasses (and neither have any of my siblings actually, we're all blessed with good vision from my dad, he still doesn't need to wear one and he's already 58). But I REALLY WANT ONE!!! The more grandmother it looks, the more I want it. Can't seem to find any that I like.

I'm also really really thinking of getting a Gentle Monster piece. Like the aviator, coloured-lenses one. But I'm an annoying snob and I really want to get my first one when I go to Seoul next because I want to get the full experience of going to their ├╝ber cool concept stores and actually coming out of the store with a new purchase. I'm not planning to go to Seoul this year but hopefully next Spring! 

_ _ _ _

2    I M A N
_ _ _ _

This is a quick update for those who know me. My youngest sister, Iman, has left for college!!! :(((( Yes! My youngest sister who you've all probably seen if you're on my Insta/Snapchat. 

She is now in a college about an hour an a half from here and no, it's not KY. But a boarding college, nonetheless. 

I didn't get to send her there because I had granddaughter duties at home. I didn't cry if that's what you're asking. Because I'll be seeing her again tomorrow when she comes back for the whole week. The house gets awfully quiet and it's not because Iman was always chitchatting at home and making a racket but because I usually look for her after work and lepak in her room for a bit before I go back to my own room. Now, I don't have anyoneeeeeee *wails, kicks, cries*. 4 years ago, I was lonely because I was the only one away and now I'm the only one home. Sighhh. I actually thanked my mum the other day, "Thanks for having more kids after me".

I miss my siblings! Can't wait to have everyone home again!

_ _ _ _

3    K O R E A N  L A N G U A G E
_ _ _ _

So I've posted a video, once or twice, of me speaking in Korean. I don't think I'm all that good because I still struggle to come up with full sentences at the top of my head. My idea of being fluent at a language is just participating in a conversation without having to spend like 5 minutes thinking of what to say next. I'm not there yet.

But I totally understand now when people say "They can understand a language but can't speak it". I used to be quite confused because duh, if you can understand something, surely you know how to speak it. Wrong. People say immersion is the best teacher and I think I agree. I've not been in a situation where I am surrounded by Korean speakers (though I'd love to but the thought of it is already quite nerve wrecking) so my rate of learning is just a lot slower than people who go for actual classes and surround themselves with eager Korean learners.

I'm actually still actively trying to find a class to participate, an after-work or a weekend curricular kinda thing, but they're soooo expensive. And I'd have to sit for an actual exam which really is what's putting me off the whole thing. But if any of you know of any language academies around Damansara, let me know please!

But I think with me, my 'classes' and idea of 'immersion' is through watching Korean shows. If you've seen any, you'd know they're pretty generous with Korean subtitles and written narration and all I do really, is screenshot and write them down in a book. I've probably already said this but someone asked me how I have become so fluent (I'm not) and this is how I learn... kinda. So that way, I've become more fluent in conversational day-to-day Korean. And it's slang. I also have like a million and one Tumblr pages dedicated to just learning Korean so that helps too!

I tried learning Japanese the other day but man, too much. Korean in comparison is just a hell lot easier to understand and learn. Took me half an hour to get the Korean alphabet down. *blows nails*

_ _ _ _

4    F I G H T  M Y  W A Y
_ _ _ _

So this is a Korean drama and I've been waiting for it for SO LONG. It stars Park Seo Joon and he's like one of my favourite actors since I first watched him on She Was Pretty and I've been swooning over him ever since.

When I heard he was about to lead a new drama, I was already SO on board. His previous one, Hwarang, was... meh. I mean, I've probably raved about it once or twice here but I was more blinded by the men in that show than the actual storyline. And it fizzled out quickly for a lot of different reasons. Mainly because they lost the plot and they forgot the leading lady by the end of it. After Hwarang, I think I can pretty much conclude that old saeguk dramas (period dramas) are just not my thing. 

But anyway, Seo Joon's leading lady in this is the beautiful Kim Ji Won who played Rachel in The Heirs and was the second lead actress in Descendants of the Sun. I've always thought she looked like she could handle a whole drama on her own as the main actress so I'm glad she finally got the chance to and WITH PARK SEO JOON AT THAT!!! The chemistry!!! Is!!! So!!! On!!!

It's only 2 episodes in but I love how refreshingly real this show is. It's a show about 4 friends leading very normal, subpar lives. Most Korean dramas tend to explore more on the very poor or the very rich but this one's just about average middle-class people who are doing mundane jobs while still having very real yet very far-fetched dreams. It's also a friends-to-lovers drama and you know I love me some friends-to-lovers drama. It's been so long since I was excited for a drama so I can't help but have high hopes for this one!

_ _ _ _

5    Y O U T U B E  x  P O D C A S T
_ _ _ _

I've been playing with the idea of making more Youtube videos in my spare time and learn more about video-making and all that jazz. I want to wait for Tania to come home because well, she has the camera. I have severe second-hand embarrassment from my OWN videos so I don't know why I'm even thinking of being Youtube active. At a recent event, someone I just met mentioned my Korean vlogs and how she loved them and that she based off her Korea trip on our video. Or that's what I think she said because I was too flustered and didn't hear what she actually said.

But I'm thinking of being more active on media in that sense. A friend of mine, Dayana, made this wonderful podcast and I'm so jealous how good she is at it. I'm nowhere the speaker she is and I don't have a great recording voice but I really would LOVE to try podcasts too. I need to organise my thoughts on this and get back on it soon. I also really need to start saving up for a quality camera hahah


Didn't think I'd have much to talk about but hey, what do you know? I was in bed all day today although it's a working day. I actually did go to the office this morning but decided to leave about an hour and a half in because my period cramps got so bad that I got a headache out of it. Went to the clinic and she gave me some painkillers and my mc for the day. Came home and tossed and turned in bed. ALL DAY! And I'm still in pain and it's already closing on midnight. I have cramps every now and then but today was especially bad. Won't be able to fast for the first few days of Ramadhan but that's not going to stop me from waking up for sahur hehe.

Have a wonderful month of berpuasa, everyone!! Weather has been pretty unforgivingly hot these past few weeks so make sure you get in your appropriate water intake everyday so as to not be dehydrated in the day. And to not makan so gelojoh ok, we still want to look nice in our baja raya so let's try to ease up on the food for buka. Makan tu makan but don't overbuy and overeat. It's all about moderation this month! 

I'm excited to puasa actually because I didn't get to do that at home last year so I'm excited that it's not like a 21 hour fast anymore. 

See you in my next post!


Saturday, May 13, 2017

My first fashion show

I feel great.

I'm writing this at 12:29 pm and it's a Saturday. I've already swept the floor of my side of the house (people who've been to my place would know what this means), vacuumed, changed the bed sheets, did laundry, showered, and all fuelled by my routine glass of lemon water. Damn. I feel great. I love having not do anything and wake up late and just laze in bed - I'm all for that life but nothing better than seeing your carpets cleaned, floors spic and span and have brand new sheets to sleep on. And I smell like like lavender from my body soap. Already a great Saturday.

I'm skilled at putting things off but I was so rimas with my room that I just kinda threw myself to cleaning mode. Once I get in the mood, my mind just goes into overdrive and I'm just telling myself "You might as well do that while you're at it" at... everything. But like showering, it takes me ages to get in that headspace. But once I'm there, best bet I'll be doing everything.

I brought some work home because I have to present something to the director of the company. Who's actually very, very nice and meetings with him is very fruitful and fun for me because I learn a lot. I have to prep on what I want to say and my ideas and opinions and provide him with options on what we can offer as a brand. I've already used up my energy quota for today so maybe I'll do it tomorrow.

Yesterday, I attended my first fashion show! It was for Mimpikita's raya collection. I swooned all throughout the show. I wasn't sitting first row - I was at third. My fashion show partner, Raissa, developed a spinning headache just right before we had dinner and she had to go to the loo to puke twice! I know that feeling very well so I tried to accommodate as best I can. Headaches always seem to happen at just the oddest of times. I remember my one really bad headache and I think I was about 7? 8? and it happened on the night of my birthday party at Twinkles. Do you all remember Twinkles??? Wonder why they don't have that anymore. Anyway, it was disastrous. I had my head down the whole time - I don't even remember blowing out the cake because I was just really, really not feeling well. I didn't play with my friends nor did I even speak to anyone because I felt so nauseous. Sucks because it was TWINKLES???? You don't have always have your birthdays at TWINKLES!!!!

But guess when I felt better?

The morning after. I rushed downstairs to open my presents and I remember asking myself "How the hell did I get instantly 100% better after one night of sleep???".

I digress.

Anyway, fashion show was great but I felt so out of place. And it's because most of these fashion shows, people go in like groups of 3-4 or even more. And they're dressed to the nines. I came right after work so we're talking like, 9 hours of worn make-up and messy hair (thisclose to bringing my hair dryer and finding a working plug to re-do my hair). I wore a white short-sleeved shirt under a sparkly little crop top and flared pants. The pants made it work, I think. Flared anything puts a bit of drama in an outfit, I think. I just topped up some glitter on my lids and reapplied lipstick. And!! I had some really good aglio olio at Farenheit 600 and it was cili padi and garlic galore so I smelled of that. I know right? Attractive is my nickname.

But the collection was beautiful and the detailing was immaculate. Especially the bespoke one. Mimpikita has always been one of the local brands I've always liked in terms of their tailoring, their bridal wear and their more exclusive bespoke line. I don't have a boyfriend yet but let's be all rest assured that I'll be having a Mimpikita wedding dress.

I just had a fulfilling lunch at Mimpi Muor (it's at KD, Google it and thank me later! So sedap!) and I'm back to my habitat. In a fortress of pillows and fresh sheets. So ready to take my evening nap and it looks like it's about to pour and my heart *sings* for rain-accompanied sleep time.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Quick chats #1

Hi! Time for quick chats*

*my solution to quick and easy blogging. I always stress myself out from writing a post of just one topic. Then I thought I'd just cram in a lot of the things in one post. So... basically, what I've been doing all this while lah. 

_ _ _ _

 1    G l o s s i e r   s u n s c r e e n

_ _ _ _

Help me, God. I love this brand. I haven't actually gotten anything from them because they only exclusively ship to the US & Puerto Rico and I'm a lazy shopper and can't be bothered to do all the registering-a-US-mail-address-and-have-it-sent-over jazz. It's just a lot of work for a lip balm. Albeit a pretty great one.

But when you love a brand without physically purchasing a product, isn't that just great advocacy right there? I'm essentially vouching for a brand I've never ever tried. It defies the laws of the traditional customer experience journey which goes something like 'you buy first, you decide whether you like or dislike it, and then shape a fair and sound judgment around it'. But this is when a brand with a great marketing strategy can challenge that theory. I'm so attracted to the overall aesthetic of the brand, their stories, their photos, their packaging, their creative direction, everything! And without even trying anything from them. It's actually so inspiring to see. I'm not a brand (... yet) but man, I'd be smart to take notes from Glossier. It's difficult to lift from the entrepreneurial grounds when you're selling skincare - a commodity that doesn't show results 'til waaaaay past purchase date. They do make-up too but their brand motto is skin first so they're really emphasising on that.

I've named this part 'Glossier sunscreen' because they're about to blow the water (see? customer advocacy EXHIBIT A!!!) with a highly anticipated sunscreen. No one actively goes out to buy sunscreen as much as they do for their other skincare or make-up products so for me to be looking forward to this release is pretty phenomenal marketing on Glossier's end. 

_ _ _ _

 2   K n o w i n g  B r o t h e r s

_ _ _ _

Korean variety show fans, let me just say, 'Knowing Brothers' is all that I've been watching. Haven't gotten around to Running Man (and it's new members), 2 Days 1 Night, not even Infinity Challenge. But when I see a new episode of KB, you best bet that's what I'm definitely, definitely going to do for the next hour. Don't even fight me on it! 

It's hilarious! Brings me back to my good ol' Running Man days where I'd spend hours just glued to my laptop screen. Bad for the skin and eyes but oh so good for my heart and soul. I'm only just gearing up to watching every episode but I've been catching with the later ones first. They couldn't have gotten a better panel of members on the show because they work so well together. The chemistry is like no other!! And it's so refreshing because of the interview concept of the show.

So basically : It's a classroom concept. There's 7 of them, all different but all with great sense of humour. So they have guests every week and they come in as an 'exchange student' and they have to come to the front of the class and introduce themselves and then go on to play a game of 'Guess!' where they set a question of a fact about themselves but leave the members to guess what it is. Sounds really plain and simple but it's SO funny ok I know I've been saying 'funny' like a million times already but it really is. 

Maybe I've just grown so accustomed to the Korean sense of humour that it is only just funny to me? Idk but thought I'd list it here in my random chats.

- - - -

3   S p o n s o r s h i p s

- - - -

I hardly, hardly follow any social influencers on my Instagram. I would see them on my Explore page but I don't actually follow them. To keep it pretty short and sweet, I like to follow people for people and not for brands. I'd be more favourable towards opinions on brands when people aren't paid to do a post on them. There was an article some time ago where local celebrities had to pull an endorsement they did on something health-related after finding out that it was a phoney. Attach your name to something you truly, honestly believe in. Build your identity and your image and stay true to it. Don't let money falter that. 

- - - -

4   L e m o n  W a t e r

- - - -

So I've been getting into the habit of drinking lemon water first thing in the morning. Like, really. FIRST FIRST FIRST thing in the morning. Even if I'm late, I still down a whole tall glass of lemon water. I drink it warm and here's what I think about it.

In terms of skin, I don't see the great effect just yet but I trust it will because I mean, it could be me succumbing to the placebo effect but I'd like to think the stubborn pimple scar on my left cheek has reduced in darkness oh so slightly. Hope this isn't me jinxing it!!

And in terms of weight loss... guys I just found your new cardio equivalent (ok sorry I take it back for all exercise enthusiasts). I've lost like 3kg (!!!) from this. I started about a week and a half ago...? And I've lost 3 kilos! I'm also trying to limit rice intake to one meal in 2 days. So if I have nasi lemak for morning today, I can't have rice for any other meals til the day after tomorrow. That could be contributing to my weight loss but I've had cheat days for that and I've been pretty loyal with my lemon water so I'd like to think it's more of that than me not eating much rice because I eat pretty much the same amount of carbs and calories anyway as substitute. 

3 kilos, guys!!! 

- - - -

5   P u b l i c  h o l i d a y  b l i s s

- - - -

I was telling my mum the other day that a 3 day weekend is perfect. You get 3 late nights and by the time you hit the third day, you're fully energised (and even sometimes a bit bored) so you're ready to go and be productive at work. We're too far in the times to introduce and implement a 3 day weekend but I'm just really happy and glad that we're made up of so many races and cultures that we have the bliss of having so many public holidays in a year. 

People say "It's encouraging laziness and unproductiveness". Have you seen the way some of my friends work? Super late nights and super early morning and working all weekend on top of all that. I don't know who y'all hang out with but the kids I'm with are hardworking and productive people so a public holiday every so often won't hurt. Especially because it's used up more to rest and visit family (balik kampung for long weekends) and spending time with your loved ones. It's fine, I advocate it. Stress less, love more kinda thing.

- - - -

6   B e i n g   f i n a n c i a l l y  r e s p o n s i b l e

- - - -

I'm living with my parents (like every other unmarried Asian kid) and the car I drive to work is not mine, I don't pay when we go out for meals, nor do I pay for bills for the electricity, water and WiFi. 
I lucked out on two things ; being an Asian and being my parents daughter. 

Now that I've started working and getting my own pay, something I've never had before, I try to be a bit more financially responsible. I've been planning on going on holiday trips and concerts and all I'm really thinking is, "Ok shit I need to save this much and this much so that I can get to spend that much and that much". Before this it was all my mum and her generosity.

Even with personal shopping. I have a list of things I'd like to buy such as the electric blue tunic from Zara and the galactic-themed earrings from Lovisa and IOPE's essence (that costs RM250 btw wtf is skincare even) but I'm restrained so much financially. I probably can still buy it but I think more than just twice now. I think about 200 times before paying. 

I'll admit - it feels a bit liberating to be so restrained from shopping. As ironic and strange as that sounds. Before this it was more of a "How do I justify this to Mama?" and now it's "RM200 for a blouse???? Forget it!!!!! You can feed mouths with RM200!!!!!!".

I'm telling you, guys. I'm an adult now. A responsible, RM200-richer, adult who's saving for the greater good*.

*holidaying and going for K-Pop concerts, holllaaaaa