Saturday, May 13, 2017

My first fashion show

I feel great.

I'm writing this at 12:29 pm and it's a Saturday. I've already swept the floor of my side of the house (people who've been to my place would know what this means), vacuumed, changed the bed sheets, did laundry, showered, and all fuelled by my routine glass of lemon water. Damn. I feel great. I love having not do anything and wake up late and just laze in bed - I'm all for that life but nothing better than seeing your carpets cleaned, floors spic and span and have brand new sheets to sleep on. And I smell like like lavender from my body soap. Already a great Saturday.

I'm skilled at putting things off but I was so rimas with my room that I just kinda threw myself to cleaning mode. Once I get in the mood, my mind just goes into overdrive and I'm just telling myself "You might as well do that while you're at it" at... everything. But like showering, it takes me ages to get in that headspace. But once I'm there, best bet I'll be doing everything.

I brought some work home because I have to present something to the director of the company. Who's actually very, very nice and meetings with him is very fruitful and fun for me because I learn a lot. I have to prep on what I want to say and my ideas and opinions and provide him with options on what we can offer as a brand. I've already used up my energy quota for today so maybe I'll do it tomorrow.

Yesterday, I attended my first fashion show! It was for Mimpikita's raya collection. I swooned all throughout the show. I wasn't sitting first row - I was at third. My fashion show partner, Raissa, developed a spinning headache just right before we had dinner and she had to go to the loo to puke twice! I know that feeling very well so I tried to accommodate as best I can. Headaches always seem to happen at just the oddest of times. I remember my one really bad headache and I think I was about 7? 8? and it happened on the night of my birthday party at Twinkles. Do you all remember Twinkles??? Wonder why they don't have that anymore. Anyway, it was disastrous. I had my head down the whole time - I don't even remember blowing out the cake because I was just really, really not feeling well. I didn't play with my friends nor did I even speak to anyone because I felt so nauseous. Sucks because it was TWINKLES???? You don't have always have your birthdays at TWINKLES!!!!

But guess when I felt better?

The morning after. I rushed downstairs to open my presents and I remember asking myself "How the hell did I get instantly 100% better after one night of sleep???".

I digress.

Anyway, fashion show was great but I felt so out of place. And it's because most of these fashion shows, people go in like groups of 3-4 or even more. And they're dressed to the nines. I came right after work so we're talking like, 9 hours of worn make-up and messy hair (thisclose to bringing my hair dryer and finding a working plug to re-do my hair). I wore a white short-sleeved shirt under a sparkly little crop top and flared pants. The pants made it work, I think. Flared anything puts a bit of drama in an outfit, I think. I just topped up some glitter on my lids and reapplied lipstick. And!! I had some really good aglio olio at Farenheit 600 and it was cili padi and garlic galore so I smelled of that. I know right? Attractive is my nickname.

But the collection was beautiful and the detailing was immaculate. Especially the bespoke one. Mimpikita has always been one of the local brands I've always liked in terms of their tailoring, their bridal wear and their more exclusive bespoke line. I don't have a boyfriend yet but let's be all rest assured that I'll be having a Mimpikita wedding dress.

I just had a fulfilling lunch at Mimpi Muor (it's at KD, Google it and thank me later! So sedap!) and I'm back to my habitat. In a fortress of pillows and fresh sheets. So ready to take my evening nap and it looks like it's about to pour and my heart *sings* for rain-accompanied sleep time.

Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. OMG Nadia I was wondering the other day what the name of that party place was with the star that was so damn fun.....Twinkles. Friggin loved it. Thank you for bringing me back to the funnest times in life for a few seconds there. I'm so sorry for 7 year old Nadia, getting sick during your own Twinkles birthday party is the absolute worst and I'm feeling so much remorse rn hahahahahaha.

    1. Right ??? Twinkles kut ??? I missed out on a what could've been a raaager party.