Friday, May 26, 2017

Quick Chats #2

Yay second round!

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1    G L A S S E S
_ _ _ _

I really would love to buy a pair of glasses that are prescription-less. I just want them for the sake of style. And before you say anything else or roll your eyes, I've actually wanted to wear one from when I was young. So I'm not like, entirely swayed by current trends. When I was younger, I would voluntarily go for those free eye tests at shops while I wait for my mum to get her lenses prescribed and it would always be the same result -

"OK, good, no problem, 20/20"

Which obviously I'm very grateful for because who doesn't cheer for good health, right? So I never wore glasses (and neither have any of my siblings actually, we're all blessed with good vision from my dad, he still doesn't need to wear one and he's already 58). But I REALLY WANT ONE!!! The more grandmother it looks, the more I want it. Can't seem to find any that I like.

I'm also really really thinking of getting a Gentle Monster piece. Like the aviator, coloured-lenses one. But I'm an annoying snob and I really want to get my first one when I go to Seoul next because I want to get the full experience of going to their über cool concept stores and actually coming out of the store with a new purchase. I'm not planning to go to Seoul this year but hopefully next Spring! 

_ _ _ _

2    I M A N
_ _ _ _

This is a quick update for those who know me. My youngest sister, Iman, has left for college!!! :(((( Yes! My youngest sister who you've all probably seen if you're on my Insta/Snapchat. 

She is now in a college about an hour an a half from here and no, it's not KY. But a boarding college, nonetheless. 

I didn't get to send her there because I had granddaughter duties at home. I didn't cry if that's what you're asking. Because I'll be seeing her again tomorrow when she comes back for the whole week. The house gets awfully quiet and it's not because Iman was always chitchatting at home and making a racket but because I usually look for her after work and lepak in her room for a bit before I go back to my own room. Now, I don't have anyoneeeeeee *wails, kicks, cries*. 4 years ago, I was lonely because I was the only one away and now I'm the only one home. Sighhh. I actually thanked my mum the other day, "Thanks for having more kids after me".

I miss my siblings! Can't wait to have everyone home again!

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3    K O R E A N  L A N G U A G E
_ _ _ _

So I've posted a video, once or twice, of me speaking in Korean. I don't think I'm all that good because I still struggle to come up with full sentences at the top of my head. My idea of being fluent at a language is just participating in a conversation without having to spend like 5 minutes thinking of what to say next. I'm not there yet.

But I totally understand now when people say "They can understand a language but can't speak it". I used to be quite confused because duh, if you can understand something, surely you know how to speak it. Wrong. People say immersion is the best teacher and I think I agree. I've not been in a situation where I am surrounded by Korean speakers (though I'd love to but the thought of it is already quite nerve wrecking) so my rate of learning is just a lot slower than people who go for actual classes and surround themselves with eager Korean learners.

I'm actually still actively trying to find a class to participate, an after-work or a weekend curricular kinda thing, but they're soooo expensive. And I'd have to sit for an actual exam which really is what's putting me off the whole thing. But if any of you know of any language academies around Damansara, let me know please!

But I think with me, my 'classes' and idea of 'immersion' is through watching Korean shows. If you've seen any, you'd know they're pretty generous with Korean subtitles and written narration and all I do really, is screenshot and write them down in a book. I've probably already said this but someone asked me how I have become so fluent (I'm not) and this is how I learn... kinda. So that way, I've become more fluent in conversational day-to-day Korean. And it's slang. I also have like a million and one Tumblr pages dedicated to just learning Korean so that helps too!

I tried learning Japanese the other day but man, too much. Korean in comparison is just a hell lot easier to understand and learn. Took me half an hour to get the Korean alphabet down. *blows nails*

_ _ _ _

4    F I G H T  M Y  W A Y
_ _ _ _

So this is a Korean drama and I've been waiting for it for SO LONG. It stars Park Seo Joon and he's like one of my favourite actors since I first watched him on She Was Pretty and I've been swooning over him ever since.

When I heard he was about to lead a new drama, I was already SO on board. His previous one, Hwarang, was... meh. I mean, I've probably raved about it once or twice here but I was more blinded by the men in that show than the actual storyline. And it fizzled out quickly for a lot of different reasons. Mainly because they lost the plot and they forgot the leading lady by the end of it. After Hwarang, I think I can pretty much conclude that old saeguk dramas (period dramas) are just not my thing. 

But anyway, Seo Joon's leading lady in this is the beautiful Kim Ji Won who played Rachel in The Heirs and was the second lead actress in Descendants of the Sun. I've always thought she looked like she could handle a whole drama on her own as the main actress so I'm glad she finally got the chance to and WITH PARK SEO JOON AT THAT!!! The chemistry!!! Is!!! So!!! On!!!

It's only 2 episodes in but I love how refreshingly real this show is. It's a show about 4 friends leading very normal, subpar lives. Most Korean dramas tend to explore more on the very poor or the very rich but this one's just about average middle-class people who are doing mundane jobs while still having very real yet very far-fetched dreams. It's also a friends-to-lovers drama and you know I love me some friends-to-lovers drama. It's been so long since I was excited for a drama so I can't help but have high hopes for this one!

_ _ _ _

5    Y O U T U B E  x  P O D C A S T
_ _ _ _

I've been playing with the idea of making more Youtube videos in my spare time and learn more about video-making and all that jazz. I want to wait for Tania to come home because well, she has the camera. I have severe second-hand embarrassment from my OWN videos so I don't know why I'm even thinking of being Youtube active. At a recent event, someone I just met mentioned my Korean vlogs and how she loved them and that she based off her Korea trip on our video. Or that's what I think she said because I was too flustered and didn't hear what she actually said.

But I'm thinking of being more active on media in that sense. A friend of mine, Dayana, made this wonderful podcast and I'm so jealous how good she is at it. I'm nowhere the speaker she is and I don't have a great recording voice but I really would LOVE to try podcasts too. I need to organise my thoughts on this and get back on it soon. I also really need to start saving up for a quality camera hahah


Didn't think I'd have much to talk about but hey, what do you know? I was in bed all day today although it's a working day. I actually did go to the office this morning but decided to leave about an hour and a half in because my period cramps got so bad that I got a headache out of it. Went to the clinic and she gave me some painkillers and my mc for the day. Came home and tossed and turned in bed. ALL DAY! And I'm still in pain and it's already closing on midnight. I have cramps every now and then but today was especially bad. Won't be able to fast for the first few days of Ramadhan but that's not going to stop me from waking up for sahur hehe.

Have a wonderful month of berpuasa, everyone!! Weather has been pretty unforgivingly hot these past few weeks so make sure you get in your appropriate water intake everyday so as to not be dehydrated in the day. And to not makan so gelojoh ok, we still want to look nice in our baja raya so let's try to ease up on the food for buka. Makan tu makan but don't overbuy and overeat. It's all about moderation this month! 

I'm excited to puasa actually because I didn't get to do that at home last year so I'm excited that it's not like a 21 hour fast anymore. 

See you in my next post!



  1. I can relate SO MUCH to wanting to wear glasses. As a kid, I remembered watching the TV super up close in hopes that my vision will get poor. so useless haha.

  2. Aiman, where ar eyou on my Twitter-sphere!!!!! Hahaha I don't think I did that because I got told off but remembered rubbing my eyes and whenever it got a bit blurry I was convinced I needed glasses. Over!! Hahahaha anyway, selamat berpuasa!!!

  3. Hahahahahaha man the glasses thing.....same. I really wanted them as a child and now that I actually need them for reading far purposes....well, I don't like the idea of having to be dependent on a piece of plastic.

    Oooh I would love to see what videos/podcasts you come up with gurl, I'm already a fan.

    1. Errr so I actually did manage to get a pair from Zara last weekend. Haven't worn it out yet because... shy. Hahahah

      And thanks girl, always cheering me on. Lambat lagi kut videos/podcasts - I'll wait for yours first hehe