Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bored on a Saturday. But then again, what else is new ?

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ahoy McAvoy

I can't wait for college and I sound like a broken record because I say it all the time now!

But seriously now, I cannot wait !!! I'm in the process of getting ready for college like shopping for things and stuff. That's pretty much it......

I've watched X-Men and I freaking love it !!!!!!!!!!!!! James McAvoy is my favouriteeeee. And not just because of X-Men, mind you. I've loved him since I watched Becoming Jane and I'm aware that wasn't his first movie or whatever but still ! I luv him and his Scottish self <3

I'm just a sucker for boys with accents. I used to have this major obsession with Robert Pattinson and now with Andrew Garfield and James McAvoy. I just love them !!!!!!! And y'all probably are sick of me saying this and have probably exited this page but oh whutevah.

Ok bye now.

I shall grace this blog with a lovely photo of James. BECAUSE I CAN.


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Red Indian

That is btw a feathered headpiece I got from Diva.

Hi everyone !

Sorry for the lack of blog posts this month. Been busy converting oxygen to carbon dioxide all friggin day.

Was in Penang for a week plus since it was the school holidays. Back to school for you lot ! Wow.. that felt good.
As always, Penang was good. I want to say 'relaxing' but that would kinda be like the norm for me even here in KL so really, it was just like home. Are you even understanding cause I'm not really getting myself...
Ate a LOT of rice. On some days, I'd eat rice all 3 meals a day ! Which is kinda gross but too good to pass up !!! So ok.

I'm kinda excited for college to start. Been so bored at home, I just feel like doing something productive.

I've been pretty much occupied watching TV shows (latest obsession ? Castle) on my laptop. Most of my friends are either busy with college or already in university so it's quite difficult for me to meet up with all of them so that's quite horrible :{ I miss them ! I miss high school.

Hm....... I've watched Pirates Of The Carribean and probably was most fascinated with the mermaids. I've always wanted to be one. Girls were all 'I wanna be a princess!' 'I wanna be a doctor' (<- ikr?!) but I'm all 'Um.. I wanna be like Ariel'.

And now, I can't wait for Harry Potter and Transformers.

Ok end of post because it got too boring.