Thursday, April 30, 2015

April Favourites

I've finally some time to breathe!

Been busy with my coursework over the past week and then exams. I just finished one paper and my next one isn't until the 15th so I've got myself some 'me' time before I start studying again.

April is coming to an end and I didn't get to do my March favourites just 'cause I was busy then and didn't have time to come around and write one.

So here are some of my favourite April things!


EXO. I'm going to save you the trouble of having to read through my fangirl spaz and have that saved for another blog post kihkih.

That's all I've been listening to this whole month to be quite honest so yeah. End.

Movies & TV Shows

Big Hero 6! I love this movie! I think the only way to describe the movie is that it is just so so cool. And for those who've not watched it, thinking, 'How cool can a animated feature be?'.

Watch it and you'll know what I mean. I literally just went, "Wowwwwww how cool!!!????" throughout the movie. Hahahaha I really have no other way to describe the movie.

Haven't had the chance to keep up with any of the TV shows and I'm so annoyed at myself because I know they've all had their season finale (... right?) and some dumb fools have still yet to understand what spoilers are and how annoyingly horrible they are for devoted fans who have not gotten the chance to watch it. You can call me emotional or rash but it is seriously one of the few things in life that I do not and cannot comprehend about people.

Ok I'm about to go on a short rant so bear with me!!!!!

I've actually gone on a break from Twitter and Facebook because of the spoilers. Look, I understand, you're excited and YOU CANNOT BELIEVE what happened but so other people lah hello? Not everyone is able to watch it the second it comes out kan so apa kata just calm down and move on with your life. It really isn't the world's most difficult thing to be excited in your own little space and NOT ON SOCIAL MEDIA????

This is not the first time also! I've encountered so many spoilers before which have led me to not watch the show/movie at all. It's called spoilers for a reason guys... don't spoil it for anyone else. Don't ruin the experience for anyone else! I won't understand how anyone would appreciate a spoiler on their timeline. Sit down, take a breather and shut up.

Ok I've gotten that out of my system lol MOVING ON

Fashion x Shopping

I did terrible shopping damage. Because my grandmother was in London for a few weeks and she gave me a shopping spree which I appreciated terribly way too much hehe

I bought more Brandy Melville's and I swear by it, guys. The quality to it is amazing!!!!! It's so beautifully soft and it really feels like you're not wearing anything. If you're one for wild patterns and cool prints then maybe this is not for you because BM has a strong design aesthetic to them and they only adhere to plain colours and very very minimal prints like stripes and sayings. Very minimal but that just makes it brilliant everyday wear. I suggest you go and get yourself one if you're living in the UK (or anywhere else for that matter though shipping can be quite pricey). I brought my cousins there and they love it and have bought several t-shirts (they're all one size fits all kinda thing too) hahaha everytime we go in, it's almost guaranteed we'll come out with a bag. They're just on Carnaby and it's relatively very very easy to find. It's just behind Liberty's. Though I'm a bit wary about how you go on about washing these babies. I accidentally put one of my white ones with my coloured clothes and dia turun colour and I had a brief moment of wanting to cry but I gathered myself and got it together phew.

And hello ripped jeans?????? Sorry but before this I was quite doubtful about the ripped jeans look because I was like why buy ripped jeans when you can buy yourself a pair of good ones and just rip them yourself. Then I learnt there is an art to ripping your jeans without making you look like you're sad and homeless. I love them!! I have two pairs now. Though I don't think my grandmother gets it still. She was like, 'What happened???' and I said, "They memang like that, Mak Tok.......".
My dad hasn't seen it so hmmmmmm maybe keeping these aside for the time being hahahah

So yes, definitely on the ripped jeans wagon. This is the thing about me lah, I'm annoyed by it myself. I always say 'Nope, won't like it' and then forward a few months/years later and I'm all for it. Look how the Korean craze swallowed me whole!??!?!!?!?!?!!? Never say never, kids. Never.

For make-up favourites, I nabbed myself a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick in Very Victoria and it is very very very amaze. And I'm not just saying that. It really is amazing. I swear by the NARS lipsticks but they can be a bit drying so I always have to put on a layer of lip balm beforehand. But with CT, you don't have to! It really feels like a swipe of buttery goodness in the prettiest of colours. I can't wait to get some more!

I'm also back to having the Urban Decay make-up setting spray in my life and I'm wondering why I even stopped using it. It's honestly your life saviour if you like me, have oily skin and by the end of a few hours you find your make-up just gross and has moved everywhere! Especially if you're wearing foundation also. It's now my make-up staple. I also got the Naked 3 palette which is just beautiful, isn't it. It's my one and only Naked palette and I just couldn't resist myself the pretty shades and figured it'd be hella useful and very travel-friendly and save me the trouble of bringing several separate eyeshadows.

Tumblr Favourites

My Tumblr is my favourite place to simultaneously waste time and be inspired. It just exudes creativity and you find the most wonderful pictures there.

Here are some of my favourites - this has a particular theme to it just 'cause I find pictures of the water kinda pretty spectacular.

Exam season is here and so with this post, I wish everyone all the best with everything! 


Monday, April 27, 2015

A Short Girl's Fashion Guide

If you know me in real life or at least have seen me around, you would know, right off the bat, that I am small. To be more blunt, 'short'. I'm petite in nature and I take after my mum and my grandmother (both very fun-sized, they're even smaller than I am!). At one point in my life, I wanted to be lean and tall and my mum said to me,

"... yeah... I *guess* that could happen... you just have to sleep early and drink lots of milk"

Nice try, Mum. I'm not sacrificing my super duper happening night life (consisting of TV shows and late night snacks by my bedside table aka THE LIFE) and I'm not about to start drinking milk (which I btw do not like AT ALL, I am Team Cereal sans Milk) so I just gave up on my dreams of being supermodel tall and just settled with being 155cm short.

But what are fashion tricks if not to help us petite les filles look taller and effortless like Miss Kendall Jenner (ok that was shooting for the stars but a girl can dream)?

#1 Flared jeans

They have a flare (hehe) for making petite girls look lean and tall. Make sure the fit of the jeans are slim throughout the leg with the slight flare at the bottom and you look instantly lean. Besides that, the magical aspect of a pair of fitted flared jeans is the longer hem. When paired with heels, the longer hem makes your legs go on for dayssssss. 

#2 Heels with low cut vamp

I mean, seriously, what are heels for short girls if not the ULTIMATE LIFE SAVIOUR?? 
Problem is sometimes they're not the most comfortable thing to wear so instead of just picking out any sky high heels to make you look taller, just pick a mid-heel one but with a low vamp. A vamp is basically the part of the shoe that cuts across at the base of the toes so it does an amazing job elongating your legs and make you look like you didn't even have to try.

#3 Maxi Skirts

Bless maxi skirts, they're not just good looking they're also the breeziest, most comfortable thing to wear on any lazy day. It's all about proportions, this one is. Pair your favourite maxi skirt with a structured and slim fit top to balance the fullness of your maxi. 

This look by Emma Watson is flawless. FLAW. LESS. She's already so beautiful but this outfit just makes her look super stunning. She looks so classy in this ensemble and so put together with that skirt and white shirt. LOVE it. Or 'LAHV it' as the Brits would say.

This is another example of how a maxi skirt looks beaut. I'm a huge fan of how this outfit is styled. A normally dull navy blue fitted top paired with a voluminous maxi skirt makes the best kind of combination. Again, a tucked in top does wonders with a maxi skirt. It just balances out the proportions and makes a girl look elongated and gives the illusion of longer legs. 

#4 Mini skirts

Like I said, it's all about proportions. A short girl can pull off both maxi and mini skirts, no problem! I'm currently insane over the whole mini skirt look - tennis skirts, denim skirt, skorts, anything and everything! It's my favourite spring/summer trend. But my ultimate favourite would be the denim skirt. It's so reminiscent of the 90s trend and I'm all for 90's anything.

A mini skirt for me is one of the things you can wear anything with and you will still look good. 
It doesn't require thinking kinda thing. You wear a white shirt with it, you look ace. You wear a long oversized jumper with it, you look ace. You wear a casual baseball tee and you will STILL look ace. 
For petite girls, a mini skirt makes all the difference. A mini skirt will show some skin so it's going to make your legs look elongated and you're going to look taller. Just make sure to not have it too short nor too tight - it's all about being classy, ladies!


Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to continue online shopping for these babies!


Saturday, April 25, 2015


Been a bit busy and still am actually.

Was on a spring break and went to Budapest, Prague and Vienna and then stayed in London with some of my family til last weekend so I've only just been back to Bristol less than a week now.

And it's exam time so I've been a bit hectic with studies and this darn coursework I have yet to hand in.

Was skyping with my parents the other day and as usual I was munching on some chocolate and my mum went,

"Ha makan lagi chocolates! Your cheeks dah macam pau dah tu!"

That was probably the first time I've ever heard my mum comment on me putting on weight. Ever. In my life! I've always been relatively quite skinny all my life and she even tried all sorts of things to have me gain some weight as a child (she then realised that I do eat alot and it's just my body and its fantastic metabolism that's doing all the magic) so she gave up and let me be.

But man. I think it's the chocolates and the constant snacking. I can be so full from dinner and yet my itchy hands would still grab something or find something to munch on. I can't blame the weather anymore because it's getting beautiful and sunny by the day. UGH. I swear it's all the food my grandmother fed me whilst I was in London for the holidays. I don't eat 3x a day here in Bristol because um laziness. All the fat just goes to my cheeks. I'm not particularly insecure about it because I'm still quite small and petite (at least I think so... maybe it's denial but whatevs) but yeah. First time ever!!!! My parents are coming in a months time and I'm so determined to lose my cheek fat before they come and make fun of me.

Anyhow! Will blog as soon as I can because I miss it!!!!!!!! I miss writing and miss being free to be honest hahaha

Talk soon!


Thursday, April 2, 2015


Blown away by Budapest. 

It's absolutely stunning just everywhere you turn and I don't know how else to describe the city. It's so beautiful!!

It is also incredibly incredibly incredibly windy. So in more ways than one, I am blown away by Budapest. So windy!!! If not for the wind, the weather would be very tolerable and bearable. Plus the intermittent rain some more!!! After learning my lesson last Summer when I was in Paris/Barcelona with my sister (it was freezing and we were dressed like fools in our t-shirts and thin clothing!), I decided to pack warm-ish with my jacket and scarf because Europe is never warm lah let me just break it to you. 

Am currently waiting for Pana to return from the thermal baths in which I opted out for 'cause not really my thing to be going for communal baths. So I stayed home (which is v v v lovely and like 2 minutes walk from St Stephen's Basilica) and watched the remainder of Woo Bin's episode on RM and watched EXO's first live performance for their comeback on MNet Countdown and continued to spaz endlessly with my sister on Whatsapp... which pretty much confirms the fact that I'm a bum not just in KL and not just in the UK, but anywhere in the world.