Monday, April 27, 2015

A Short Girl's Fashion Guide

If you know me in real life or at least have seen me around, you would know, right off the bat, that I am small. To be more blunt, 'short'. I'm petite in nature and I take after my mum and my grandmother (both very fun-sized, they're even smaller than I am!). At one point in my life, I wanted to be lean and tall and my mum said to me,

"... yeah... I *guess* that could happen... you just have to sleep early and drink lots of milk"

Nice try, Mum. I'm not sacrificing my super duper happening night life (consisting of TV shows and late night snacks by my bedside table aka THE LIFE) and I'm not about to start drinking milk (which I btw do not like AT ALL, I am Team Cereal sans Milk) so I just gave up on my dreams of being supermodel tall and just settled with being 155cm short.

But what are fashion tricks if not to help us petite les filles look taller and effortless like Miss Kendall Jenner (ok that was shooting for the stars but a girl can dream)?

#1 Flared jeans

They have a flare (hehe) for making petite girls look lean and tall. Make sure the fit of the jeans are slim throughout the leg with the slight flare at the bottom and you look instantly lean. Besides that, the magical aspect of a pair of fitted flared jeans is the longer hem. When paired with heels, the longer hem makes your legs go on for dayssssss. 

#2 Heels with low cut vamp

I mean, seriously, what are heels for short girls if not the ULTIMATE LIFE SAVIOUR?? 
Problem is sometimes they're not the most comfortable thing to wear so instead of just picking out any sky high heels to make you look taller, just pick a mid-heel one but with a low vamp. A vamp is basically the part of the shoe that cuts across at the base of the toes so it does an amazing job elongating your legs and make you look like you didn't even have to try.

#3 Maxi Skirts

Bless maxi skirts, they're not just good looking they're also the breeziest, most comfortable thing to wear on any lazy day. It's all about proportions, this one is. Pair your favourite maxi skirt with a structured and slim fit top to balance the fullness of your maxi. 

This look by Emma Watson is flawless. FLAW. LESS. She's already so beautiful but this outfit just makes her look super stunning. She looks so classy in this ensemble and so put together with that skirt and white shirt. LOVE it. Or 'LAHV it' as the Brits would say.

This is another example of how a maxi skirt looks beaut. I'm a huge fan of how this outfit is styled. A normally dull navy blue fitted top paired with a voluminous maxi skirt makes the best kind of combination. Again, a tucked in top does wonders with a maxi skirt. It just balances out the proportions and makes a girl look elongated and gives the illusion of longer legs. 

#4 Mini skirts

Like I said, it's all about proportions. A short girl can pull off both maxi and mini skirts, no problem! I'm currently insane over the whole mini skirt look - tennis skirts, denim skirt, skorts, anything and everything! It's my favourite spring/summer trend. But my ultimate favourite would be the denim skirt. It's so reminiscent of the 90s trend and I'm all for 90's anything.

A mini skirt for me is one of the things you can wear anything with and you will still look good. 
It doesn't require thinking kinda thing. You wear a white shirt with it, you look ace. You wear a long oversized jumper with it, you look ace. You wear a casual baseball tee and you will STILL look ace. 
For petite girls, a mini skirt makes all the difference. A mini skirt will show some skin so it's going to make your legs look elongated and you're going to look taller. Just make sure to not have it too short nor too tight - it's all about being classy, ladies!


Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to continue online shopping for these babies!


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