Monday, December 31, 2007

3 more days,

til schooooooooooooooooool.

i'm recovering, thank God.
but i still have the teensy weensy bit of a headache.
especially at night ;o
and my appetite is still ugh, down the drain.
i mean, i didn't feel like eating the McMuffin that i had for breakfast.
usually, i'd finish it real fast cause it's the best ever breakfast i can ever have.
but i didn't finish it pun -_____-



today is the 31st of December and tmrw will be the start of a whole new year.
The Year of 2008.
The Year of PMR.
Holy Macaroles.

SOO, time for my list of New Year Resolutions (that i don't think i've ever accomplished, but whateverrrrr)


1. 8A's. (d'oh)
2. Pray more (don't look at me like that)
3. Study more
4. Be nicer to people. I mean, y'knw for karma's sake. I want to be nice to people so that hopefully with a bit of help from karma, i get good luck.
5. Make more friends. (!) GUY friends.
6. Be alot more patient
7. Adapt a better sleeping habit.
8. Save money
9. Speak out and defend for myself.

tht's about it.
i was about to type in, 'Less internet' but i already knew that won't work out so, why waste blogging space ?


and last night, Mama told me that mmmmmmaybe i could get braces for..

..FREE O.0

i was like, 'what the shiiiiiiiiiit?'
turned put that my uncle's (my mum's cousin's husband) has a sister who's a specialist in dental care and works for the government.
so ok, i had my doubts when the word government came up, but apparently, she's the specialist of all specialists (HAHAHAHA, my english and my common sense has gone down along with that appetite of mine) and she's now in the US for a conference.
and since my mum's a government servant, my mum could easily get my braces for free.

bagus en.
3000, 4000, 5000, 6000 SAVED

and, mama bought a Louis Vuitton bag at Bintang Walk without even asking me if i want to go -__-

but i made her promise, to get me one for my b-b-b-birthday next month.
ok, wait tmrw is already next month.
so, er, 19 days everyone ?


Saturday, December 29, 2007

5 more days,

til school reopens.

but i'm sick.

and i hate getting sick.
who does ?

the numerous times that i supposedly said i was sick..

..was a lie.

i just didn't want to come to school.

well, now i'm sick, for real.
like, i woke up at 6.45 (!) cause i was ridiculously thirsty so i went down to get myself a glass of water.
before i slept back, i texted athirah to tell her that our outing had to to be rainchecked as i'm feeling unwell.

god ;o

slept back, woke up at 10.
went to my mum's room and slept til 12.
ate some porridge and slept back.

when i'm sick, my time consists of sleeping and moaning.
oh, and i was so hot tau.
like sweating.
my mum said, it happened to her.
the body gets really heaty and we get really dehydrated.

slept til 7.
ate soup with rice.
rested on the sofa.
pening gila bapak siaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal.

oh and the panadol is like, hell.
made me barf.

y'see, i get sick rarely.
probably, once in a 2 years.
cause i got sick alot of times when i was small.
like, i had to go to the hospital every month and mum said, they had to put a tube in me and suck out all er, god knows what la.
ick, ugh, blegh.

so when i'm sick, i'm REALLY sick, like i can't do anything.
like all my energy is drained out.
my appetite is washed out.
and i can't walk right which means i have to hold on to something as i walk.
and i have to lay my head against something.
and i get pissed every 5 minutes.
and even with the aircond on, i sweat.
and i get cold so easily.




Friday, December 28, 2007

6 more days,

til school reopens and i get to hug my friends.

hello, Upper East Side.

so, ok. maybe not upper east side.
i'm trying to channel Gossip Girl.

i dnt knw why i laughed.

aaaanyway, yesterday was the pmr results and Taman Tun did well with 43 number of students who achieved straight A's.
tht beat last year's batch.
and i'm kinda secretly hoping that our batch beats 43.
even by 1, i dnt care.

so, today i woke up by an sms.
and after texting, blablabla.
logged on internet and did the usual.
myspace, facebook, some Colbie Callait.
ate breakfast.

then bathe and watched Ellen.


so we just came back from eating dinner at fasta pasta, ikano.
bought some school stuffs at Popular and went to FOS cause papa wanted to buy the belt that he wanted.
thennnnnn, i saw a cute guy.
and he was playing with his sister.
so cuute la.
mygod ;o

so now, i'm here.
waiting for Gossip Girl to finish downloading.

cute gila nak mati nak mampus.

is he a parking ticket cause FINE is written all over him
hahahahahahhaha, mygod, lame.


Wednesday, December 26, 2007


til school reopens and i meet my friends who i have missed dearly.

OH, and i knw the teachers who're gng to teach us this year.
well, for the 3 edisoners to-be anyway.

our class teacher is gng to be ...

Ustazah Suaibah yet again -_-
i was hoping for someone new but oh well.


let's move on.

Math will be by Puan J.Lo (:
she's realy good, or so i've heard and besides, she's a senior teacher, there's no doubt she's good, riiiiiight?

Science will be by Cikgu Mas'aud
i actually like this teacher and was hoping for him to be our science teacher, so i'm quite happy.

History will be by En. Yusnizam

BM will be by Cikgu Yu
hahaha, should be a blast having him but he's a bit of the 'mouth' so yeah. haha.

English will be by Puan Hanizah
yeah, the pengawas teacher. i was crossing my fingers for puan azlin but she'll already be on her maternity leave by next month. soooo, they went for the next best thing (or is it?). whatever it is, she's fierce (as in garang, not america's next top model, FIERCE) so yeah, kinda anxious to be learning from her.

KH will be by Cikgu Sze
i like him though he can be a bit annoying. -_-

Agama will be by Ustazah Suaibah
no duh.

Geography will be by Cikgu Azrani
yeay. he's quite fun. better than the other geography teachers, anyway.

hope you had your fair share of fun this holidays, cause next year is gng to be kinda, sorta, maybe, hell.


Tuesday, December 25, 2007


a very Merry Christmas to dear Christian friends (:
hope that this jolly day bring light and joy to your homes and hearts
Hearts and kisses.


p/s: as much as i would love to get Christmas presents for you guys, i'm kinda broke. haha.

Sunday, December 23, 2007


whaddup homies,

today, we (Paktok, Maktok, Maksulin and i) went to Pavillion.
ate at some middle western restaurant, Tarbush or something like that.
the food was exceptionally good.
i'm hard to please when it comes to food.
oh and this restaurant is like, OUTSIDE of Pavillion.
got a tad upset and whiny cause had to walk all the way outside.
hmph ;/

after eating, we went bck to Pavi.
we went seperate ways.

first stop, was to Topshop.
saw one bag i like but held that in mind.
i totally should have gotten it la.

then went looking for Forever 21.
got a black skirt.

then went to some random shops.
oh no wait, went to Parkson and wanted to buy that Stila Lip balm but the shop assistant couldn't find a new one so told me to come back 15 minutes but i didn't.
poor guy. he was nice, though.

aaaaaanyway. then went to Zara.
bought a top.
which was cheap.
cheaper than stupid Forever 21.
ish, rip off.

then went to meet up with zee grandparents and walked up to Baskin Robbins.
our first choice was to that Big Apple Doughnut and Coffee place but was closed -.-
like, wht the hell.
but thank god, there was a Baskin Robbins just nearby so went in there instead and ate.
then went to Times but by then, my feet were already suffering from its first degree murder by bloody shoes.
but i still loooooove them.
so bought a book at Times.
the one with James McAvoy and Keira Knightley starring in its feature film.

then waited for MakSuLin to come back from Lot 10 at The Loaf.
drank an orange juice and when she came back, we were off.
thank God.
i couldn't take it anymore.
*ooookay, this is sounding more like a Whitney song*
stopped by at Aunty Win's house to fetch my 2 sisters and THEN, home.

the first thing i did, was head to the laptop.
i STILL am on the laptop, as you can see, i mean, read.

watching Grey's Anatomy season 4, babyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Gizzie forever.


Wednesday, December 19, 2007


A special shout out to dear Tania (my sister who's middle name is Drama) and Myra (my cousin who has expertise in talking fast) for buying me books from Kinokuniya.

Y'see, at about lunch time, Mama, Maktok (my grandmum), Tania, Myra and I went to KLCC.
Ate at MFM and walked around a bit.
God, KLCC is getting boring every single time i go.
The Topshop there is getting lamer.
The only thing there is the Kinokuniya -.-'

SOOOOOOO, the adults and us, 'kids' split ways.
We went to Quiksilver to search for school bags and pencil cases.
Unfortunately, none.
Isn't there any decent ooking make up cases that can also be used as a pencil box.
the one i'm using this year is good size-wise, so that's why i opted for make up cases.
but ofcourse, takde.


So we went to Kinokuniya.
searched for books but then went out cause i was bored and decide to ronda around by myself.
met up with mama and maktok at isetan.
saw a watch that i liked from Guess.
and surprisingly, Mama liked it too which surprised myself, really cause lately we're not on the same page, fashion-wise.
were we ever, though ?

So then, we came back, and i went to my room and switched on the portable dvd player for titanic (hee, guilty) and Tania was like,


Don't come in, ok
[ referring 'in' to her room which is beside mine ]
Why not?
Cause i have a surprise
What surprise?
[ and she doesn't answer and ignores which makes me divert my attention to The Titanic, and after like 5 minutes ]
Just don't come in, ok ?
Stupiiiid, don't have surprise la ni? Since you're not paying attention whatsoever
hahaha, actually don't have. just don't come in.
[ and she goes back in her room ]

so then like a good 15-20 minutes later, they came in smiling and i thought they were like, doing some performance since that's what they always do. they'd plan a dance or a scene or sing or whatever and come perform infront of me but Tania handed me a well wrapped present with gold ribbon.

I have to give them credit for doing an excellent job in contrasting the wrapping paper which was dark violet crepe tissue paper and goldish ribbon.
and i was like, WHAT'S THISSSSSSSS ?

i opened and was so touched that they had both shared money to buy me an early birthday present.

A 'Fashion DIY' book from Tania and a make up guide from Myra which i thought was such a great gift :D

i now think i should buy THEM something.
y'know, just cause i'm nice.

THANK YOU, dears.


Tuesday, December 18, 2007



i bought 'The Notebook' yesterday around lunch time and started reading it in the evening.
i finished it last night, babyyyyyyyy.

ohmygod, i went to sleep, with nose running, and my eyes swollen as ever.
Nicholas Spark is amaaaaaazing.
I want to get 'A Walk To Remember' pulak.
I heard it's great.
But The Notebook will always come up top.

and i know, facial hair is not really a handsome factor but hahaha.
i loooove Ryan Gosling so whatever works. Well, except that look he adapted from Lars.
he looked like some old cowboy. Eek.
but other then that, (:


Monday, December 17, 2007


i bought the notebook novel at Borders just nw.


my whole day has been wasted on googling 'McGosling' as that it what they are called by avid dear fans.


don't they look perfect together ?
so much admiration.


oh and i love her pink streaks.
i shall get them one day.


Sunday, December 16, 2007

the notebook,





.. with the movie 'The Notebook'.

i so love it, it's getting crazy.
i've been youtube-ing them for hours and googling them.

i looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove RYAN GOSLING
i looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove RACHEL MCADAMS
i looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove THEM TOGETHER

like i'm being freakin' serious.

they make such a sensational couple, it's unbelievable.


eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, i love them laaaaa.
i love the movie.

this love of mine started in Penang.
to y'knw, spare time, i digged out dvd's from my grandma's mini cupboard.
cause she gets bored so she has all this old cd's which i secretly love .
then i saw this dvd and i was like, wht the heck.
popped it in the dvd player and watched.
and was in awe.

awe, i tell you.

totally obvious that they were heads over heels for each other.
rachel and ryan were a couple so the chemistry and the steamy scenes weren't really much of a problem.

i think i shall indulge it later at night.

my birthday is coming up soon so will anyone buy me the REAL dvd ?
i'm joking (:

i'll probably go buy it tmrw.
AND the book.
mygod, i've gone crazy for the notebook.

a new addition to my imaginary wishlist.
ok, so i don't have an imaginary wishlist.
so i shall start now.

ahem ahem.

1. For a real life Noah Calhoun (who's the hero played by the VeryHandsome Ryan Gosling) for myself. or in the worst case scenario, just Ryan Gosling hiimself. (:

and oh,


eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, isn't he WONDERFUL ?
like, he's such a gentleman weiiiiii.
my heart skipped a beat when they were announced as Best Kiss and he was so like, chilled out by it and even gave 'You first' hand signal thingy. Refer to 00:26
and and and, on 1:00 when he was like, doing that finger seducing thingy to her.
EEEEEEEEEEE, cute gila babi.
[ Ok, i'm stammering like HELL. as well as laughing at the same time so er, i'm stammer-laughing? ]
but freakin' cuuuuute.
and anyone who knows me knows that i'm all about manners when it comes to the guys.

like how he let Rachel spoke first.
and how he picked up her jacket.
and ofcourse, earlier on 00:26.
AND also, how he kissed her on the forehead after his SO cute, 'It was my pleasure' speech.

i wnt a guy like tht.
someone who can kiss me on my forehead.
i'm so over my crushes and so into Mr Ryan Gosling.
ok, well not ALL my crushes.
just some.

AND HE SAID THIS IN SOME INTERVIEW about his relationship with co-star and 'love of his life' Rachel McAdams

"I mean, God bless The Notebook," Gosling says. "It introduced me to one of the great loves of my life. But people do Rachel and me a disservice by assuming we were anything like the people in that movie. Rachel and my love story is a hell of a lot more romantic than that."

ohmygod c'mon, wht's he trying to do? win girls all over with his winning manners? cause he got me.

can i get more in love with him ?


Friday, December 7, 2007


i have very sticky hands.
ick ick.

I got myself a MiuMiu handbag.

And i saw this handsome boy and his equally cute brother.
haha *swooooooon*
I mean, i'm one of those girls who isn't interested in just any average guy.
like it takes me a hell lot of handsomeness to convince myself to be attracted.
hahaha, but serious.
He was haaaaaaaandsome.
Note how i used 'handsome' as opposed to 'hot'. Yes, THAT dreamy

Short post today cause i'm on Youtube watching episodes of 'Who's Line Is It Anyway?'
it's incredibly hilarious.
i laugh mad.




and i'm rad.

i just needed something that rhymed and i couldn't possibly go with bad cause i'm anything BUT.



Thursday, December 6, 2007


Part 1: On the Outside

Name : Nadia Zainudin
Date of Birth : January 19th 1993
Current Status : Single but nt available. haha,playing hard to get is the way to go.
Eye Colour : blck
Hair Colour : blck
Righty or Lefty : right handed
Zodiac Sign : Capricorn

Part 2: On the Inside

Your Heritage : Melayu je. haha, takde campur2 apa benda tah.
Your Fear : Allah, and some other things tp dah lupa apa.
Your Weakness : Bags, spicy Italian food.
Your Perfect Pizza : the spicy lamb kat chinoz, klcc. but now, dah takde. bodoh.

Part 3: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Your thoughts first waking up : tiiiiiireeeeeeddddd.
Your bedtime : it can be late up to 5 in the morning or as early as 9 (which usually occurs during school time)
Your most missed memory : going to London.

Part 4: Your Pick

Pepsi or Coke : different la sgt
McD's or Burger King : McD (:
Single or Group Dates : group dates sounds much fun (not that i've been on one)
Adidas or Nike : neither.
Lipton Tea or Nestea : neither
Chocolate or Vanilla : strawberry. haha, i choose out of the 2 choices cause i CAN. hahah.
Cappucino or Coffee : eek.

Part 5: Do You...

Smoke : no way
Curse : sometimes when i'm really pissed off but i never say the f word. i only say babi. haha.
Drink : to keep myself dehydrated, ofcourse i drink. but no, i dnt drink alcohol.

Part 6: In the Past Month

Drank alcohol : no
Gone to the mall : yes
Been on stage : no
Eaten sushi : i dnt like sushi
Dyed your hair : no

Part 7: Have You Ever?

Played a stripping game : no -.-'
Changed who you were to fit in : no

Part 8: Age

You're hoping to be married : mid twenties sounds ideal.

Part 9: In A Guy/Girl

Best eye colour : dark brown
Hair colour : blck.
Short or long hair : short and clean. long hair cam indon sesat.

Part 10: What Were You Doing?

1 minute ago : typing what needs to be typed.
1 hour ago : reruns of grey's anatomy.
1 month ago : as usual, i dnt rmmbr.
1 year ago : -.-'

Part 11: Finish The Sentences

I love : myra's new ZARA bag
I feel : bored. no surprise there -.-'
I hate : being late to anywhere.
I miss : my old friends and schl.
I need : to go bck to schl.

Part 12: Tag 5 People

One : Ashley
Two : Karen
Three : Rach
Four : Audrey
Five : Nikki


Saturday, December 1, 2007

james mcavoy,

he's the guy who played Tom Lefroy in Becoming Jane .
he's nt Orlando Bloom handsome la but he's quite captivating.
hahahahha :D

So ok, you can't really see him, but he's so hot here. A guy in tux with shades as sexy as them, are melt worthy. (:

In Becoming Jane. Rambut dia gempak. ;o

With Keira Knightley I hate that woman cause she gets the hot guys. Bla ah. HAHAHAHA :D



sorry fr not updating.
i just simply have no time.
HAHAHA, joke of the century.
time is ALL i have these days.

so anyway, on friday which was yesterday we (meaning my sisters, mum and one of my sister's friend) went to watch the 1.40 show for Enchanted .
i looooooooooooooooooooove it (:
i already have a huge interest in princesses and fairy tales so i knew this movie would be good and it totally met up to my expectations however huge tht can be (:

And also the fact that Patrick 'McDreamy' Dempsey was co starring added the sweet cherry on the already sweet cake. (;
and the songs sung were so nice, especially the one at the ball.
The 'So Close' by Jon McLaughlin made me melllllllllt.
and when Patrick sang it, god, it was too cute for words.
haha, i am SO watching it again and again.

later after the movie, we went bck cause i was so sleepy and malas gl nak ronda and all.

so blahblahblah, ate dinner blahblahblah, decided to watch 'Becoming Jane'.
The one with Anne Hathaway .
It' a Jane Austen sotry of herself and her love story.

"Jane Austen's greatest love story was her own"

and i loved the story.
love love love cause i thought the actor acting as Jane's non-aristocrat lover, Thomas McLefroy was cute.
haha, srsly weii. his hair is gorgeous :o

so yeah, watched it twice cause the first time i watched it, i was alone.
but then mama came up and wntd to watch so i watched it again.
hahaha, i love tht movie, so shuddup.

haha, i'm actually wikipedia-ing her right nw. :D
Jane Austen i mean.
The Authoress who wrote the 6 most greatest novels in history.

SO ok, nw tht yesterday was covered, i shall talk or well, type about my day with Sarah Ims on Thursday (:

So ok, i went at 2.30 and met her at Parkson tmpt Barbie.
serious gl tgk Barbie.
so checked out all the nail parlours.
first went to Kukubar in Parkson but ada satu je manicurist, so ditched la kan.
then went to Missy Nail at ntahmana.
Near Vincci kut.
but it was already fully occupied so again, we ditched.
oh oh oh .
Saw an Illyas look alike weiiiii.
hahhaa, mati mati igt it was him -.-'
anyway, then we went to the one near Parkson.
'Nail Parlour' it was named.
haha, so straight forward kaaaan, hahaha.

thank god when we went there, the 2 chinese ladies were already paying.
so took their place.
ad strtd (:
for 30 bucks, i'd say tht was good ok.
i mean they did everything from buffing to doing the cuticle removing or whtever la.
picking a nail polish colour was the hardest i'd say.
cause everthing looked pretty.
i thought of opting for a pale neutral beige-y colour.
but then, i picked something SO not natural.
a daaaaark purple.
from afar, it looks like black.
and i like it.
but a LOT of choices.
sarah actually changed colours from the 'Barbie' hotpink to a light purple .
which cost her an additional 18 bucks.
haha, but it was also really cool on her.
then after drying (tak sgt actually cause less then 5 minutes later, dah chipped), we went to ronda and went in Zara and Sarah bought her shoes and then ronda again to only realise that we hadn't had our lunch.
but for us both, tht really means we haven't eaten anything cause we dnt really eat breakfast on account that we wake up no earlier than 12. -.-

so decided to eat at Burger King.
nak masuk tu susah cause there were form 3's and i get all gelabah when i see them.
except fr audrey and her gang cause well, they're different.
hahaha :D

so bought out food and ate.
Met up with Lydiya , my dear Myspace friend.
was so nice to meet her.
she's also very friendly.
ckp laju oh.
there were a couple of other guys there wit lydiya and her gang, but namely the one in the pink shirt.
hahaha :D
guys who have the guts to wear pink are so bagus.
hahhaa :o

we couldn't finish our DOUBLE sized Mushroom Swiss cause we were really full by then, so we went out.
then we went to Watsons cause Sarah had to buy something for her cousin.
After much convincing by the shop assistant for this one product, which i actually was 'convinced' too.
haha, so Sarah bought that and after paying, she realised she left her Zara shopping bag at Burger King .
SOOOOO, we went there bck again, i just stayed outside.
heard so much laughter cause apparently, the guys working got hold of the bag and kept it at the bck of the cashier or something like tht.
haha, so after sending her bck, i went around by myself.
met with lydiya again but only for a short 'bye'.
so went in to ZARA and bought myself a pair of jeans.
i actually met a lot of my friends.
fatimah, illi, nora, shakeel, hiel, sameer, ashraf, sharizal and er, a cpl more, i lupa.
haha (;

so went to meet up with mama and sisters at Delifrance.
went bck, short after.
day's done.

so now, i'm sitting down, my nose all itchy and red (so is my throat).
and reading Jane Austen's biography.


p/s: Oh and Rachael, i miss you too (: heaps.