Monday, December 31, 2007

3 more days,

til schooooooooooooooooool.

i'm recovering, thank God.
but i still have the teensy weensy bit of a headache.
especially at night ;o
and my appetite is still ugh, down the drain.
i mean, i didn't feel like eating the McMuffin that i had for breakfast.
usually, i'd finish it real fast cause it's the best ever breakfast i can ever have.
but i didn't finish it pun -_____-



today is the 31st of December and tmrw will be the start of a whole new year.
The Year of 2008.
The Year of PMR.
Holy Macaroles.

SOO, time for my list of New Year Resolutions (that i don't think i've ever accomplished, but whateverrrrr)


1. 8A's. (d'oh)
2. Pray more (don't look at me like that)
3. Study more
4. Be nicer to people. I mean, y'knw for karma's sake. I want to be nice to people so that hopefully with a bit of help from karma, i get good luck.
5. Make more friends. (!) GUY friends.
6. Be alot more patient
7. Adapt a better sleeping habit.
8. Save money
9. Speak out and defend for myself.

tht's about it.
i was about to type in, 'Less internet' but i already knew that won't work out so, why waste blogging space ?


and last night, Mama told me that mmmmmmaybe i could get braces for..

..FREE O.0

i was like, 'what the shiiiiiiiiiit?'
turned put that my uncle's (my mum's cousin's husband) has a sister who's a specialist in dental care and works for the government.
so ok, i had my doubts when the word government came up, but apparently, she's the specialist of all specialists (HAHAHAHA, my english and my common sense has gone down along with that appetite of mine) and she's now in the US for a conference.
and since my mum's a government servant, my mum could easily get my braces for free.

bagus en.
3000, 4000, 5000, 6000 SAVED

and, mama bought a Louis Vuitton bag at Bintang Walk without even asking me if i want to go -__-

but i made her promise, to get me one for my b-b-b-birthday next month.
ok, wait tmrw is already next month.
so, er, 19 days everyone ?


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