Wednesday, December 26, 2007


til school reopens and i meet my friends who i have missed dearly.

OH, and i knw the teachers who're gng to teach us this year.
well, for the 3 edisoners to-be anyway.

our class teacher is gng to be ...

Ustazah Suaibah yet again -_-
i was hoping for someone new but oh well.


let's move on.

Math will be by Puan J.Lo (:
she's realy good, or so i've heard and besides, she's a senior teacher, there's no doubt she's good, riiiiiight?

Science will be by Cikgu Mas'aud
i actually like this teacher and was hoping for him to be our science teacher, so i'm quite happy.

History will be by En. Yusnizam

BM will be by Cikgu Yu
hahaha, should be a blast having him but he's a bit of the 'mouth' so yeah. haha.

English will be by Puan Hanizah
yeah, the pengawas teacher. i was crossing my fingers for puan azlin but she'll already be on her maternity leave by next month. soooo, they went for the next best thing (or is it?). whatever it is, she's fierce (as in garang, not america's next top model, FIERCE) so yeah, kinda anxious to be learning from her.

KH will be by Cikgu Sze
i like him though he can be a bit annoying. -_-

Agama will be by Ustazah Suaibah
no duh.

Geography will be by Cikgu Azrani
yeay. he's quite fun. better than the other geography teachers, anyway.

hope you had your fair share of fun this holidays, cause next year is gng to be kinda, sorta, maybe, hell.


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