Sunday, December 23, 2007


whaddup homies,

today, we (Paktok, Maktok, Maksulin and i) went to Pavillion.
ate at some middle western restaurant, Tarbush or something like that.
the food was exceptionally good.
i'm hard to please when it comes to food.
oh and this restaurant is like, OUTSIDE of Pavillion.
got a tad upset and whiny cause had to walk all the way outside.
hmph ;/

after eating, we went bck to Pavi.
we went seperate ways.

first stop, was to Topshop.
saw one bag i like but held that in mind.
i totally should have gotten it la.

then went looking for Forever 21.
got a black skirt.

then went to some random shops.
oh no wait, went to Parkson and wanted to buy that Stila Lip balm but the shop assistant couldn't find a new one so told me to come back 15 minutes but i didn't.
poor guy. he was nice, though.

aaaaaanyway. then went to Zara.
bought a top.
which was cheap.
cheaper than stupid Forever 21.
ish, rip off.

then went to meet up with zee grandparents and walked up to Baskin Robbins.
our first choice was to that Big Apple Doughnut and Coffee place but was closed -.-
like, wht the hell.
but thank god, there was a Baskin Robbins just nearby so went in there instead and ate.
then went to Times but by then, my feet were already suffering from its first degree murder by bloody shoes.
but i still loooooove them.
so bought a book at Times.
the one with James McAvoy and Keira Knightley starring in its feature film.

then waited for MakSuLin to come back from Lot 10 at The Loaf.
drank an orange juice and when she came back, we were off.
thank God.
i couldn't take it anymore.
*ooookay, this is sounding more like a Whitney song*
stopped by at Aunty Win's house to fetch my 2 sisters and THEN, home.

the first thing i did, was head to the laptop.
i STILL am on the laptop, as you can see, i mean, read.

watching Grey's Anatomy season 4, babyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Gizzie forever.


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