Saturday, December 1, 2007


sorry fr not updating.
i just simply have no time.
HAHAHA, joke of the century.
time is ALL i have these days.

so anyway, on friday which was yesterday we (meaning my sisters, mum and one of my sister's friend) went to watch the 1.40 show for Enchanted .
i looooooooooooooooooooove it (:
i already have a huge interest in princesses and fairy tales so i knew this movie would be good and it totally met up to my expectations however huge tht can be (:

And also the fact that Patrick 'McDreamy' Dempsey was co starring added the sweet cherry on the already sweet cake. (;
and the songs sung were so nice, especially the one at the ball.
The 'So Close' by Jon McLaughlin made me melllllllllt.
and when Patrick sang it, god, it was too cute for words.
haha, i am SO watching it again and again.

later after the movie, we went bck cause i was so sleepy and malas gl nak ronda and all.

so blahblahblah, ate dinner blahblahblah, decided to watch 'Becoming Jane'.
The one with Anne Hathaway .
It' a Jane Austen sotry of herself and her love story.

"Jane Austen's greatest love story was her own"

and i loved the story.
love love love cause i thought the actor acting as Jane's non-aristocrat lover, Thomas McLefroy was cute.
haha, srsly weii. his hair is gorgeous :o

so yeah, watched it twice cause the first time i watched it, i was alone.
but then mama came up and wntd to watch so i watched it again.
hahaha, i love tht movie, so shuddup.

haha, i'm actually wikipedia-ing her right nw. :D
Jane Austen i mean.
The Authoress who wrote the 6 most greatest novels in history.

SO ok, nw tht yesterday was covered, i shall talk or well, type about my day with Sarah Ims on Thursday (:

So ok, i went at 2.30 and met her at Parkson tmpt Barbie.
serious gl tgk Barbie.
so checked out all the nail parlours.
first went to Kukubar in Parkson but ada satu je manicurist, so ditched la kan.
then went to Missy Nail at ntahmana.
Near Vincci kut.
but it was already fully occupied so again, we ditched.
oh oh oh .
Saw an Illyas look alike weiiiii.
hahhaa, mati mati igt it was him -.-'
anyway, then we went to the one near Parkson.
'Nail Parlour' it was named.
haha, so straight forward kaaaan, hahaha.

thank god when we went there, the 2 chinese ladies were already paying.
so took their place.
ad strtd (:
for 30 bucks, i'd say tht was good ok.
i mean they did everything from buffing to doing the cuticle removing or whtever la.
picking a nail polish colour was the hardest i'd say.
cause everthing looked pretty.
i thought of opting for a pale neutral beige-y colour.
but then, i picked something SO not natural.
a daaaaark purple.
from afar, it looks like black.
and i like it.
but a LOT of choices.
sarah actually changed colours from the 'Barbie' hotpink to a light purple .
which cost her an additional 18 bucks.
haha, but it was also really cool on her.
then after drying (tak sgt actually cause less then 5 minutes later, dah chipped), we went to ronda and went in Zara and Sarah bought her shoes and then ronda again to only realise that we hadn't had our lunch.
but for us both, tht really means we haven't eaten anything cause we dnt really eat breakfast on account that we wake up no earlier than 12. -.-

so decided to eat at Burger King.
nak masuk tu susah cause there were form 3's and i get all gelabah when i see them.
except fr audrey and her gang cause well, they're different.
hahaha :D

so bought out food and ate.
Met up with Lydiya , my dear Myspace friend.
was so nice to meet her.
she's also very friendly.
ckp laju oh.
there were a couple of other guys there wit lydiya and her gang, but namely the one in the pink shirt.
hahaha :D
guys who have the guts to wear pink are so bagus.
hahhaa :o

we couldn't finish our DOUBLE sized Mushroom Swiss cause we were really full by then, so we went out.
then we went to Watsons cause Sarah had to buy something for her cousin.
After much convincing by the shop assistant for this one product, which i actually was 'convinced' too.
haha, so Sarah bought that and after paying, she realised she left her Zara shopping bag at Burger King .
SOOOOO, we went there bck again, i just stayed outside.
heard so much laughter cause apparently, the guys working got hold of the bag and kept it at the bck of the cashier or something like tht.
haha, so after sending her bck, i went around by myself.
met with lydiya again but only for a short 'bye'.
so went in to ZARA and bought myself a pair of jeans.
i actually met a lot of my friends.
fatimah, illi, nora, shakeel, hiel, sameer, ashraf, sharizal and er, a cpl more, i lupa.
haha (;

so went to meet up with mama and sisters at Delifrance.
went bck, short after.
day's done.

so now, i'm sitting down, my nose all itchy and red (so is my throat).
and reading Jane Austen's biography.


p/s: Oh and Rachael, i miss you too (: heaps.

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