Wednesday, December 19, 2007


A special shout out to dear Tania (my sister who's middle name is Drama) and Myra (my cousin who has expertise in talking fast) for buying me books from Kinokuniya.

Y'see, at about lunch time, Mama, Maktok (my grandmum), Tania, Myra and I went to KLCC.
Ate at MFM and walked around a bit.
God, KLCC is getting boring every single time i go.
The Topshop there is getting lamer.
The only thing there is the Kinokuniya -.-'

SOOOOOOO, the adults and us, 'kids' split ways.
We went to Quiksilver to search for school bags and pencil cases.
Unfortunately, none.
Isn't there any decent ooking make up cases that can also be used as a pencil box.
the one i'm using this year is good size-wise, so that's why i opted for make up cases.
but ofcourse, takde.


So we went to Kinokuniya.
searched for books but then went out cause i was bored and decide to ronda around by myself.
met up with mama and maktok at isetan.
saw a watch that i liked from Guess.
and surprisingly, Mama liked it too which surprised myself, really cause lately we're not on the same page, fashion-wise.
were we ever, though ?

So then, we came back, and i went to my room and switched on the portable dvd player for titanic (hee, guilty) and Tania was like,


Don't come in, ok
[ referring 'in' to her room which is beside mine ]
Why not?
Cause i have a surprise
What surprise?
[ and she doesn't answer and ignores which makes me divert my attention to The Titanic, and after like 5 minutes ]
Just don't come in, ok ?
Stupiiiid, don't have surprise la ni? Since you're not paying attention whatsoever
hahaha, actually don't have. just don't come in.
[ and she goes back in her room ]

so then like a good 15-20 minutes later, they came in smiling and i thought they were like, doing some performance since that's what they always do. they'd plan a dance or a scene or sing or whatever and come perform infront of me but Tania handed me a well wrapped present with gold ribbon.

I have to give them credit for doing an excellent job in contrasting the wrapping paper which was dark violet crepe tissue paper and goldish ribbon.
and i was like, WHAT'S THISSSSSSSS ?

i opened and was so touched that they had both shared money to buy me an early birthday present.

A 'Fashion DIY' book from Tania and a make up guide from Myra which i thought was such a great gift :D

i now think i should buy THEM something.
y'know, just cause i'm nice.

THANK YOU, dears.


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