Saturday, December 29, 2007

5 more days,

til school reopens.

but i'm sick.

and i hate getting sick.
who does ?

the numerous times that i supposedly said i was sick..

..was a lie.

i just didn't want to come to school.

well, now i'm sick, for real.
like, i woke up at 6.45 (!) cause i was ridiculously thirsty so i went down to get myself a glass of water.
before i slept back, i texted athirah to tell her that our outing had to to be rainchecked as i'm feeling unwell.

god ;o

slept back, woke up at 10.
went to my mum's room and slept til 12.
ate some porridge and slept back.

when i'm sick, my time consists of sleeping and moaning.
oh, and i was so hot tau.
like sweating.
my mum said, it happened to her.
the body gets really heaty and we get really dehydrated.

slept til 7.
ate soup with rice.
rested on the sofa.
pening gila bapak siaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal.

oh and the panadol is like, hell.
made me barf.

y'see, i get sick rarely.
probably, once in a 2 years.
cause i got sick alot of times when i was small.
like, i had to go to the hospital every month and mum said, they had to put a tube in me and suck out all er, god knows what la.
ick, ugh, blegh.

so when i'm sick, i'm REALLY sick, like i can't do anything.
like all my energy is drained out.
my appetite is washed out.
and i can't walk right which means i have to hold on to something as i walk.
and i have to lay my head against something.
and i get pissed every 5 minutes.
and even with the aircond on, i sweat.
and i get cold so easily.




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