Friday, January 31, 2014

Ye Ol' Faithful Handbag

I'm going to go ahead and be a total girl and show you handbags I want. If you know me, you know I have like 3 good handbags and I stay faithful to one for the LONGEST time. And eeeeeep, I loooove these three and I want them very much so pls thanks anyone wanna sponsor I'm very open to any form of donations

I can't even begin how much I love Prada and their handbags are just absolutely top notch. I have a Nylon one and that's the bag I've had for ages and it's ridiculous how durable it is! I once had a bottle of foundation in one of the pockets only to realise an hour later that it completely spilled all over. But lo and behold, it didn't do much harm at all to the handbag. I obviously panicked and freaked but after some wet wipes and tissues, it didn't stain at all! I mean, it did a bit lah but it didn't seep through the inner and outer lining of the bag. And I am in love with this handbag, words can't describe. I might be crazy enough to save some of my ££ for this bag. I don't know. I might. But a bit far-fetched. But I might.

I don't usually like Coach's handbags because they can be quite flashy and obnoxious but I came across this bag at the flagship store in London and went nuts. It's a small crossbody bag but the colour is absolutely gorgeous. I went to the shop twice to see and feel and cry because I wanted it so bad!!! And the size is so cute also; something you'd grab if you wanted to go out for drinks with your mates. A big handbag is not necessarily ideal to lug everywhere so a bag of this size is so perfect, I can't even deal. Maaaaa I waaaaaant.

I don't usually do bright coloured handbags nor do I like patent handbags that much but I don't know what about this handbag that I love so much. And the blue is in such a nice shade of blue too, so it's not in your face kinda colour. I'd love it 10x more than I already do if it was in dark brown or in olive green. But the size of this Gucci and the design of the bag is so attractive to me. This is my FAVOURITE Gucci bag ever ever ever ever. Why must you be so out of reach mahal!!

Just needed to let that out of my system. Lolz I hope there are some girls out there interested in handbags otherwise this blog post would have been very very uninteresting and pointless to the few who read this. 

I stay loyal to a handbag for the longest time, it looks like I have no other bags (which is mostly true). And I CAN'T be the only one who hates shoe shoppin? I literally have one pair of boots and one pair of creepers here and my 2 H&M flats (if you need good comfortable pair of flats, get H&Ms. The best part about them is that they don't require weeks of breaking into. I literally can wear them as soon as I pay at the counter and they are so damn comfortable. I swear by them). And I've one pair of good black heels that has been with me about 5 years now; it's the same pair I wear to every wedding and every Raya ahahahaha couldn't be bothered really!

I've been pretty good with money now so I'm hoping by Summer I can spoil myself silly! 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


I've been a Harry Potter fan since it first came out. I really am but I don't think I'm at a level where I can call myself a Potterhead. I've read all the books, watched all the movies (I watched Goblet 5 times in the cinema because it's my favourite movie of the lot) numerous times. But not the kind of fan to like, have posters of them and remember all the spells but I was definitely, definitely a fan.

So the other day, I decided to take a trip down memory lane and started watching the whole Harry Potter series. Watching the first movie brought back memories and they were super cute with suara tak matang and Hermione had massive hair and all that good stuff. It was so fun to watch and the movie came out 13 years ago which would mean I was 8 at the time. SUCH good memories.

And you know how they say

"The fans grew up with the characters"

It's such an awfully cliched thing to say but as I watched the movies, I really honestly did feel like I grew up with the Harry Potter series and the characters. I realised this when I was watching Goblet of Fire and when they were excited for prom and the boys had crushes and Daniel Radcliffe was suuuuuper good looking. It was really like the last movie to ever be cheery because from then on, the movies started to get really dark and really ominous.

So what I was going to talk about was that I just watched the last movie last night and I don't know if it's just me and my weird hormones but the very last scene which was of the famous trio 19 years later at Kings Cross with their kids made me cry. Like, I'm not talking 'tearing up' kinda cry. I'm talking sobbing hard and ugly scrunched up face kinda cry. I don't know what made me super emotional, I've seen the movie before! It's only now I'm so emotional and I was genuinely really really really sad watching that last scene before the credits.

I think it's because I grew up with them and to know that the series is over makes me really sad. Also I think I realised that with Harry Potter over, my childhood is over. Properly done and dusted and I'm in to that new phase in life where things get more serious and complicated.

I think that's what made me cry.

(I sound loony, I'm aware since this movie was out years ago but it just hit me how much I miss it!)

But maybe also that last scene was accompanied by SUCH a good score; honestly, go and watch all of the Harry Potter movies again and when you come to that last scene, bulu roma akan naik k when you see your favourite ever wizards and witch and the music that comes with it was so fantastic. I never realised all this because I think in the cinema, you're just not bothered to be listening in intently to every single thing. But oh my god, so amazing.

I was 8 when I first saw the movie and I loved it.
I was 18 when I saw the last movie and I loved it.

And I'm 21 now and I still love it. I can be 50 and aging and I will always always love Harry Potter. I'm so glad though that I got to live in the Harry Potter era. So glad.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Rinse & Repeat

I'm very glad that I blog.

I've had this blog since I was 14 so that's a good 7 years now. Which is crazy to think 7 years has gone by. I had a diary before that but I then moved to the school in Taman Tun where my friends had blogs. And so, I decided to start my own. And I haven't stopped, nor take a long hiatus nor started a new blog. This is my one and only and I'm hoping to keep it as long as I possibly can.

I love blogging because it serves as an outlet for me to express and to say things I sometimes can't. It's so much easier to write sometimes than to say out loud. Also, you can backspace and delete and edit what you've written and you can't really do that when you start speaking. It's like my diary, this blog is. It's personal and it's very me. Whatever I write here, it's legit the same things I would say in real life.

I try to blog as much as I can but sometimes my life here in the UK gets so mundane, I can't possibly bore you about my grocery shopping again! So if I don't blog as much, it's not because I've gotten bored of it (I will never!) but it's because my days are pretty dull. Unless of course, you want to know what I bought from the supermarket.

My days pretty much go like this now that classes have started;

Wake up (after the third alarm. Typical.)
Get ready for class.
Dread the walk uphill to uni. I'm usually always breathless and my legs go jelly jelly when I arrive to class.
Attend classes and lectures. Yawn.
Come home and since my classes end quite late in the evening, I usually opt for the bus because I don't fancy walking home in the dark and when it rains.
Do what all girls do and change in my comfiest pair of PJs. No, I don't care if it's only 5pm???
I always am very lazy to start cooking for dinner but once I'm up and at it, I love it.
Wash the dishes. I hate this part. HATE.
And then I settle into bed and watch Youtube videos and/or movies and/or TV shows.

Rinse and repeat.

On some odd days, I'd go out to grab lunch but other than that, I don't really do much.

I'm the exact same back in KL except I get a lot a lot a lot more lazy because I don't have to do the cooking and all the washing.

I read somewhere on Facebook the other day about the different signs of an introvert.
I'm as much as an introvert as they come, man! It says that after a big social gathering, an introvert would need a day or two to recuperate and be to his/her lonesome. And that's so me, it cannot get any more apt.

I love my friends and their company but there are days (5 days a week maybe) where I just like to be alone in my room and mind my own business. My mum said I'm asocial. Not anti-social "because that's criminal like behaviour!" so I'm 'asocial'.

"That basically just means you're boring."


Guys, I'm not boring.

At least not all the time...

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Being blindfolded

I was at Zati's place because I got the invite from her saying I have to be at their house by 6:30 pm. So I was there at 5. Hahahaha I was bored and there's nothing much to do in Bristol when it gets dark on a Sunday!

I was forced to be blindfolded when we got into the taxi! And a Kuch Kuch Hota Hai song came on and obvs, I had to sing and dance to that. Hahaha the taxi driver laughed and was careful to not drop hints as to where I was.

Thank you Sofia and Adda for holding my hands while I was blindfolded and for bringing me around pusing pusing hahaha

Was surprised in a really nice Italian restaurant at Harbourside and was just soooo nice to see all my Bristol friends there! Wore a birthday crown and a birthday sash alongside helium balloons; one balloon even had Harry Styles on it lolzzzzzzz so cute!

I forced my body to forget the cold and decided to wear a flimsy blouse ! Big mistake. Twas so cold! Hahahaha but ah well! Had such a great time at dinner and was surprised throughout with birthday presents and the prettiest birthday cupcakes

Too sayang to eat so they're still in the box in my kitchen. I'll take a bite out of it later........ or never.

Birthdays are an amazing thing; everyone celebrates you and your life. It's that one day attention is on you because you were born on that day. I love birthdays and I always have. I've been very blessed all my 21 years of life to be surrounded with the most wonderful people ever.

Thank you to Zati, Sofia and Adda for planning my 21st birthday dinner!! I love it and I love your presents and the cards and everything!!! So sweet and so kind and thank you for everything!! Thank you to Amir also for the present and the prettiest card!! Can't wait to show 'em off soon enough!

Monday, January 20, 2014


I've turned 21.
Days go slow but the years go by incredibly fast. It's unnerving.

And so it starts! My 20s! I can't believe it. I woke up feeling pretty normal but when I say it aloud, it's almost as weird as how newly weds would feel when they say "This is my husband/wife". It's all new.

This is my first birthday away from home. And at 4pm UK time, I get the Facetime call from my family singing me Happy Birthday. I'm overjoyed. This time last year, I was home opening my birthday present with them.

I got birthday cards flown all the way from them. Handwritten birthday cards airmailed to me. Nothing beats that. Especially when my siblings all had a separate card for me each with an extensive message. I laughed my heart out at Tania's message. Naturally. I went "Whuuuuuut" at Zaim's attempt to turn me rebellious now that I've turned 21 and Iman's heartfelt message asking me to come home.

I then turned into a hideous crying wreck when I read my parents and grandparents card. My heart just went so full from reading cards from my favourite people to ever exist. My pillars of strength and my motivation to do well and my reason of being.

And then my phone gets bombarded with Twitter messages, Whatsapp messages, Facebook notifications, Instagram dedications all for lil' ol' me and it's super nice to know that some people took 5 seconds off to wish me a Happy Birthday. It makes my day to know there are people who care enough to wish someone a Happy Birthday. It's a lovely feeling. Wishing someone on their special day once a year isn't much and doesn't require that much effort but believe me, it makes their day that much more meaningful.

Thank you to everyone who wished me! It means a lot to me!

"A birthday is just the first day of another 365 day journey around the sun. Enjoy the trip."

And let the trip be an amazing one insyaAllah. Super grateful for everything and for everyone!


Friday, January 17, 2014

Tanners x

This is a birthday dedication to my sister, Tania.

She turns 18 today and I'm not home to give her a big kiss kiss and birthday hug. Tania is my first ever best friend. We share clothes and share secrets and even when light's out in our room, there'll be nights where we keep talking and laughing and gossiping til one of us sleeps (it's usually her). We fight and argue countless times and she pisses me off as much as I piss her off but we make up in the next 10 minutes. We forget fights because it happens so much that we're immune to it. Sounds brutal but we really do love each other haha!

She gets me. She knows that I'm fussy and picky and I complain and whine and I'm short tempered. And I know she's the world's biggest drama queen. But there is nothing in the world I wouldn't do for her. She's my sister and she's my best friend.

Our birthdays are two days apart so for as long as I can remember, we'd always have joint birthdays. I can't believe she's already 18. I still remember her blowing out her candles to her merry-go-round birthday cake next to me. And now, she's 18!!!

We share clothes and we've been roommates all our lives and you'd think one would go mental. Well, yes. I have gone mental more than several times living with her but I think she has it worst - having to live with me! Hahahahha I admit, I'm the worst roommate considering how incredibly bising I can be.

She's younger than me but she has accomplished far more than I have. She works and she works hard and it's very very admirable and I love how determined she is when she wants something. I give up way too easily but looking at how diligent she is, inspires me. She organised an event last year and she did everything on her own which I thought was amazing. She went out and traveled to meet sponsors and I don't know lah, this girl knows how to handle herself WAY more than I can and it's awe-inspiring. Some days I wish to be like Tania.

Tania is also the reason why I abbreviate everything haha! Amazeballs and stups (stupid) and sers (serious) and everything! When I'm around her, we always talk in the weirdest and most stupid shortforms sampaikan my mum would get so annoyed.

"Why can't you just say the whole word!!!"
"Too long"

My mum has now followed in our footsteps hehe

We know what the other likes so when we tell each other of a song we should listen to or a video we should watch, we can almost always agree. I'd show her something I find gorgeous, and she would also say it's gorgeous and that kind of person is very difficult (almost rare) to come across.

We're the type of sisters who don't always show affection but we know we love each other immensely. She's incredibly generous and smart and HILARIOUS. She's funny as funny can get. She can always make me laugh regardless of where and when.

We've always dreamed of opening up a fashion business together and it still is a huge and humongous dream of ours and I always pray and always hope that it comes true because it would be such a fab time although of course meetings would just consist of us butting heads 98% of the time.

Tania is the one of the very very very few people who gets me. And for all she has done, I'm the proudest sister.

Happy 18th Birthday, Tanners!! You're amazeballs and you always always never fail to make me laugh and annoy me but you're such a sweetheart and I'm so happy that God has blessed us both to end up as sisters. I really really cannot imagine being in a world and being in a family without a sister like you.
Your attitude and view on life merits a very bright future for you and I always pray to Allah that He grants you that. You deserve all the success and light and happiness and love and good health because you're a great girl and an even more wonderful sister.

Love you and miss you tons, Tanners. We've celebrated every single birthdays together and it sucks to not be home with you celebrating you on your special day. We'll have a major shopping spree and girl time when we reunite soon insyaAllah.

Hugs and kisses,

I would've put embarrassing photos from when we were young but I couldn't find any.

Oops wait got.

Hahahhahahaha eeeeekkkkkk but sokay lah sekali sekala.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

A decade and then some

I was on the bus on the way home when a group of school kids got on the bus, uniforms and all.

And it just hit me that I'll be turning 21 this Sunday and how the hell did I get here.

How in the world did I grow up so fast? Really. I'm looking forward to come home this Summer but it seems like SUCH a long way to go and yet here I am thinking that I had just turned 16 two days ago. It's mental. I remembered being in a school uniform for years on end and now I'm in university. I can't believe it.

I really really can't. Time passes by so fast when you're having fun. And that's exactly it, I guess.

My whole life has just been so much fun and joy that time just whizzes me by. Alhamdulillah syukur. I
I don't know why and for what reason but I've been super super intensely emotional about turning 21. I'm in complete denial!!!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

London and I

If there's one thing I love, it's some quality me time. I love being alone as boring as that makes me. I love walking here and there alone and I love shopping alone and just in general, being on my own. I love the company of my friends and I'd go cuckoo without them and their jokes and their insightful (comes quite rarely but when we do go into the pits of politics and where and what we want to be in the future, it's refreshing and really really cool) opinions and views. So after my exams, I decided to head back to London and stay there for a few days for some Me time. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I relish in all the times I've discovered a newer part of London by myself.

Stayed with Mun and her place is awesome because it's so near to everything (despite that, I still used the tube because lolz too tired y'know what I mean?). I could've walked to Oxford Circus if I wanted to (and I didn't).

Bought some things on sale and so I didn't really go quite crazy with my shopping so I'm thankful for that. So is my mum hehe.

I walked to Covent Garden and used my Google Map app like crazy to find this gelato place. It's called Amorino and the whole walking madness and getting lost several times was worth it because look at how gorgeous the ice-cream came out! You can choose as many flavours as you want and they'll form it in a little flower for you. So sayang to makan! (the flavours were strawberry and mango)

Fancy that. How English. 

Covent Garden was deliciously sunny and bright. Everyone seemed happy because the sun was out. UK can be quite amazing when it's not gloomy.

In Selfridges. I'd get them all for my room if I could!

Selfridges' window display. They had a lot more quirky things like a black taxi and the double decker with helicopter wings as a way to skip the London traffic. Pfft. I don't think it'll work anyhow.

I came across this small section in Topshop where they all had shift dresses in these colours. I wanted them all because I couldn't resist the amazing colour scheme. Orange and pink go hand-in-hand like me and my Fredo chocolates. 

This is a card I found in Liberty. And it's honestly the sweetest card I've come across ever. Just because it's the simplest lay out but with the most heartfelt and sincere messages for a significant other. Sighhhhhhhhhh.

My London trip was so nice and just what I needed before classes start next week. I can't wait to go back and indulge in more quality time with London city.


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