Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Being blindfolded

I was at Zati's place because I got the invite from her saying I have to be at their house by 6:30 pm. So I was there at 5. Hahahaha I was bored and there's nothing much to do in Bristol when it gets dark on a Sunday!

I was forced to be blindfolded when we got into the taxi! And a Kuch Kuch Hota Hai song came on and obvs, I had to sing and dance to that. Hahaha the taxi driver laughed and was careful to not drop hints as to where I was.

Thank you Sofia and Adda for holding my hands while I was blindfolded and for bringing me around pusing pusing hahaha

Was surprised in a really nice Italian restaurant at Harbourside and was just soooo nice to see all my Bristol friends there! Wore a birthday crown and a birthday sash alongside helium balloons; one balloon even had Harry Styles on it lolzzzzzzz so cute!

I forced my body to forget the cold and decided to wear a flimsy blouse ! Big mistake. Twas so cold! Hahahaha but ah well! Had such a great time at dinner and was surprised throughout with birthday presents and the prettiest birthday cupcakes

Too sayang to eat so they're still in the box in my kitchen. I'll take a bite out of it later........ or never.

Birthdays are an amazing thing; everyone celebrates you and your life. It's that one day attention is on you because you were born on that day. I love birthdays and I always have. I've been very blessed all my 21 years of life to be surrounded with the most wonderful people ever.

Thank you to Zati, Sofia and Adda for planning my 21st birthday dinner!! I love it and I love your presents and the cards and everything!!! So sweet and so kind and thank you for everything!! Thank you to Amir also for the present and the prettiest card!! Can't wait to show 'em off soon enough!

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