Thursday, January 23, 2014

Rinse & Repeat

I'm very glad that I blog.

I've had this blog since I was 14 so that's a good 7 years now. Which is crazy to think 7 years has gone by. I had a diary before that but I then moved to the school in Taman Tun where my friends had blogs. And so, I decided to start my own. And I haven't stopped, nor take a long hiatus nor started a new blog. This is my one and only and I'm hoping to keep it as long as I possibly can.

I love blogging because it serves as an outlet for me to express and to say things I sometimes can't. It's so much easier to write sometimes than to say out loud. Also, you can backspace and delete and edit what you've written and you can't really do that when you start speaking. It's like my diary, this blog is. It's personal and it's very me. Whatever I write here, it's legit the same things I would say in real life.

I try to blog as much as I can but sometimes my life here in the UK gets so mundane, I can't possibly bore you about my grocery shopping again! So if I don't blog as much, it's not because I've gotten bored of it (I will never!) but it's because my days are pretty dull. Unless of course, you want to know what I bought from the supermarket.

My days pretty much go like this now that classes have started;

Wake up (after the third alarm. Typical.)
Get ready for class.
Dread the walk uphill to uni. I'm usually always breathless and my legs go jelly jelly when I arrive to class.
Attend classes and lectures. Yawn.
Come home and since my classes end quite late in the evening, I usually opt for the bus because I don't fancy walking home in the dark and when it rains.
Do what all girls do and change in my comfiest pair of PJs. No, I don't care if it's only 5pm???
I always am very lazy to start cooking for dinner but once I'm up and at it, I love it.
Wash the dishes. I hate this part. HATE.
And then I settle into bed and watch Youtube videos and/or movies and/or TV shows.

Rinse and repeat.

On some odd days, I'd go out to grab lunch but other than that, I don't really do much.

I'm the exact same back in KL except I get a lot a lot a lot more lazy because I don't have to do the cooking and all the washing.

I read somewhere on Facebook the other day about the different signs of an introvert.
I'm as much as an introvert as they come, man! It says that after a big social gathering, an introvert would need a day or two to recuperate and be to his/her lonesome. And that's so me, it cannot get any more apt.

I love my friends and their company but there are days (5 days a week maybe) where I just like to be alone in my room and mind my own business. My mum said I'm asocial. Not anti-social "because that's criminal like behaviour!" so I'm 'asocial'.

"That basically just means you're boring."


Guys, I'm not boring.

At least not all the time...

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