Friday, January 31, 2014

Ye Ol' Faithful Handbag

I'm going to go ahead and be a total girl and show you handbags I want. If you know me, you know I have like 3 good handbags and I stay faithful to one for the LONGEST time. And eeeeeep, I loooove these three and I want them very much so pls thanks anyone wanna sponsor I'm very open to any form of donations

I can't even begin how much I love Prada and their handbags are just absolutely top notch. I have a Nylon one and that's the bag I've had for ages and it's ridiculous how durable it is! I once had a bottle of foundation in one of the pockets only to realise an hour later that it completely spilled all over. But lo and behold, it didn't do much harm at all to the handbag. I obviously panicked and freaked but after some wet wipes and tissues, it didn't stain at all! I mean, it did a bit lah but it didn't seep through the inner and outer lining of the bag. And I am in love with this handbag, words can't describe. I might be crazy enough to save some of my ££ for this bag. I don't know. I might. But a bit far-fetched. But I might.

I don't usually like Coach's handbags because they can be quite flashy and obnoxious but I came across this bag at the flagship store in London and went nuts. It's a small crossbody bag but the colour is absolutely gorgeous. I went to the shop twice to see and feel and cry because I wanted it so bad!!! And the size is so cute also; something you'd grab if you wanted to go out for drinks with your mates. A big handbag is not necessarily ideal to lug everywhere so a bag of this size is so perfect, I can't even deal. Maaaaa I waaaaaant.

I don't usually do bright coloured handbags nor do I like patent handbags that much but I don't know what about this handbag that I love so much. And the blue is in such a nice shade of blue too, so it's not in your face kinda colour. I'd love it 10x more than I already do if it was in dark brown or in olive green. But the size of this Gucci and the design of the bag is so attractive to me. This is my FAVOURITE Gucci bag ever ever ever ever. Why must you be so out of reach mahal!!

Just needed to let that out of my system. Lolz I hope there are some girls out there interested in handbags otherwise this blog post would have been very very uninteresting and pointless to the few who read this. 

I stay loyal to a handbag for the longest time, it looks like I have no other bags (which is mostly true). And I CAN'T be the only one who hates shoe shoppin? I literally have one pair of boots and one pair of creepers here and my 2 H&M flats (if you need good comfortable pair of flats, get H&Ms. The best part about them is that they don't require weeks of breaking into. I literally can wear them as soon as I pay at the counter and they are so damn comfortable. I swear by them). And I've one pair of good black heels that has been with me about 5 years now; it's the same pair I wear to every wedding and every Raya ahahahaha couldn't be bothered really!

I've been pretty good with money now so I'm hoping by Summer I can spoil myself silly! 

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