Friday, January 17, 2014

Tanners x

This is a birthday dedication to my sister, Tania.

She turns 18 today and I'm not home to give her a big kiss kiss and birthday hug. Tania is my first ever best friend. We share clothes and share secrets and even when light's out in our room, there'll be nights where we keep talking and laughing and gossiping til one of us sleeps (it's usually her). We fight and argue countless times and she pisses me off as much as I piss her off but we make up in the next 10 minutes. We forget fights because it happens so much that we're immune to it. Sounds brutal but we really do love each other haha!

She gets me. She knows that I'm fussy and picky and I complain and whine and I'm short tempered. And I know she's the world's biggest drama queen. But there is nothing in the world I wouldn't do for her. She's my sister and she's my best friend.

Our birthdays are two days apart so for as long as I can remember, we'd always have joint birthdays. I can't believe she's already 18. I still remember her blowing out her candles to her merry-go-round birthday cake next to me. And now, she's 18!!!

We share clothes and we've been roommates all our lives and you'd think one would go mental. Well, yes. I have gone mental more than several times living with her but I think she has it worst - having to live with me! Hahahahha I admit, I'm the worst roommate considering how incredibly bising I can be.

She's younger than me but she has accomplished far more than I have. She works and she works hard and it's very very admirable and I love how determined she is when she wants something. I give up way too easily but looking at how diligent she is, inspires me. She organised an event last year and she did everything on her own which I thought was amazing. She went out and traveled to meet sponsors and I don't know lah, this girl knows how to handle herself WAY more than I can and it's awe-inspiring. Some days I wish to be like Tania.

Tania is also the reason why I abbreviate everything haha! Amazeballs and stups (stupid) and sers (serious) and everything! When I'm around her, we always talk in the weirdest and most stupid shortforms sampaikan my mum would get so annoyed.

"Why can't you just say the whole word!!!"
"Too long"

My mum has now followed in our footsteps hehe

We know what the other likes so when we tell each other of a song we should listen to or a video we should watch, we can almost always agree. I'd show her something I find gorgeous, and she would also say it's gorgeous and that kind of person is very difficult (almost rare) to come across.

We're the type of sisters who don't always show affection but we know we love each other immensely. She's incredibly generous and smart and HILARIOUS. She's funny as funny can get. She can always make me laugh regardless of where and when.

We've always dreamed of opening up a fashion business together and it still is a huge and humongous dream of ours and I always pray and always hope that it comes true because it would be such a fab time although of course meetings would just consist of us butting heads 98% of the time.

Tania is the one of the very very very few people who gets me. And for all she has done, I'm the proudest sister.

Happy 18th Birthday, Tanners!! You're amazeballs and you always always never fail to make me laugh and annoy me but you're such a sweetheart and I'm so happy that God has blessed us both to end up as sisters. I really really cannot imagine being in a world and being in a family without a sister like you.
Your attitude and view on life merits a very bright future for you and I always pray to Allah that He grants you that. You deserve all the success and light and happiness and love and good health because you're a great girl and an even more wonderful sister.

Love you and miss you tons, Tanners. We've celebrated every single birthdays together and it sucks to not be home with you celebrating you on your special day. We'll have a major shopping spree and girl time when we reunite soon insyaAllah.

Hugs and kisses,

I would've put embarrassing photos from when we were young but I couldn't find any.

Oops wait got.

Hahahhahahaha eeeeekkkkkk but sokay lah sekali sekala.

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