Wednesday, January 15, 2014

London and I

If there's one thing I love, it's some quality me time. I love being alone as boring as that makes me. I love walking here and there alone and I love shopping alone and just in general, being on my own. I love the company of my friends and I'd go cuckoo without them and their jokes and their insightful (comes quite rarely but when we do go into the pits of politics and where and what we want to be in the future, it's refreshing and really really cool) opinions and views. So after my exams, I decided to head back to London and stay there for a few days for some Me time. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I relish in all the times I've discovered a newer part of London by myself.

Stayed with Mun and her place is awesome because it's so near to everything (despite that, I still used the tube because lolz too tired y'know what I mean?). I could've walked to Oxford Circus if I wanted to (and I didn't).

Bought some things on sale and so I didn't really go quite crazy with my shopping so I'm thankful for that. So is my mum hehe.

I walked to Covent Garden and used my Google Map app like crazy to find this gelato place. It's called Amorino and the whole walking madness and getting lost several times was worth it because look at how gorgeous the ice-cream came out! You can choose as many flavours as you want and they'll form it in a little flower for you. So sayang to makan! (the flavours were strawberry and mango)

Fancy that. How English. 

Covent Garden was deliciously sunny and bright. Everyone seemed happy because the sun was out. UK can be quite amazing when it's not gloomy.

In Selfridges. I'd get them all for my room if I could!

Selfridges' window display. They had a lot more quirky things like a black taxi and the double decker with helicopter wings as a way to skip the London traffic. Pfft. I don't think it'll work anyhow.

I came across this small section in Topshop where they all had shift dresses in these colours. I wanted them all because I couldn't resist the amazing colour scheme. Orange and pink go hand-in-hand like me and my Fredo chocolates. 

This is a card I found in Liberty. And it's honestly the sweetest card I've come across ever. Just because it's the simplest lay out but with the most heartfelt and sincere messages for a significant other. Sighhhhhhhhhh.

My London trip was so nice and just what I needed before classes start next week. I can't wait to go back and indulge in more quality time with London city.


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