Monday, January 20, 2014


I've turned 21.
Days go slow but the years go by incredibly fast. It's unnerving.

And so it starts! My 20s! I can't believe it. I woke up feeling pretty normal but when I say it aloud, it's almost as weird as how newly weds would feel when they say "This is my husband/wife". It's all new.

This is my first birthday away from home. And at 4pm UK time, I get the Facetime call from my family singing me Happy Birthday. I'm overjoyed. This time last year, I was home opening my birthday present with them.

I got birthday cards flown all the way from them. Handwritten birthday cards airmailed to me. Nothing beats that. Especially when my siblings all had a separate card for me each with an extensive message. I laughed my heart out at Tania's message. Naturally. I went "Whuuuuuut" at Zaim's attempt to turn me rebellious now that I've turned 21 and Iman's heartfelt message asking me to come home.

I then turned into a hideous crying wreck when I read my parents and grandparents card. My heart just went so full from reading cards from my favourite people to ever exist. My pillars of strength and my motivation to do well and my reason of being.

And then my phone gets bombarded with Twitter messages, Whatsapp messages, Facebook notifications, Instagram dedications all for lil' ol' me and it's super nice to know that some people took 5 seconds off to wish me a Happy Birthday. It makes my day to know there are people who care enough to wish someone a Happy Birthday. It's a lovely feeling. Wishing someone on their special day once a year isn't much and doesn't require that much effort but believe me, it makes their day that much more meaningful.

Thank you to everyone who wished me! It means a lot to me!

"A birthday is just the first day of another 365 day journey around the sun. Enjoy the trip."

And let the trip be an amazing one insyaAllah. Super grateful for everything and for everyone!



  1. happy birthday lovely! :-)

    -one of the girls who came up to you at khan's

  2. Ooooh hello!! Thank you so much :) :)